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Melissa Jane Watkins

Singer Gold - 25th August 2014

"The session was really fun and nerve-racking. The overall experience was something I'll remember forever :). "

Darren Sinfield

Singer Gold Plus - 18th August 2014

"Great experience! 2nd time doing a CD here. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Paul made me feel comfortable. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to give it a go. Great fun! Thanks"

Jade Thorne

Singer Gold - 15th August 2014

"It was good fun and a great experience. Joe, who was doing the recording, put me at my ease so that made it an enjoyable time. Would love to come back and do it all again, thank you."

Ellie Poole

Singer Silver Plus - 15th August 2014

"I thought it was brilliant! It was a friendly environment and very professional. The songs that I ended up with were definitely my best pieces. 10/10!"

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 11th August 2014

"Visit number 19 was spectacular. Thanks for putting up with me singing songs I've never sung before. Rob loving the outcome! See you on my 20th visit :)"

Megan + Daisy

Singer Silver - 11th August 2014

"It was very good! We both enjoyed it a lot and would definitely recommend it to others! Megans favourite part of this activity was just feeling like a pop star!! Daisy enjoyed trying out new things. Overall we found it a great experience and it would be great to do it again."

Issie Riley

Player Silver - 7th August 2014

"Incredibly helpful and lovely people! They were so friendly and were just generally amazing. Had the loveliest time recording with them and hope to come back!"

Maisy Hopkins

Singer Silver Plus - 7th August 2014

"I really enjoyed my experience. They guys were very helpful and made me feel relaxed. "


Singer Gold - 26th July 2014

"It was great fun and I really enjoyed the experience."


Singer Gold - 24th July 2014

"Very professional and enjoyable experience. Would like to do it all over again, it was that good. Merv the Swerve"

Amy+ Jenny

Singer Gold - 24th July 2014

"It was very enthusiastic and fun. It kept me busy. I loved it and I would do it again. (Jenny) Then man I was with (Rob) was extremely kind. I would definitely come here again! (Amy)"

Amy Luthwood-Graham

Singer Gold - 22nd July 2014

"Really enjoyed myself today I had a great experience. Rob was lovely and very friendly. Definitely recommend!"

Chris Rider

Singer Diamond - 12th July 2014

"Brilliant day fabulous experience. Rob made us all feel welcome and made the whole day enjoyable. Recommend this to all you will not be disappointed."

Hannah Freitas

Singer Gold - 5th July 2014

"I absolutely loved the experience it will definitely be one that I will remember. This process was easy and very entertaining . Everyone was so nice and was very understanding. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family. I was very happy with the results. Thank you so much for this experience! "

Chloe Fallows

Singer Silver Plus - 4th July 2014

"Amazing experience - Staff are really helpful friendly and experienced. Felt well looked after and comfortable. Would definitely recommend and will definitely come back soon for another go!"


Band Gold - 3rd July 2014

"Having never recorded in a studio before, this experience with friendly staff and excellent equipment and outcome made us all feel really relaxed (and professional). Out sound engineer Rob was FANTASTIC!!!! Very talented! Also we were given free donuts. Thanks :)"

Stephen Anthony Stevens

Player Silver - 1st July 2014

"Can not thank Rob enough for a most enjoyable morning. The Experience I have waited for so long will be remembered. A LIFE TIME TO REMEMBER! Cheers pal, Shaky."

Katelyn Cuthbert

Singer Platinum - 28th June 2014

"I had a really good time and the experience made me understand how recording a CD works. I would recommend it to anyone who would want to be a singer as hey'll enjoy it. They'll also good a good understanding of what goes into creating a CD. If you're going soon or thinking about coming, I'm sure you'd have a brilliant time. "


Singer Silver - 28th June 2014


Dan & Gary Nicholson

Player Gold - 27th June 2014

"We bother were made to feel at ease by Rob especially me (gary) as wanted to sing and I can't! We both were relaxed and Rob got the best out of what we could do, Dan really enjoyed it the whole 'studio' experience and we came away with a fantastic momento of a great few hours. Rob even found a curry house to use that night. Thanks! "

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd June 2014

"Upon my 18th visit to the studio, I have a new Gitdaze BFF! (Sorry Dale). Thanks a lot Rob. Had a great time as always and am already planning my next visit!"

Sharon Rimell

Singer Cut Diamond - 22nd June 2014

"Wonderful experience and a great day. Paul & Joe quoshed any nerves, supported and encouraged all day. Was great fun! So pleased with he end result. Paul now won't be able to get rid of me!!"

Steve Roodt - Jason Matthews

Singer Diamond - 21st June 2014

"Wow! Amazing! Really enjoyed the experience - Rob Harvey guided us expertly through all 10 tracks. Very professional - was fantastic to experience what true recording artists go through! Thankyou so so much. "

William Lowe

Singer Gold - 20th June 2014

"I loved this experience because the staff here are really friendly and they will take your feelings into account. The headphones were extremely comfy and my voice came through perfectly. I want to come here every birthday. ; )"


Singer Gold - 8th June 2014

"We really enjoyed it, it was brilliant. I'm so glad I did it. I would definitely go again. I really enjoyed singing and recording it too. It has been a great experience. Me and my best friend have enjoyed it very much and we thank you. Next time if there will a next time we will try and stop GIGGLING. "

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