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Beth Rutherford

Player Silver - 13th February 2016

"Amazing experience to have and Rob the music producer was great and really helped me work through my songs. Definitely want to do it again."

The Giggly Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 12th February 2016

"'Amazing!', 'So Fun!' & 'Best Birthday Party Ever!'. The Girls had a really good time and loved every minute of it. They didn't stop laughing throughout the experience. The girls said, 'It is an experience they will never forget'."

Carole King

Singer Platinum - 12th February 2016

"Absolutely brilliant! A dream come true today! Very friendly welcome, very relaxed atmosphere. Joe was great! I will be coming again!"

Dan Elvy

Singer Platinum - 9th February 2016

"Third visit, fantastic experience as ever. Joe was helpful in crafting the song. Will be returning again soon."

Summer Dreams & Game Shakers

Pop Star Party Emerald - 7th February 2016

"Joe was excellent. Isabelle & her friends enjoyed themselves soo much. I would thoroughly recommend this for any 8 year olds. Thank you so much."

Emo Trinity

Pop Star Party Silver - 7th February 2016

"In a word, excellent. I can not praise this enough. From the minute my girls walked into the studio they were treated like real pop stars. Our producer was patient and kind and really helped the girls through their recording. We were able to watch the whole thing from the 'Green Room' and share in the excitement and the experience. Recommended to everyone."

Wild Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 6th February 2016

"Fantastic! The girls had so much fun. An experience that will always be remembered. Thankyou. "

Tony White

Singer Gold - 6th February 2016

"A truly exciting and wonderful experience made to feel at home. Totally relaxed. About the best birthday present my children have bought me. "

Morgan Seward

Player Gold - 6th February 2016

"Totally amazing experience. Rob was very friendly and he made my recording time here a lot of fun. I will always remember this day and I can't wait to come back. Thankyou so much."

Kyra Haime

Singer Gold - 5th February 2016

"I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Clear instructions and made to feel at ease throughout the whole experience. I really enjoyed myself and I would love to do it again!"

Ann Thorp

Singer Gold - 30th January 2016

"I was a little nervous to start with but was put at ease strait away. It was great to see how each track is put together from the 3 takes! Rob was really good when I missed my cue a few times and helped with timing brilliantly. Definitely an experience to be recommended! "

Katie Ireland

Songwriter Silver - 28th January 2016

"I had a really good time recording and writing the song. It turned out very good quality and I'll definitely be trying this experience again. "

Lizzie Arkell

Player Silver - 24th January 2016

"5th time back here, I love it! Professional yet laid back experience with a helpful friendly producer. Thanks very much, I'm sure I'll be back again"

Girls of Pop

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th January 2016

"Fantastic, all the girls absolutely loved every minute. Best party experience for 8 seven year olds. Well managed, professional and fantastic with a group of lively girls. Would highly recommend"

The Funky Fellows

Pop Star Party Platinum - 23rd January 2016

"Boys had a lovely time. Good fun working as a team. Rob was great, very professional and great with my noisy kids!"

The Tiny Mixes

Pop Star Party Silver - 23rd January 2016

"Fabulous! Best experience ever!! We were made to feel relaxed and had great fun. Would recommend this experience to all our friends!"

The Little Mixers

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th January 2016

"It was an incredible time really enjoyed it. We did lots of silly takes as well as serious ones - it was great we giggled a lot. The girls had such a fantastic time - they were left on a real high! I'd totally recommend to everyone - many thanks to Rob!"

Mark Donald

Producer Gold - 16th January 2016

"Had a great day Rob was very informative and I feel I learned a lot about recording + mixing highly recommend. "

Maxine Shaw

Singer Gold - 14th January 2016

"Excellent - Loved every minute of it. Will be booking again"

Callum Kooner

Singer Silver Plus - 10th January 2016

"It was an amazing experience and one I would definitely do again. The producer (Joe) was very helpful and made me be at ease."

Up-Town Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th January 2016

"It was an awesome, fantastic party. Joe rocks! Thank you!"

Anthony Cosans

Singer Platinum - 10th January 2016

"Very welcoming, put my nerves at ease in the first five minutes. A very professional approach. Highly enjoyable, would recommend."

Lauren Rebecca

Singer Gold - 9th January 2016

"I found it brilliant revisiting after almost three years to see how much my voice had progressed. The experience was professional and packed with fun. A brilliant opportunity to build up my portfolio. "

Chloe Solomons

Singer Platinum - 5th January 2016

"Really good experience, I've been here 4 times now and am always really happy with the result! Joe was really friendly and helpful!"

Jamie & Kian

Singer Silver - 29th December 2015

"Jamie - 'Joe was amazing and really helpful to work with. It was the best experience ever. Can't wait to do it again'. Kian - 'I loved singing and dancing to Olly Murs's Dear Darlin'. Joe was really nice'."

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