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Singer Gold - 16th November 2019

"A fabulous experience for our 10 year old singer! Paul made Franki feel relaxed, confident and she really enjoyed it. With amazing results. Franki - The experience was great."


Singer Gold Pro - 9th November 2019

"Great service. Very welcoming and made our 13 year old feel at ease. Will definitely be back. Highly recommend."


Singer Gold - 2nd November 2019

"Had an amazing time here today! Always welcoming and friendly. Will be back again. Thank you."

Emily and Debbie

Singer Gold - 1st November 2019

"I've really enjoyed the experience today. I was very nervous to start off with but Paul soon made me feel very comfortable, and to sing with my daughter Emily has made me very proud. Thank you so much."


Singer Silver - 1st November 2019

"Fabulous experience! Warm and friendly atmosphere, everything explained as we went along and ended up with a fantastic end product - Very pleased and a happy singer!"

Princess & Firoz

Singer Diamond - 30th October 2019

"Princess - It was very fun, good facilities, kind staff and an overall great experience - I enjoyed the experience. Firoz - the staff are likeable and nice, would come again and recommended."


Songwriter Platinum - 29th October 2019

"I have loved this experience so much it was an amazing present and I have had so much fun! I would love to come back here again and Paul was amazing and made my song a whole new level!"


Songwriter Platinum - 27th October 2019

"An amazing experience and I learnt so much throughout the day. Great atmosphere, with loads of fun things involved, and brilliant song in the end!"


Singer Gold - 24th October 2019

"A fabulous afternoon of recording. Wonderfully encouraging. Thank you!"


Singer Silver Plus - 24th October 2019

"It was an absolutely brilliant experience and I really recommend it to everyone!"


Singer Silver Plus - 24th October 2019

"It is so fun to use professional equipment and to use software that makes your voice sound really good and makes your voice work perfectly with the backing track"


Singer Silver Plus - 23rd October 2019

"Enthralling being behind a microphone with the headphones on! It was an awesome experience!"


Songwriter Gold - 22nd October 2019

"It was really good fun and the outcome is amazing! It is really good for aspiring songwriters and singers."


Singer Platinum - 19th October 2019

"Made me feel at ease. Excellent session. Had a great time."


Singer Gold - 18th October 2019

"I had a great time. Murdered a couple of Glen Campbell songs - marvellous"


Singer Silver Plus - 18th October 2019

"Fantastic - very enjoyable and felt at ease from the start. (Glyns wife) Absolutely amazing - Paul is so nice and professional."


Singer Silver - 12th October 2019

"As a 13 year old girl, I very much enjoyed the experience. I was nervous at first but it was a very happy and comfortable environment"


Player Silver - 11th October 2019

"Loved it, Paul was very relaxed and led me through the process with skill and aplomb. So much so that I was surprised and gratified with the result. He easily mastered my preconception. Thank you."


Singer Silver - 11th October 2019

"A great fun experience for my daughter, she really enjoyed the singing & listening to the track being edited whilst Paul worked his magic."

Becky & Daisy

Singer Silver - 9th October 2019

"Friendly, relaxing and fun experience. Very professional."


Player Emerald - 8th October 2019

"I was really nervous about the whole idea of this having received it as a present. In the event I needn't have been concerned - what a fabulous event thoroughly recommended (no matter how bad you may think you are - you will really enjoy it)"

Amelia & Maddie

Singer Silver Plus - 4th October 2019

"Amazing as before! Paul's easy manner sets the girls at ease and gets the best performance out of them. His equipment and skills sets him apart from others we have used."


Singer Platinum Pro - 4th October 2019

"Brilliant service and feels comfortable all the time. Knowledge of music, and care of tracks is amazing!"


Singer Silver Pro - 2nd October 2019

"Great fun. Made to feel at ease and tracks sound great."


Singer Silver Plus - 2nd October 2019

"I had a great afternoon listening to myself murder some classic tunes. A great gift for anyone."

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