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Craig Young

Player Silver - 25th October 2014

"Excellent - very professional, friendly, great results!"

Ben Uwins

Singer Gold - 25th October 2014

"Pretty fun! Took a few takes on some songs. But defo worth it in the end. #RecordingBanter...."

Christina Hart

Singer Gold - 21st October 2014

"What a great day this has been. Absolutely enjoyed every minute and so thrilled with the end result. Big thanks to Rob for being so patient and sweet, and explaining it all. "

Olivia Bell

Singer Emerald - 20th October 2014

"An incredible experience! I had forgotten how much I loved it last time. Everyone is just lovely and I would love to come again and record more songs."

David Bruton

Singer Silver - 19th October 2014

"Really enjoyed my session, I was made to feel at ease. I would definitely come again."

Boettcher Family

Player Diamond - 19th October 2014

"- It was such a fun day and i am so lucky that I could come! - Thanks Joe, for making it such a fun day. Thanks for the patience, expertise & letting us have so much fun - took home some GREAT TUNES!! - Thanks so much for all your hard work - we loved the day!"

Elsie Norton Green

Singer Silver - 18th October 2014

"I really enjoyed it and the people were really nice. It was really fun and at the end they put it together for me. I had a great time. "

Ellie Collins

Singer Gold - 17th October 2014

"My second time here and it only gets better. Exhilarating experience that I hope to repeat soon."

Anthony Kitchen

Singer Gold - 15th October 2014

"Brilliant experience, felt well at ease and happy singing!"

Dionne Price

Singer Gold Plus - 13th October 2014

"Really good first recording experience, Rob was really helpful and did his best to make it as relaxed as possible. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about trying it!"

Susannah + Sylvia Butler

Singer Silver - 8th October 2014

"We did a mother & daughter CD of 'on my own' from les misrable and we loved it. It was fun singing together and although mum is not a great singer the CD sounds good. It is a lovely memory for both of us and highly recommended. "

The Dartford Warblers

Rock Star Party Platinum - 4th October 2014

"Not half as scary as I thought it would be, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Would whole heartedly recommend it as a gift experience. Thank you Rob for your patience and the laughs! "

Matthew McColgan

Singer Gold Plus - 28th September 2014

"Ross McColgan - Very good. The experience was for my father (from Ireland) who really enjoyed himself. Thanks again!"

Malcolm Barton

Singer Gold - 26th September 2014

"Having been here twice before I am still very happy and relaxed in the studio. With very professional help and guidance, would highly recommend the experience at this studio."

Ian Gregory

Singer Platinum - 20th September 2014

"Had a fantastic session with Rob's great help and enthusiasm! Could have stayed all night. He didn't volunteer me to join his band though! "

Paige Hackworth

Singer Gold - 5th September 2014

"Lost count of how many times I have been here now. It's always so enjoyable and professional. Always made to feel comfortable and so welcome. Very very happy!"

Melanie Blake

Singer Platinum - 3rd September 2014

"Really good result + really fun + interesting doing it! Rob is awesome! "


Singer Gold - 1st September 2014

"Excellent experience, great fun. Took some warming up but got there. Pleased with the overall experience. "

Bethany Castle

Singer Silver - 29th August 2014

"It's insightful and an inspirational experience, and would like to come again."

Emily Malone

Singer Gold - 29th August 2014

"I had a very Pleasant time and it had a warm atmosphere. The staff were very patient and helpful and i thoroughly enjoyed myself, I'm looking forward to hearing myself on CD!"

Melanie Blake

Songwriter Silver - 29th August 2014

"I really enjoyed it - it was awesome and the finished results was really great and sounded really professional. I loved it! Rob, Joe & Joe are very nice! (and funny!)"


Singer Silver Plus - 28th August 2014

"I found it really fun although I was nervous at the beginning. It would be great to come again. "

Becky and Jonathan Fryza

Singer Platinum - 28th August 2014

"Really enjoyable experience. Made my 6th album and will definitely be coming back again! Would thoroughly recommend it. "

Jason Harvey

Songwriter Platinum - 27th August 2014

"Thoroughly enjoyable day. I took part in a songwriting experience and managed to record 2 of my own songs and an acoustic cover in a full day! I am really pleased with all 3 and Rob was especially helpful with guidance and guitar to take my songs to a level I couldn't get myself. Thanks"

Holly Boyden

Singer Gold - 26th August 2014

"Coming to the studio was a great experience. Everything was very calm and well explained. Rob made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease and was very complimentary. I'd love to come again and would not hesitate to recommend it to all my friends :) Holly. "

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