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Bryony and Tara

Singer Gold - 7th May 2016

"Today was amazing, we both had so much fun! We sand three songs and they all sound great :)"

Jason Hamilton-Ramm

Singer Platinum - 6th May 2016

"I absolutely loved this experience. Joe was a great help and encouragement, would recommend this to everyone. I will be back for my third visit soon. Jason."

Ivan Clark

Player Platinum - 2nd May 2016

"Brilliant experience! Was apprehensive but was made to feel very at ease- thanks to Rob's professionalism once the session started. Thoroughly enjoyable and a great time. Motivated me to start playing guitar again. Many thanks Ivan Clark"

Stampy's Boys

Rock Star Party Gold - 1st May 2016

"Fantastic party! The boys had a great time and loved every minute. Joe (AKA Stampy Long Nose) was fab - Really patient and the boys thought he was really funny. Definitely recommend - What a brilliant day!"

Meg Hooper

Singer Emerald - 30th April 2016

"This was my second visit and I was pleased to get Rob again, and he managed to keep my guest from napping! Really happy with the session and so grateful for his patience when I changed my song choices a gazillion times!!! Looking forward to the next time... Is Rob??? .... Yes."

Chris Rider

Singer Cut Diamond - 26th April 2016

"Superb experience, Joe is fabulously patient and knowledgable, keeps everything moving making everything relaxed and enjoyable."

Craig Young

Player Gold - 23rd April 2016

"Our second visit and another fantastic experience! We came away with two tracks, guitars and vocals, exactly as we wanted. Always really appreciate the help and guidance in achieving the sound I want. Thankyou"

Chris Greenslade

Player Silver - 17th April 2016

"Very relaxed and enjoyable experience. Very supportive staff."

Isabella & Zak

Singer Silver Plus - 17th April 2016

"We had lots of fun, the man made me feel more relaxed because I was quite nervous at the start. I had a great time and we had lots of fun and it was the best time ever!"

Rheanna Barber

Singer Silver - 16th April 2016

"My experience was great fun. I was very nervous before hand but with Rob's help I soon got going. My nerves went. I will definitely be back. "

Holly Allison

Singer Gold - 16th April 2016

"Staff were very friendly and made me feel less nervous. It was really fun seeing how they edited the tracks and getting to have my picture taken for the CD cover. I will definitely (hopefully) see you next year! "

Lucy Farrugia

Singer Gold - 15th April 2016

"I really enjoyed the experience, the studio was comfortable and the CD recorded was really good. Rob was really nice and made me feel relaxed because I was nervous. "

Steve Pilcher

Singer Cut Diamond - 15th April 2016

"A relaxed atmosphere, I transformed from a 'Softly softly' Beatle into a heavy head-banger by the end of the day, through being made to feel at ease. The skill of the engineer meant the mistakes were easily ironed out and smoothed over."

Marc & Sian Young

Producer Silver - 10th April 2016

"Go on then. Very relaxed environment, informative and tailored to individual pace and understanding, Great day!"

Sophie Baker-Sanders

Singer Silver Plus - 7th April 2016

"Brilliant experience, enjoyed all of it a lot! Made to feel very welcome by the producer as well as feeling comfortable with singing in front of him."

Nikki, Lewis & Ell

Singer Gold Plus - 5th April 2016

"'Good fun - A lovely keepsake of me and my children.', 'Great first experience in a recording studio.', 'Great fun, even though I'm not a singer I really did enjoy myself'"

Andy Ashman

Singer Gold Plus - 3rd April 2016

"I found the day absolutely excellent from start to finish. Joe was an absolute star, thank you so much."

Halle Ryan

Singer Gold Plus - 1st April 2016

"It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and I was very nervous at first but Joe was very funny and helped me to relax and made the experience so much better and enjoyable. Can't wait to hopefully come back again."

Lucy Hopper

Singer Gold Plus - 1st April 2016

"Enjoyed every moment, the guy was very encouraging and informative making sure I was ok in between each take. It all ran very smoothly and it's nice to have something to remember it all with a CD to take away to let my friends and family listen to."

Terri Taylor

Singer Silver Plus - 27th March 2016

"'Brilliant', really enjoyed the experience."

Loraine & Neil Underwood

Singer Gold - 27th March 2016

"Absolutely fantastic experience. Kind, patient and talented producer always willing to help. As a musician himself, we were able to benefit from his vast experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish."

Oriana & Miranda

Singer Diamond - 26th March 2016

"Fantastic professional experience, not only was he encouraging but his attention to detail + price in his work has given us the best results we could have hoped for. Over the years, this experience has improved in quality meaning we go away happier than ever with our songs. Thank you for making us feel like starts! "

Sidika Barton

Singer Gold - 25th March 2016

"Really cool! There's the cooled gadgets - Sidika. Very warm welcome and made Sidika feel relaxed and able to get rid of the butterflies so she was able to lose herself in her songs. - Mamma Barton"

Zoe & Izzie

Singer Gold - 25th March 2016

"'Really good fun' - Izzie aged 9. 'I really liked it' - Zoe aged 8. Great experience for the girls. Thank you."

Mark Raynor

Singer Gold - 24th March 2016

"It has been an amazing experience. Joe has been helpful and helped make it a relaxing and fun time."

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