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Singer Silver - 27th August 2017

"It was such a memorable experience which I will definitely recommend to others. It was a very relaxed environment that made me feel comfortable whatever my level of singing ability. Joe was excellent - Thank you."


Singer Silver - 27th August 2017


Jenny Osborn

Singer Gold - 23rd August 2017

"I was very nervous as I had not done anything like it before but Joe put me at ease immediately and very efficiently and expertly did the recorded. An added bonus is that I loved it."

Lewis & Tyler

Singer Diamond - 22nd August 2017

"This is our second visit and once again we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Very helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend doing the experience. We hope to see you again soon!"


Singer Gold - 22nd August 2017

"It was the best singing experience I've ever had, the studio engineer was very warm and friendly, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!"


Singer Gold - 19th August 2017

"Not knowing what to expect, it was a really professional and relaxing atmosphere. The equipment is incredible and so are the staff."


Singer Gold - 16th August 2017

"'I had great fun'. The engineer made me feel very relaxed so there was no pressure! It was also really helpful to do 3 takes. I really enjoyed this experience!"

Tony & Lyla-Rose

Singer Gold - 16th August 2017

"Fab morning - Made everything easy. Fun - Can make everyone sound great. The sound guy Joe - Best."


Player Silver - 15th August 2017

"I absolutely loved it. I've never done anything like this before but Joe made it so funny and enjoyable."


Singer Gold - 14th August 2017

"I had an amazing experience even though it was out my comfort zone, glad I did it and would do it again."


Singer Gold - 13th August 2017

"It was a great experience and such fun!"


Singer Silver - 11th August 2017

"A fun experience to record professionally, with kind people to help the nerves!"


Singer Gold - 9th August 2017

"Amazing! I was so nervous I could barely talk, but Joe (Vic) made me feel so comfortable. A great experience and I am buzzing."


Singer Gold Plus - 9th August 2017

"The backing tracks were very good. It was good how you can sing to the original tracks as it really helps with nerves. The sound technician, Joe, was so good at keeping you relaxed and make sure you're having the best time."


Singer Silver Plus - 4th August 2017

"Amazing experience, Gracie was made to feel confident and like a pop-star, best gift ever!"


Singer Gold - 28th July 2017

"This was a fantastic experience. Very professional and enjoyable. Would do this again."

Heather & Georgie

Singer Silver - 26th July 2017

"We were made to feel welcome and put at ease. Very enjoyable experience. Great laugh."


Singer Gold - 22nd July 2017

"During this experience I was very nervous but I had a lot of support and reassurance through it. I really did enjoy singing as I love doing it. I felt very comfortable throughout my whole experience."

Jackie Feat. Mark, Maggie and Sam

Singer Emerald - 21st July 2017

"Absolutely fantastic afternoon. We loved every minute of it and didn't want it to end! My absolute dream - Such a brilliant birthday present! Joe was fabulous, so encouraging and made us feel at ease very quickly! Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you so much!"

Vikki, David, Nicholas & Zoe

Producer Silver - 21st July 2017

"Vikki - 'Fantastic day - We learned a lot including 'Practice makes perfect!' Looking forward to our next session'. David - 'Made a silk purse from a cow's ear!'"


Singer Emerald - 15th July 2017

"A great morning, I really enjoyed my gift and would do this again without hesitation."

Abigail C

Singer Gold Plus - 12th July 2017

"Many thanks for a lovely day. Abigail enjoyed the experience so much. It was fantastic to watch her as she recorded her songs. A very professional set up. Big thanks to Joe for making it so fun for her."

Gemma H

Singer Silver Plus - 11th July 2017

"Great Experience. Thank You!"


Singer Emerald - 8th July 2017

"Had a fab day recording my favourite songs. I felt really supported and the whole experience was really fun and relaxed. A great gift for somebody who loves to sing."

Barbara & Deborah

Singer Gold - 7th July 2017

"Great fun. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely will repeat the experience. Joe was very supportive and informative, he made the recording very easy and relaxed."

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