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Singer Silver - 12th April 2017

"Very helpful chap, fantastic! Stress-free environment, thank you."


Singer Platinum - 11th April 2017

"Fantastic experience with friendly, encouraging staff."

Maddy & Isabel

Singer Gold - 10th April 2017

"Really great fun, want to do it again."

Isla Goddard

Singer Silver Plus - 9th April 2017

"'Although I was nervous when I got here, Joe was friendly and put me at ease. I had a really fun time and will definitely come again.' - Isla"


Pop Star Party Silver - 9th April 2017

"Thank you very much for a great experience. Very well set up and not-Joseph was wonderful keeping 13 year olds under control with humour and many skills to make it an experience. (P.S. Worth the drive!!!)"

Debs & Her Hens

Singer Platinum - 7th April 2017

"It was a very professional experience! Joe made us feel relaxed and we had a wonderful time."

The 7 Stars

Pop Star Party Gold - 7th April 2017

"We had an enjoyable time here. Facilities and host amazing and all 7 girls all entertained."

William Grabowski

Singer Silver - 7th April 2017

"Joe was really helpful & encouraging. The whole experience was very authentic and I would recommend the experience to any of all singing abilities."


Singer Emerald - 4th April 2017

"Really enjoyed the day, was a great experience. Joe was friendly, complimentary and understanding. Great value for money. Recommend this experience highly."

Steve Hilder

Singer Gold - 4th April 2017

"Absolutely fantastic experience. We have never sung before and would not make even the bad ones on X-factor! But Joe was so lovely, made us very welcome, comfortable and unbelievably in tune!! Would encourage anyone to give the experience a try."

Harri Dickenson

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd April 2017

"I was very nervous to come to my session today but when I got here I was pleasantly surprised how nice my producer was. My producer made me forget about my nerves and made me smile. If you want to do this I suggest you do! It's worth it!"

Ali & Her Girls

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd April 2017

"Had a brilliant afternoon with Joe, who was extremely friendly & helpful and made us all very comfortable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun and something different. Had a wonderful time making memories."

Robyn Knight

Singer Silver - 2nd April 2017

"Really enjoyed my experience. I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Would definitely recommend."

12 for All

Pop Star Party Emerald - 1st April 2017

"In the words of 12 9 year olds: 'The party was better than awesome, fabulous and the best party ever'."

Bill Evans

Singer Gold Plus - 1st April 2017

"It was lovely. An experience but a good one."

Derek Hutton

Singer Silver Plus - 30th March 2017

"Loved the experience, was nervous and worried at first as I have 'never' done anything like this before, was put at ease throughout the time."

Mia Donovan

Singer Gold Plus - 29th March 2017

"I really enjoyed it! I felt nervous but it was actually really relaxed and friendly, not rushed whatsoever. ☺"

Amelie Bradburn

Singer Silver - 28th March 2017

"At the beginning I was really nervous but afterwards I was fine and I enjoyed it. It was amazing to see how it all worked."

The Cool Girls

Pop Star Party Emerald - 25th March 2017

"I booked the pop star party for my daughters 10th birthday. She and her friends had a great time. We thought the set up and structure of the day was good. The producer Rob was great and had the patience of a saint :)."

Alan Fredericks

Singer Gold - 25th March 2017

"Excellent. Rob very patient. A great experience and very accommodating to a group of 12 of us."

Rachel Scarlett

Singer Silver Plus - 25th March 2017

"The session was great I was made to feel relaxed and welcome. He put the track tougher really well and I was really pleased with the result! "

Mick Durkin

Singer Emerald - 24th March 2017

"First-class experience and so professional."

Arlo Hill

Player Gold - 23rd March 2017

"Everything was absolutely amazing, the mixing desk, the keyboard and the drums. I appreciate the way you let me do some songs with the guitar and them burning them on a proper CD."

Kelly Everdell

Singer Platinum - 22nd March 2017

"Amazing experience. I was made to feel very relaxed and really enjoyed the afternoon. Would definitely come back and would recommend to others."

The 8 Diamonds

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th March 2017

"Our daughter had a fantastic 7th birthday party. She says it was amazing! Joe was great with the girls and made sure they had lots of fun! Thank you so much!"

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