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Christina Adamson

Singer Platinum - 16th April 2015

"Had a fantastic time, I really enjoyed the whole experience! I would definitely come back again."

Becky Connell

Singer Emerald - 14th April 2015

"I had such an amazing time - Joe was simply wonderful and really encouraging when I was lacking confidence. Definitely going to come back! :)"

Katherine Del Rio Smith

Singer Diamond - 12th April 2015

"Very interesting, it was my second time here and it was just as entertaining as the first. Despite it being a long session it was still engaging and rewarding. I had an amazing time and would recommend it to all of my friends."

David Edwards

Singer Gold Plus - 11th April 2015

"Absolutely fantastic! We were made to feel very welcome from the start, and the whole experience went really smoothly and on top of it all, I have a cd which sounds amazing. Rob did a brilliant job. I would certainly recommend the experience to anyone."


Singer Silver Plus - 9th April 2015

"The young man was very nice and helped me to feel confident. The customer service was excellent and I will recommend it to my friends."

Megan Colverson

Singer Gold - 9th April 2015

"It was very comfortable singing while no one was there but they could still hear. It was very professional and I was put at ease. It was very comfortable and Joe was very encouraging"

Birgit & Marie Henniger

Singer Silver - 7th April 2015

"I was quite nervous before singing but once we went inside the studio I really enjoyed it and loved every minute. Joe was very nice."


Player Silver - 6th April 2015

"Loved it. Rob made me feel very relaxed and was so helpful. Will be back."

Jordanne Harvey

Singer Gold - 4th April 2015

"It was really good and a great experience, I would definitely do it again. It was so fun!"

Sharee Watson

Singer Platinum - 3rd April 2015

"The session was amazing. I felt at home and relaxed both in the studio and the mixing room with Rob. The result/CDs look and sound professional and I would love to come again. "

Scarlett Dormon

Singer Gold - 3rd April 2015

"Put up with my diva-side and was very patient. Really happy with the outcome of the CD's. Third time I have been here and each time is brilliant so thank you again!"

Lisa + Graham

Player Silver - 2nd April 2015

"Thank you very much Rob (Gift Daze). We had a fantastic couple of hours. Great environment, brought both daughters, 23 & 8 months! We were all made welcome and very comfortable. Graham said ... Rob is a total gentlemen professional, very encouraging and made the session very encouraging, made the session very enjoyable. Had a fantastic time, many thanks. "

Prim & Ruby

Singer Gold - 1st April 2015

"I enjoyed it very much, it took a long time but it was worth it. I enjoyed every minute of it. - Ruby I also enjoyed it very much it was definitely worth sitting in the car for 2 and a half hours. I enjoyed every second of it. - Prim Very well led session and the girls loved it all, Thankyou. - Mum"


Singer Gold - 1st April 2015

"This is my second visit to the studio and once again I found the experience to be very professional. Enjoyed it overall and came away with recorded tracks to be proud of. Many Thanks!"

Tony & Trina

Singer Silver Plus - 31st March 2015

"A brilliant experience - We loved out Dad & Daughter singing experience - Thank you!"

Rim Cameron

Singer Silver Plus - 31st March 2015

"Joe was very kind and patient! Made me feel at home and relaxed, and also didn't point and laugh when I made mistakes! Absolutely amazing experience and would definitely recommend it to everyone! Thanks Joe!"

Megan & Holly

Singer Gold - 31st March 2015

"A really good experience and really easy to do and feel relaxed."

Amy Lockwood

Songwriter Silver - 30th March 2015

"Service was professional and helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Very happy with the finished product and would highly recommend the experience! "

Lucie Kibbey

Songwriter Silver - 29th March 2015

"Joe was fantastic from start to finish. He took time to play around with all of my ideas and ended up with my song sounding better than I ever thought it would. The whole experience was a dream and bought it to life!"

Liam Connor

Singer Silver Plus - 29th March 2015

"Brilliant experience. I was made to feel very relaxed. There was no rush to complete and we took as many takes as I needed until it was just right. Thanks!!"

Alex, Izzy & Taylor

Singer Gold - 22nd March 2015

"'Best Birthday Ever!', 'awesome', 'Cool' and 'Epic'. Kids really enjoyed it. Joe was perfect with the kids, really relaxed them, excellent value for money - Very well run. Would certainly recommend. This is my 3rd visit and is still a unique experience!"

Alice Alderman

Singer Gold - 22nd March 2015

"It was an awesome experience, can't wait to do it again. Thanks to Gift Daze and Joe for an excellent time."

Jodie Foot

Singer Gold - 22nd March 2015

"My 2nd experience and it was amazing, Really felt welcomed and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who loves to sing and would definitely come again for my 3rd visit. Joe was fantastic, made me feel relaxed and at ease."

Terri Harrington

Singer Gold - 21st March 2015

"Rob was amazing! I usually get so nervous that I get into a state. But Rob settled my nerves and I felt at home as if I was in my bedroom. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience."

Lydia Alexander

Singer Silver - 20th March 2015

"Nervous to begin with but they made me feel relaxed and I had a lot of fun."

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