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Maxine Shaw

Singer Gold - 14th January 2016

"Excellent - Loved every minute of it. Will be booking again"

Callum Kooner

Singer Silver Plus - 10th January 2016

"It was an amazing experience and one I would definitely do again. The producer (Joe) was very helpful and made me be at ease."

Up-Town Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th January 2016

"It was an awesome, fantastic party. Joe rocks! Thank you!"

Anthony Cosans

Singer Platinum - 10th January 2016

"Very welcoming, put my nerves at ease in the first five minutes. A very professional approach. Highly enjoyable, would recommend."

Lauren Rebecca

Singer Gold - 9th January 2016

"I found it brilliant revisiting after almost three years to see how much my voice had progressed. The experience was professional and packed with fun. A brilliant opportunity to build up my portfolio. "

Chloe Solomons

Singer Platinum - 5th January 2016

"Really good experience, I've been here 4 times now and am always really happy with the result! Joe was really friendly and helpful!"

Jamie & Kian

Singer Silver - 29th December 2015

"Jamie - 'Joe was amazing and really helpful to work with. It was the best experience ever. Can't wait to do it again'. Kian - 'I loved singing and dancing to Olly Murs's Dear Darlin'. Joe was really nice'."

Lisa Plant

Singer Silver Plus - 29th December 2015

"I love the experience, I could spend all day in there. Thank you very much"

Emily Beecroft

Player Platinum - 20th December 2015

"Loved it! great experience, really fun and a great atmosphere - all in all a wonderful experience."


Pop Star Party Silver - 19th December 2015

"Really fun didn't want it to end. A memorable event, now I know I really can't sing! Very enjoyable. It was really great and I would like to do it again. "

Krazy Kidz

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th December 2015

"The girls had so much fun! Very well organised."

Heaven 11

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th December 2015

"It was a Rock Star Birthday Party - a true chart topping experience! My daughter and her friends had a blast!"

5th Direction

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th December 2015

"The children really enjoyed themselves this part and managed very well with a very lively, opinionated bunch of 9 year olds. I would very much recommend this company to anyone wanting a musical and fun 2 hours. The kids all left with their own CD after a really fun time."

Burnett Brown

Singer Gold - 5th December 2015

"A very warm welcome, and made me feel at ease before getting started. A very good experience, especially for someone doing it for the first time. Rob was very helpful and I definitely would like to come back and do this again. Lots of helpful tips to improve my performance. "

Charlotte Waggott

Singer Gold - 1st December 2015

"Really great experience - First time but we'll definitely be back. Made to feel very relaxed and comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed."

Megan Pitts

Singer Silver - 29th November 2015

"Yet again our eighth year at Gift Daze for the singer experience! I'm a big fan of the studio and I would recommend it to those who are both singers and those who just like to sing for fun! The staff are always really friendly and will accommodate you in anyway they can."

Kiera Marshall

Singer Gold - 29th November 2015

"Really comfortable and a lovely experience."

Lolly Robertson

Singer Silver - 29th November 2015

"I really enjoyed this experience, Joe was absolutely lovely and made me feel relaxed in the studio. I would definitely come again and I am really happy with how it all sounded!"

Chris Hart

Singer Silver - 25th November 2015

"What a fabulous way to spend my birthday. Had a great afternoon singing of my favourite songs. If you love singing like I do, get yourself along here and have a go! You'll love it! Thankyou again Rob for a lovely afternoon. "


Pop Star Party Silver - 22nd November 2015

"Joe was welcoming and helpful. We really enjoyed our time here and we hope to come back again soon"

Brooke Murphy

Singer Silver Plus - 21st November 2015

"Really enjoyed the session. Really friendly. Was very relaxed at all times. Amazing experience. Thankyou!"

Gemma Macafee

Singer Gold Plus - 19th November 2015

"Really great experience! Felt very comfortable and relaxed!"

PG Tips

Player Gold - 15th November 2015

"informative, relaxing, interesting. Joe made us feel very at home. Professional working enviroment made to feel at ease."

Katherine Del Rio Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 14th November 2015

"I really enjoyed it and would love to come back again. Overall an amazing experience. "

Cath Deans

Singer Gold - 13th November 2015

"I have been many times & every time I love it! Joe made my day fun & enjoyable whilst making me sound great! Thank you so much!"

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