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Singer Silver - 12th May 2019

"What an amazing experience and memorable day. Arranged for my daughters 10th birthday and she loved every minute. Definitely come again. Highly recommend it."


Player Diamond - 11th May 2019

"Had an amazing day! Paul is an absolute genius. With his software skill and editing knowledge he makes you sound like a professional musician. Will definitely be back for another session."


Singer Emerald - 8th May 2019

"I've just finished my sixth visit to Audio Sorcery. It's still the very best day ever - huge fun & I've left sounding like a professional again. I couldn't love it more."


Singer Platinum - 5th May 2019

"After a nervous start, I really enjoyed myself. I was made to feel relaxed and Paul made me laugh which helped the nerves! Would recommend this to all would-be singers. Thank you!"


Singer Gold Plus - 29th April 2019

"A huge thank you to Paul for making me more confident and being so kind and professional. A wonderful place to go with amazing staff. Thank you again! I'll be back :)"


Singer Silver - 27th April 2019

"An amazing experience to watch but an awesome time had by Parker - probably one of the best gifts he has ever had! Thank you Paul!"


Singer Gold - 27th April 2019

"I really enjoyed my experience today. I have learnt new things and my CD sounds amazing!"


Singer Gold - 27th April 2019

"A very good experience. Was very friendly and helpful. Kept me at ease throughout the whole experience."

Nicky & Gill

Singer Silver Plus - 25th April 2019

"We laughed - we sang - we laughed! Brilliant experience helped along by our light hearted mentor Paul :-)"

Seren and Carys

Singer Gold - 18th April 2019

"'It was amazing and Paul was friendly, funny and really nice'- Carys, aged 10. 'It was a great experience, really enjoyable and Paul made us feel really welcome.' Seren, aged 14"


Singer Gold - 18th April 2019

"A truly amazing experience. I felt welcome as soon as I arrived. Paul was very nice and made the experience more fun! I have made lots of memories from today. Thank you"


Singer Gold - 15th April 2019

"Absolutely fantastic afternoon! I'll be back!"


Singer Gold - 15th April 2019

"I received this experience for my birthday. When I arrived I was so excited and the experience exceeded my expectations! Paul was so friendly and the experience was extremely professional and definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!!"


Player Platinum - 13th April 2019

"Had a great day recording some songs. Paul is fantastic at getting the best out of you. Will definitely come back in the future. Would recommend this experience to any budding songwriters and performers."


Singer Cut Diamond - 12th April 2019

"It was an amazing experience that I really enjoyed. Gift Daze gave me the opportunity to do something that I love. Paul was extremely friendly making me and my family feel at home."


Singer Gold - 10th April 2019

"I was nervous before I came, but as soon as I met Paul I felt much better. It's a really good experience, and I definitely recommend it!"


Singer Emerald - 8th April 2019

"Fantastic session. Great value for money. Paul's great!"


Singer Silver Plus - 8th April 2019

"Wonderful experience! Would recommend to absolutely everyone. Such a fabulous host that makes you feel very welcome throughout the session. Very impressed!"


Singer Platinum - 6th April 2019

"Very professional, girls felt relaxed + Most of all had good fun. Great keepsake to remember Rebecca's 16th Birthday. Thank you Paul."

Johnny G

Band Platinum - 5th April 2019

"Had a great Platinum Day with Paul Just me and the keyboard. Great results. Lots of excellent quality recordings with Paul's new gear!"

Steff and Josh

Singer Gold Plus - 30th March 2019

"Great afternoon recording some of our favourite songs together, great experience, great coach (Paul) and overall a great day! (Made to feel very comfortable)."


Singer Silver - 29th March 2019

"Fantastic experience! I learnt so much and Paul was very helpful & supportive. Value for money as well!"


Singer Platinum - 25th March 2019

"After a 2 year absence, I have returned to the loving bosom of Gift Daze & Paul visit number 24 & + Never gets old. As always, amazing fun & great to see Paul back in the driving seat! Visit 25 soon!! Thank you"


Singer Silver Plus - 25th March 2019

"From arrival onwards Paul put me at ease and made the experience a lot less pressured than I thought it would be. What a great experience!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 17th March 2019

"Incredible, loved every part of the day, can't believe we got it all done in an hour and a half. Thank you Audio Sorcery. Amazing day, wonderful experience for all of us - even those just watching"

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