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Band Platinum - 6th November 2007

"Great day, great experience, learned a lot - Long day but well worth it!!! Excellent production, very professional CHAMONE!! Great experience Paul was excellent and went away with a top quality CD of our great band thanks!"

Alison Ingle

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th November 2007

"Brilliant experience, we had loads of fun although can't believe how bad I sound! Would like to do it again."


Singer Silver - 3rd November 2007

"It was a great experience, very relaxed. It was something that I always wanted to do and now I have I want to do it again. I'm already choosing my next song. It would be a great day for a group of karaoke friends who do not take themselves too seriously! The outcome was great. Thank you"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Emerald - 3rd November 2007

"I have been here three times now and it's been excellent every time. The Songs turn out really well and it's a great experience. I hope I will continue to come here for many years."

Liz & Sarah

Singer Silver - 3rd November 2007

"Good Fun!"

Mark Jones

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"Fantastic experience, felt totally at ease, would love to do it again, thanks very much."

Katherine Bishop

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"This was my first experience in a recording studio and I loved it! I would definitely come back again in the hope of recording a full cd. Thank you!"

Aaron & Natalie

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2007

"We cannot sing, and we know it! But the whole experience is hilarious, we hardly sang because we were laughing so much. Paul is great though, he laughs along with you. Definitely crack out the accents it sounds so funny! Paul love your work we sound crap but you made us sound okay(ish) ha ha !"

Ally Brecco

Singer Emerald - 1st November 2007

"I enjoyed this day and I really liked to look at what Paul was doing. I hope to come back soon with some of my friends."

lucie Andrews

Singer Silver - 1st November 2007

"I had a brilliant time, felt a bit nervous beforehand but Paul made me feel relaxed and have fun. Would definitely come again. Thank you!"

Chantelle Larmond

Singer Emerald - 27th October 2007

"Despite the fact I was late I had a great time. I discovered exactly what it takes to become a professional. With Pauls help I am as great a singer as I originally thought! So much thanks to Paul + my mum for a great day."

Wayne Jones

Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2007

"Brilliant! Made to feel very comfortable & at ease. Very professional! Thanks for a great time!"

Sue Matthews

Singer Silver - 25th October 2007

"I was not looking forward to recording a song as it was a suprise or 'shock' birthday present and I could'nt think why anyone would buy a gift like this. However, once I plucked up the courage to phone Gift Daze and booked I felt better. I enjoyed the experience after all and would recommend this to a friend."

Mandy Morahan

Singer Platinum - 25th October 2007

"Absolutely fantastic! I was very nervous about it all in the beginning, but was pleasantly suprised how very relaxed and comfortable I was made to feel. Great experience - can't wait to come back for another session, thank you very much."

Lara Savory

Singer Platinum - 25th October 2007

"I had a fantastic time, thank you. Definitely something I'd recommend to my friends. Thanks for the encouragement and hospitality. We both really enjoyed it."

Glen Nicholls

Singer Gold - 24th October 2007

"Absolutely fantastic recommend to everyone, well worth paying for. Thank you very much."

Harry Francis-Lang

Player Platinum - 24th October 2007

"I thought the experience was excellent and very professional. I had a great time!"

Laura Carey

Singer Silver - 24th October 2007

"I find singing a good way to de-stress and I loved every minute!"

Lara Tilley

Singer Gold - 23rd October 2007

"Editing the song made my voice sound a lot better - enjoyed the experience & knowing that it can be cut if necessary - constructive critisism is good - felt welcome - enjoyed singing. Thank you"

Becky Peters

Singer Platinum - 23rd October 2007

"Brilliant fun, thoroughly enjoyed recording with Paul, made me feel at ease and actually made me sound quite good haha! Would recommend this experience and would love to do it again."

Thommos Jones

Singer Gold - 20th October 2007

"I have to say I was terrified driving up to the studio - I thought well theres no going back he's at the door, but Paul is such a nice guy, funny, and I was to feel comfortable and at ease. The headphones are on and the first song is ready to go, and boy I feel like a pop idol. After a few takes the song's done and Paul has done just what I expected - I am a real pop star for the day. Thanks so much for the experience. Everyone should come along and give it a go!"

Lucas Vigilante

Singer Silver - 19th October 2007

"A great experience. Paul created a good and calm atmosphere, which meant I felt very comfortable when I sang. Well worth a visit and a great location too."

Sarah Christie

Singer Silver - 19th October 2007

"It was an excellent experience. Paul is very kind and funny! He helped me relax. I love singing but never have the courage to sing in front of anyone - but even for me, this was so worthwhile. I really enjoyed it and expect to be back many times! Thanks! very much, Sarah."

Jo Beckley

Singer Platinum - 19th October 2007

"My Platinum experience was wicked! Giggled nearly as much as I sang! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and making me sound good!"

Chris Plumton and Sons

Band Platinum - 6th October 2007

"A unique and different experience. Pauls expertise and enthusiasm was much appreciated. We will be back!"

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