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Frank, Sam & Sasha

Singer Gold Plus - 25th July 2016

"It was so fun!"

Gracie Dalas

Singer Silver - 25th July 2016

"It was very fun and a great experience."

Brianna F

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd July 2016

"Was a great experience. Brianna enjoyed every moment! "

Summer Babes

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd July 2016

"Excellent day out, the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, well recommended. "

6 Pence

Pop Star Party Gold - 22nd July 2016

"Girls had a great time. Very professional session."

Luis Le Grove

Singer Silver - 21st July 2016

"Good fun."

Lorelle Le Grove

Singer Silver - 21st July 2016

"I really enjoyed the experience I had today as hearing the CD of me singing played back really boosted my confidence as normally when I hear my voice in recording I am not happy with my voice but after hearing my performance today, I really embraced my singing voice. Thank you for an enjoyable fun day!"

Keith Thomas

Singer Silver - 16th July 2016

"Absolutely brilliant experience. Lived my dream of being a rock star for an hour! The guidance and support made the session so much more enjoyable. Can't wait to come back and record the rest of my debut album. "

Katie Goodman

Singer Gold - 16th July 2016

"Great experience, I really enjoyed it. Rob made me feel welcomed and helped to make my experience even better. I would recommend this session."

Elisha Fowler

Singer Silver Plus - 15th July 2016

"Fantastic experience with lovely welcoming staff. Loved all aspects of doing it. Really enjoyed it! Would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you very much!!!"

Josie March

Singer Gold Plus - 14th July 2016

"I had a wonderful day at the studio as Joe made me feel at ease straight away, very helpful and fun to do. I shall be back again to perform more originals as well as covers. Big smiles. Josie =) Thank you."

The People & Megan Monkeys

Pop Star Party Emerald - 10th July 2016

"What a fantastic party! Huge thanks to Joe for all his help, patience and enthusiasm. All twelve girls had a brilliant time, judging by the noises coming out of the studio, and loved the final result. Highly recommended! Thank you."

The Pirouettes

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th July 2016

"Girls said 'epic, brilliant, wonderful, fandabbydoozey, amazing, wowzers. Want to come back'. What a great experience! Can't wait to spread the word. The girls absolutely loved it. Thank you so much!"

Ros Steel

Singer Silver - 5th July 2016

"My son and daughter in law bought this as a birthday present to put me out of my comfort zone and it would be a laugh!! Although a bit nervous Joe put me at ease and I loved the whole experience. Fantastic!"

Catherine Wiseman

Singer Silver - 29th June 2016

"Fantastic. Well worth every penny. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere."

Michael Maisey

Singer Cut Diamond - 28th June 2016

"Really enjoyable day. Thank you Joe."

A Stars & K's Crazy Kit Katz

Pop Star Party Diamond - 26th June 2016

"Lovely party for 14 girls. Joe was amazing at keeping them calm and orderly so they all get the most out of their party. Our second visit, highly recommend to others."

Hall of Lame

Pop Star Party Diamond - 18th June 2016

"They've all had such a great time. CD looks fantastic - Thankyou very much. "

The Phantom

Pop Star Party Silver - 12th June 2016

"Great host - Very patient with a group of boys!"

Pick 'n' Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 11th June 2016

"Great fun for five 8/9 year olds. An experience they won't ever forget! Great fun for parents to watch too - I think we giggled as much as they did. Awesome Thankyou!"

Sam Pooley

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd June 2016

"Absolutely amazing! So much fun. Joe was absolutely so helpful! And so kind and patient! I'll be back! =)"

Mary & Richard Heather

Singer Gold - 3rd June 2016

"Excellent experience. Joe was professional and friendly. Good job. :)"

Kayleigh Parker

Singer Silver - 2nd June 2016

"An amazing experience, made to feel at ease & will be back again! Felt like a proper star :)"

Alice Elliott

Singer Gold - 2nd June 2016

"This was an amazing experience which I am very happy I was able to take part in. A very skilled and helpful individual which recorded and defined the track as bast as possible. Very happy with the experience and would definitely recommend."

Caitlin Walker

Singer Gold - 31st May 2016

"Today has been amazing! I loved every second of it, it feels as if my dream is finally starting! I would love to thank Joe for all the support he has given me today. I would also like to thank GiftDaze for letting me experience a great opportunity."

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