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Richard Tolley

Singer Gold - 16th February 2008

"Would recommend to anyone. Great experience - will come again"

Rose Goodship

Singer Platinum - 16th February 2008

"A beautiful way to enjoy singing those songs you love, no matter how happy or what genre they are! Paul gave it humour and released pressure. Thank you."

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold - 13th February 2008

"Seriously scared to begin with but once I got going, loved every minute of it. The impertinent behaviour of my spectators did'nt put me off in the slightest. Wicked day, I will be back!!!"

Nigel Wilkins

Singer Platinum - 9th February 2008

"Brilliant experience! Never thought anyone could get me to sing in public. You feel totally at ease even when you've hit the bum notes. As Paul said 'that's a rap' - I added 'with a silent c!'. Great fun and a great time - Who's Miachael Buble anyway? Many thanks, Nigel and Kim."

Kim, Jess & Kerry

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th February 2008

"We all had a fantastic day and the experience is one we take home and talk about for a long time. We would recommend this experience to all our friends and we will be back!"

Julie Swallow

Singer Gold - 8th February 2008

"You said I had to keep singing until I enjoyed myself. It did'nt take long! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I really did enjoy it after all! Thanks Paul."

Nelise Mellerick

Singer Gold - 6th February 2008

"An Absolutely fabulous experience. Thank you so much, an excellent 21st birthday celebration!"

Brian Andrews

Singer Platinum - 6th February 2008

"Really enjoyed this whole experience and pleasantly surprised by the great end result! Thanks Paul."

Vicky Harness

Singer Gold - 6th February 2008

"I enjoyed my recording experience and I was suprised as to how un-nervous I was. I would recommend it to anyone that just loves to sing!"

Debbie Hodges

Singer Silver - 2nd February 2008

"I was very nervous to start with but once I got into it there was no stopping me! Could'nt believe the final product was actually my voice. Thanks for giving me a taste of the 'real thing'."

David and Kevin

Player Platinum - 1st February 2008

"We had a very enjoyable experience. We found playing 2 songs perfectly beyond us but by the time Paul had finished in the studio we sounded as good as we do in our heads! Must have another go in the new studios. Good luck Paul."

Laura Moss

Singer Platinum - 31st January 2008

"I had a fantastic day - it was well worth the 3 hr drive! The atmosphere was very relaxed so it was easy to have a good time and not worry about nerves. The finished product is great - could'nt believe it was me singing :-)"


Singer Gold - 31st January 2008

"It was an awesome day! Flew by!!"

Ronnie Stretch

Singer Gold - 31st January 2008

"Really good fun experience. Paul was gentle with me on the high notes and mixed it all well. Pleased with the outcome."

Tim Pipes

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2008

"It was an amazing experience and I will have to do it again sometime!"

Samantha Lavelle

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2008

"I had an amazing experience and would love to do it again. Can't believe how much better I sound on CD."

Karran Chetin

Singer Gold - 27th January 2008

"Iwas very nervous at first, but soon relaxed and had a fantastic time. Very friendly, professional service, Thank you."

Hannah Wirdnam

Singer Gold - 26th January 2008

"I really enjoyed the day; at first it was quite scary but after a while it was really fun! I could have been in there all day long! Thanks for having me :)"

Katherine Bernarte

Singer Silver - 26th January 2008

"My experience was absolutely fantastic!! I loved going into the studio and feeling like a famous singer. Thank you so much Paul."

Nathan Rumgay

Singer Silver - 26th January 2008

"Terrifying but excellent!!"

Sonia Ettienne

Singer Platinum - 19th January 2008

"I was really nervous when I arrive, but was made very welcome, so that helped me to relax. I really enjoyed my afternoon singing and would definitely come back again. Excellent day out!"

Stephen Foster

Singer Silver - 18th January 2008

"This was a fantastic experience, very warm, welcoming and friendly"

John Switten

Singer Platinum - 18th January 2008

"Great day out. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed and soon got over the nerves. This was a special birthday treat from my family so thank you to them. Thank you Paul, you did miracles, John."

Ken MacGregor

Singer Silver - 17th January 2008

"Superb experience. Not easy at the start but you are made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The 'Mixing' is superb and makes me sound like I can actually sing!! Fantastic!"

Peri-Jayne Memish

Singer Gold - 17th January 2008

"My experience was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would definitely recommend it to others or even do another again. Thank you."

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