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The Ollys & Little Chicks

Pop Star Party Diamond - 30th October 2016

"Children had a wonderful time. Loved every minute, would thoroughly recommend for the time of your life."


Singer Gold Plus - 29th October 2016

"Had a great time very professional, extremely helpful, session wasn't pushy at all. Will definitely recommend to friends and family."

Rachel Bartlett

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2016

"Great fun and lots of encouragement. Thanks!"

Milly & Cydney

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2016

"Absolutely amazing experience, so friendly, felt so relaxed, had such a wonderful time and would definitely recommend!"

The X's

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th October 2016

"Excellent! It was really fun and they enjoyed being able to practice lots of times. (and the mum's enjoyed having a go too!)"

Megan Pitts

Singer Silver - 26th October 2016

"This is about my 9th year at Gift Daze to record my annual christmas song. As always I was made to feel extremely welcome and enjoyed what may be my last time at Gift Daze for a few years due to uni more than ever. Thank you for helping me produce 9 years worth of incredible music."

Charlotte & Chloe

Singer Gold - 26th October 2016

"My two daughters were given this as a gift. The whole session was very professional but relaxed and both girls loved the experience. I would definitely recommend as a gift for any child that loves to sing."

Lauren W.

Singer Silver Plus - 26th October 2016

"'Twas very enjoyable and friendly, I felt comfortable being guided through the session. Joe was a right Bawss (boss) and Ilerned a lot of new words such as Mother-Hubbard and ne'er do well. "

Harley & Eleanor

Singer Silver - 24th October 2016

"Our experience was ver fun, and Joe was very friendly and kind. He did a fantastic job of everything. We would recommend this to anyone and everyone, and would definitely do this again."

Rachael & Ella

Singer Silver - 24th October 2016

"Absolutely fabulous! Our daughters had soooo much fun! We'll be back!"

Moon Angels

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd October 2016

"'Loved it', Thank you!"

Doug & Caitlin

Singer Gold - 23rd October 2016

"We had a superb family day out! It was a great opportunity to do something totally different and such fun! Joe was excellent and very understand when working with a 6 year old 'Diva' Well worth the money and we'll definitely have a return visit."

Cool Kids

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd October 2016

"The kids had a great time with Rob today. They were excited to see their faces on the tv in the green room and to hear their final recordings. Taylor Swift has competition. "

Stuart Morris

Singer Silver - 21st October 2016

"An excellent experience. Obviously nervous to start but soon made to feel comfortable. Kept informed about what was happening throughout the process and why. It's been great fun and would totally recommend. Thanks."

Explosion Ocean

Pop Star Party Silver - 15th October 2016

"It was great and an experience of a life time. We loved the photo booth and the silly recording. We all had great fun!"

Camilla Burton

Singer Platinum - 15th October 2016

"It was great to get back into the swing of singing again and recording is a brilliant way to do it. Rob was a super help and gave me some guidance where I needed it. Very swish on logic too! Thank you very much indeed."

The Pop Stars

Pop Star Party Platinum - 15th October 2016

"Great experience, kids loved it. Very unique party. We would highly recommend it."

Rhiannon, Holly, Georgie & Hosanna

Player Gold - 9th October 2016

"An amazing experience. We all really enjoyed it. Joe was very helpful and made us feel at ease and relaxed. They were very amenable as we only booked at the last minute. The CD sounded very professional and we'd definitely come back."

Phoebe - 5 Stars of Fire / The Shakers

Pop Star Party Emerald - 9th October 2016

"Super experience - Thank You So Much!"

Lauren T

Singer Platinum - 8th October 2016

"- Very fun experience - Great direction from Rob - Friendly environment would definitely recommend "

Michael Scott

Singer Gold Plus - 3rd October 2016

"This was my first time in a studio and I was made to feel so at ease. Nothing was too much to ask for and the whole process was made easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this experience to anybody who has ever thought of having a go."

Rob Souter

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd October 2016

"Lots of fun, Joe made me feel at ease and the nerves went very quickly. A very different experience but a very enjoyable one. I will be back to record my platinum album!!!"

Ronnie Ascott

Singer Silver - 2nd October 2016

"My experience was very fun, Joe was very helpful in explaining how things work and made me feel at ease with this being my first time. I also found the sound/mixing room very interesting, with Joe helping me decide the best sections to use. All round fantastic experience! (Ronnie - 10)"

Amber - AJ's Rockers + Bow-tastics

Pop Star Party Emerald - 25th September 2016

"Amazing party for our 10 year old and friends. They loved every minute of it. Thank you so much!"

The Best Group Ever

Pop Star Party Emerald - 24th September 2016

"It was amazing! The best part ever! Super! It was so amazing! It was fantastic! Superb! Great! It wasn't good... It was amazing!"

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