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Kitty & Hattie

Singer Gold - 8th October 2017

"Kitty and Hattie had a fantastic singing experience. Joe was super welcoming and really got the best out of the two giggling girls. Would really recommended this - next tome I might have a go myself!!"


Singer Platinum - 8th October 2017

"Fantastic day and brilliant facilities. Joe was really supportive and interested in what we were doing. Highly recommend the experience and the place!! Cheers Joe."


Singer Silver - 1st October 2017

"I loved my singing experience, I felt very comfortable in the environment"


Singer Gold - 30th September 2017

"Bought as a gift from parents, great experience worth the journey down."


Singer Gold - 30th September 2017

"When I came into this studio I was quite nervous incase I messed up. However, Rob was really great and funny and I soon forgot about those worries. Singing in the studio was a really interesting experience because I have never done it before."


Singer Silver Plus - 29th September 2017

"It was a very good experience. Everything was professional but very relaxing. Joe is very patient and encouraging. You get a chance to have a few goes. Would do it again :)"


Pop Star Party Silver - 24th September 2017

"'Best Party Ever' / 'Awesome party, Saphire' - They all had a fantastic time - Pop-stars for the afternoon!"


Pop Star Party Emerald - 23rd September 2017

"Great party! The children loved the experience of recording a song. The venue is welcoming as are the staff that helped and ran the session."


Singer Gold - 23rd September 2017

"Amazing! SO much fun, Rob made me feel so relaxed, and definitely coming back for more!"


Singer Silver Plus - 22nd September 2017

"Amazing experience. I have been to the studio before and the people are so helpful and make you feel at ease. Thanks for a great birthday present Mum and Dad."


Singer Platinum - 20th September 2017

"Brilliant, really enjoyed myself!"

Amanda & Millicent

Player Gold - 19th September 2017

"Very enjoyable and fun. We were made to feel relaxed and are very happy with our songs. Joe was lovely and hilarious."


Singer Gold - 17th September 2017

"Unforgettable experience. Definitely doing it again."

7 Superstars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 17th September 2017

"The kids all had a great time and really enjoyed the experience. They thought it was so cool to bo on a CD! This was such a fabulous party. Joe was really lovely and patient."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th September 2017

"Amazing day, we laughed a lot but this had been sooooooo much fun. Professionally run but more than happy to facilitate the fun and madness."


Singer Silver - 14th September 2017

"Really fun experience, good advice from technician, great time had, would be good to do again."


Singer Silver Plus - 12th September 2017

"I had a great time. Very helpful and nice to work with. Would definitely do again."

Whizzy Whizzers

Pop Star Party Gold - 3rd September 2017

"The girls had a blast! They throughly enjoyed the whole experience and were made to feel very welcome. A very professional approach that made the afternoon great fun."


Player Silver - 2nd September 2017

"I enjoyed being involved with the editing process and choosing the final version of my song. I loved recording and then hearing how I sounded when recorded with professional equipment."


Player Gold - 2nd September 2017

"This was a fantastic experience! I had never recorded professionally before but Rob made it feel easy and was just brilliant at the editing. I would thoroughly recommend this experience as a gift and I will be back to make a Jazz CD as some point. (No more musicals I promise you Rob!)"

Will & George

Singer Silver - 2nd September 2017

"Was a fantastic experience, friendly but professional. Check us out on MTV soon!"


Singer Gold - 30th August 2017

"'I had an excellent time, it was very professional & friendly. Would definitely do again' - Meg"


Singer Diamond - 29th August 2017

"Excellent Experience. Very helpful and supportive."

The 7 Shooting Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th August 2017

"The girls really enjoyed themselves and had a great experience. Would recommend for any child's birthday."

8 Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 27th August 2017

"Thank you for a great party, the girls loved it and really enjoyed themselves."

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