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Chris Mott

Producer Silver - 18th March 2017

"Very useful and eye opening experience. It was really amazing to see so much industry standard equipment as well as to use it all! Thanks Giftdaze"

Mark & Sadie Elliott

Singer Platinum - 13th March 2017

"Great day for myself & my dad. Really enjoyed it even though it's the 2nd time we've been. Would recommend"

Fabulous Five & The Legit Six

Pop Star Party Emerald - 12th March 2017

"What a fantastic afternoon, my daughter and her friends had an amazing time. Thank you so much."

Sorry 4 Sheeran & Me Mix

Pop Star Party Diamond - 11th March 2017

"A fun and entertaining party! My daughter loved it!"

The Picassios & The Karate Penguins

Pop Star Party Emerald - 11th March 2017

"'Brilliant', 'Incredible', 'Awesome', 'Amazing'. Great fun singing with my friends. Best birthday party in the world. We are the picassios and the Karate Penguins!"

James Cheeseman

Singer Platinum - 10th March 2017

"Amazing day and made to feel very comfortable as was quite nervous to begin with, once I got into it I felt amazing."

Little Tricks

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2017

"A fun filled, well organised relaxed time. The girls loved it!"

Olivia Rose

Singer Silver Plus - 5th March 2017

"I felt really relaxed and had lots of fun at my experience. The professional sound in the earphones made me feel like a pop star. I would love to do it all again."

SPIE Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th March 2017

"What a perfect birthday experience for 4 very giggly 6/7 yr olds. The absolutely loved it from the photo-shoot through to the recording. Even the mums & dads enjoyed watching."

The Missy Moo's 4

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th March 2017

"We had a fun, amazing time. It was a great opportunity to understand how hard it is to be a recording artist. Staff were very accommodating and made the experience fun!"

Emma Turner

Singer Diamond - 4th March 2017

"Really enjoyed the experience, found very professional and enjoyable. Would recommend!"

Chelsea Skeen

Singer Silver Plus - 28th February 2017

"I really enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience! The staff are really helpful and aren't afraid to say their opinions! It's great to get an insight into the life of a singer! Overall, amazing experience!"

Kevin Wyeth

Singer Cut Diamond - 27th February 2017

"Fantastic day, made very welcome from the minute I arrived. Very professional and friendly."

Pick & Mix

Pop Star Party Platinum - 26th February 2017

"Brilliant experience. Joe was great. In the words of the girls it was 'Absolutely Epic!'"


Singer Silver - 25th February 2017

"It was very fun especially editing the thing. Rob was friendly and funny as well. "

The MJs

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th February 2017

"Great fun, made to feel at ease. Very accommodating. THANK YOU! ♡ XX"

Hannah Merritt

Singer Silver Plus - 24th February 2017

"I really enjoyed my experience and would love to do it again!"

Rachel G.

Songwriter Silver - 19th February 2017

"This was the best experience of my life! Joe was so lovely and helpful. He is so talented and patient, making the experience phenomenal. Thank you very much."

Izzy Nanji

Singer Silver - 19th February 2017

"It was a great experience!"

Ruby Poole

Singer Gold - 19th February 2017

"A really good experience. Very easy going professional staff. Ruby was made to feel at ease and the place had a very warm atmosphere."


Pop Star Party Silver - 17th February 2017

"I loved it! Me and My friends had such a laugh and I would definitely recommend it!"

Kaavya Chandrasekar

Singer Silver Plus - 17th February 2017

"Joe was fantastic. I really enjoyed recording with him. He is very friendly and put me at ease. I would love to come back again and give it another go."

Louise & Leo Baulch

Singer Gold - 17th February 2017

"Fantastic, two hours of singing and watching the recording process. Joe was excellent."

Jessica's Pop Band

Pop Star Party Platinum - 17th February 2017

"All the girls sang really well and had great fun."

Leia Watts

Singer Silver - 17th February 2017

"It was my first time and I enjoyed the experience. It wan smoothly and Joe was really nice."

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