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Katherine Del Rio Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 14th November 2015

"I really enjoyed it and would love to come back again. Overall an amazing experience. "

Cath Deans

Singer Gold - 13th November 2015

"I have been many times & every time I love it! Joe made my day fun & enjoyable whilst making me sound great! Thank you so much!"

Helen Ryder

Singer Gold - 13th November 2015

"Joe was so reassuring and made the whole experience one of great joy! Loved every minute and would highly recommend."

Big Jon

Singer Platinum - 7th November 2015

"Was very nervous but Rob made me feel at ease & once the first song was done. I thought this was a great experience & will be back! :)"

Ryan Weeks

Singer Gold Plus - 1st November 2015

"Had a wicked time recording my originals and they all sound how I want them to sound. I had Joe as my sound engineer, he did an awesome job getting my tracks to sound perfect."

Sir Thomas Froggett

Singer Gold - 31st October 2015

"A fantastic experience. An awesome 2 hours, could stay all day. A brilliant gift, will definitely come back. Very friendly and made us feel very welcome. A great insight into singing and recording. Professional and worth every penny. "


Singer Gold - 30th October 2015

"Rob was really clued up in his role. Had a fantastic session and was so impressed I'm thinking of recording an album and even get my band down for a recording session. Had an altogether brilliant experience. Well done Giftdaze."


Singer Silver - 28th October 2015

"I think it was a great experience, I would love to come again. I would recommend it to my friends."

Megan Clarke

Singer Gold Plus - 17th October 2015

"This was a really good experience. The accommodation was good and the staff who created my CDs were great. This is a great idea for anyone who loves to sing and I would strongly recommend this experience! "

Georgia M.

Singer Silver Plus - 11th October 2015

"Georgia said it was an amazing experience, she felt like a real pop star. It was brilliant. Everyone should do it as it makes you feel great. Thank you Joe!"

Barry White

Singer Silver - 8th October 2015

"After 20 years of singing this was the most educational experience I've ever had. The end result was most encouraging and inspirational, teaching me so much about singing. My confidence has grown."

Johnny G & Pius Kirby

Band Platinum - 6th October 2015

"We've been three times before with Paul, but great to meet Joe and get down 15 tracks in a day. Thanks. We'll be back!"

Kelli Barham

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd October 2015

"This was my first time in a recording studio and it surpassed my expectations. Rob made me feel at ease from the very first moment and this made the experience a very special one. The final CD is very important as I will be walking down the aisle to it for my wedding and thanks to GiftDaze I now have everything I needed and more. Can't wait to come back."

Elle Wastell

Singer Silver - 27th September 2015

"Really enjoyed my experience, friendly staff & felt at ease straight away"

Elissa Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 26th September 2015

"Great experience, very enjoyable. Good fun, and a helpful experience. Great tips for improvement."

Dan Woods

Player Platinum - 19th September 2015


The BBQs

Singer Silver Plus - 19th September 2015

"We came as a birthday treat! Relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Rob was great! A really fun experience - thank you!"

Dave Cane & Company

Band Platinum - 13th September 2015

"A great fun and productive day as always. Many thanks for a wonderful and professional session."

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Platinum - 8th September 2015

"It was great to see Paul again - hasn't managed to get rid of us yet! Really happy with how the songs turned out and it was a lot of fun recording them :) Thank you"

Faith Draper

Singer Gold - 3rd September 2015

"100% coming back next year for a third time. Joe is funny as ever but needs to watch Dreamgirls and maybe practice his high notes. THANK YOU!!!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd September 2015

"They put my nerves at rest strait away. It was really well organised, I felt a better singer than I actually am, and anything that I felt I messed up was redone until I was happy with it. It was cool when we took the photos for the CD, it made things seem more natural. Overall it was an amazing experience, I am definitely going to come back. "


Singer Platinum - 25th August 2015

"It was enjoyable and produces a great CD."

Duncan & Emma Bristow

Singer Emerald - 23rd August 2015

"Very professional. Joe was very helpful and friendly throughout the process. We are sure our dad will like the final product and we are looking forward to coming back. Thank you for everything. "

Brooke Wells

Singer Gold - 21st August 2015

"I loved this experience! Was made to feel comfortable & relaxed. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!"

Dylan, Thomas, Rosie, William and Ian Lowe

Band Platinum - 19th August 2015

"Amazing! We've been looking forward to this ever since we booked it and it definitely lived up to our expectations. Several of us have been before and loved it just as much then too! Extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere - not to mention the wizard man himself, Rob. Thanks a million mate and well done for keeping your cool with us! The whole day has been ace. "

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