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Singer Gold - 17th February 2015

"I had an amazing experience. I felt really professional in the studio and watching them pick the best parts to put on the CD. Altogether it was really fun. "

Jojo Stanley

Singer Gold - 17th February 2015

"Nervous in the beginning but Joe calmed me & encouraged me throughout the session. I ended up THOROUGHLY enjoying myself and actually sounded OK! Amazing! What a superb birthday gift for all ages and I may just have to come back again! 5 stars, A+++, THANK YOU!! GiftDaze does actually rock!! :)"

Alison Forster

Singer Gold - 17th February 2015

"Although a little nervous, Rob put me at ease to ensure I had an enjoyable recording experience. It was great fun and I would recommend it!"

Amelia Price

Singer Silver - 16th February 2015

"- Felt professional - Nerves Disappeared - Really Fun"


Singer Platinum - 16th February 2015

"My experience helped boost my confidence and was fun and enjoyable. It would be great to do it again."

Steph Jinks

Player Gold - 14th February 2015

"Great fun! It was a really relaxed atmosphere, which made me play (the piano) at my best. The equipment could touch up any little mistakes I made, which was wonderful and made it a totally stress free experience."


Singer Silver Plus - 11th February 2015

"It was a good experience to do it."

Dan Elvy

Singer Platinum - 8th February 2015

"Second visit, Same as Before, Amazing experience and I can't wait for the next session!"

Alice Atkins

Singer Gold Plus - 7th February 2015

"I loved it! Such a new and great experience. Great guidance and help and I just had a really great time. "

Martin Green

Singer Silver - 6th February 2015

"Fantastic experience, really great being in the studio. Rob was brilliant and the final cut was amazing. "

Sarah & Nick Goldsmith

Singer Platinum - 31st January 2015

"Started off very nervous but thoroughly enjoyed the experience!! Would definitely recommend to friends. It's a great idea for that 'special' birthday gift!"

Adam & Oscar

Singer Silver - 30th January 2015

"Children said it was 'Amazing!'. Welcoming, Patient and overall a wonderful experience."

Tracey & Veronica

Singer Gold - 30th January 2015

"It was really good fun. They made us feel really relaxed. A great day out. Hooray for technology! Joe Made it fun and relaxing."


Songwriter Silver - 30th January 2015

"I've had an amazing day in the studio. The facilities are great and although I was nervous to start with, I soon relaxed as Rob was so patient and friendly. I would highly recommend this to anyone with any kind of experience. I'm an amateur, I now feel like a pop star! Thanks so much for the great day! "


Singer Silver Plus - 21st January 2015

"Have had a brilliant time and will definitely be coming back. Will recommend to my friends and family!! Loved it!!"

Beth Tamplin

Singer Gold - 21st January 2015

"Great session, Rob was very understanding and a great guy to work with!"

Laura King-Cox

Player Gold - 10th January 2015

"Really great! Professional experience, friendly and fun. I would definitely do it again. My recordings sound fantastic and I've had a very enjoyable experience. "

Emma Carr

Singer Silver Plus - 9th January 2015

"Such a great experience, will definitely come again with friends! I recommend this experience to other musicians. Joe also made the experience relaxing!"

David Barnard

Singer Diamond - 6th January 2015

"Great day, felt like a real star. Rob was great and very helpful. "

Clara & Raquel

Singer Silver Plus - 5th January 2015

"Rob made us feel comfortable so we performed well. He was a good director and gave us useful tips for making the most out of the studio. We were having fun all the time and will never forget our time at Giftdaze. Thankyou Rob!"

Oli McKean

Player Gold - 4th January 2015

"I always return to this recording studio because I consistently enjoy the experience and am pleased with the final results, and this time was no exception. Joe was a friendly technician who was able to help me a lot and was understanding of my pickiness. A great experience!"

Laura and Ella Donoghue

Singer Gold Plus - 31st December 2014

"It was awesome! They made my voice sound beautiful, and I like the photos they took. The staff are great!"


Singer Gold - 31st December 2014

"I really enjoyed my experience, you feel like you're famous when you go into the studio. You can choose from loads of songs and you can also get your songs on a CD and DVD. Parents and carers can go in the green room and watch you. It is really fun and a really good experience. "

Emma Bird

Singer Gold - 30th December 2014

"I felt it was an awesome experience which I will never forget. Joe was brilliant and made me feel really comfortable. I highly recommend the experience!!!"


Singer Silver Plus - 20th December 2014

"Amazing experience! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, so professional and fun!"

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