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Sarah and Charlotte

Singer Gold - 8th June 2014

"We enjoyed it and the experience was mind blowing. The people were nice and we had loads of encouragement and it was a good time. "

Mollie Parker

Singer Gold Plus - 30th May 2014

"It was really fun, good advice. I felt relaxed, could try my best and if I went wrong it wouldn't matted. I would come again. I loved it. Thank you for all your help."

Charlie Berry

Singer Silver - 30th May 2014

"WOW! I've never done anything like this and nothing will ever come close!"


Singer Silver - 30th May 2014

"Great experience as always, great fun and great people. Look forward to my next visit!"

Ruby O'Sullivan

Singer Silver - 29th May 2014

"Really enjoyed the recording and the experience of being in a recording studio."

Ella and Laura Donoghue

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2014

"It was really fun and we can't wait to come again. We had to sing our songs lots of times to them perfect. It was great fun and we can't wait to hear our CD. (Laura 9)"

Helena Widdowson

Singer Silver Plus - 28th May 2014

"Amazing experience! Loved every minute of it. Thank you! Dale was very patient and helpful."

Summer Robinson

Singer Silver - 28th May 2014

"Great experience! Thank you."

Gaz 'n' Dave

Player Gold - 27th May 2014

"An informal, relaxing and professional experience. Dale made it fun."

Elliot Rose

Songwriter Platinum - 24th May 2014

"My experience at Gift Daze was awesome! I really enjoyed myself and everything was professional and well thought out. I would definitely come back."

Maggie O'Connor

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd May 2014

"I was totally overwhelmed and it was a fantastic and a dream come true experience. Dale as brilliant and made me feel at ease. I enjoyed it so much that I will want to do this agin. Got a bit emotional at the end as I didn't want it to end. Thank you for something I have wanted to do since I was a child."

Joanne Atrill

Singer Gold Plus - 17th May 2014

"Excellent opportunity, great to see how the sound engineering works. Great experience."

Tony Barnes

Singer Gold Plus - 17th May 2014

"Enjoyable experience, very helpful and welcoming staff. Thank you."

Chris Saunders

Singer Gold - 15th May 2014

"Excellent, a really professional experience."

Natasha Bianco

Songwriter Silver - 11th May 2014

"Absolutely fantastic! My song sounds out of this world. Paul is amazing and it's made me want to write more songs just so I can come back again and again. This experience was for my 13th Birthday and WOW what a birthday!"

Bryony and Tara

Singer Gold - 10th May 2014

"It was really fun, great experience! We loved it!"


Singer Platinum - 10th May 2014

"Brilliant day thanks Rob. "

Emily Shoard (Stiff's Happy Hens)

Hen Party Emerald - 3rd May 2014

"We had SO much fun, we were all aching from giggling and singing simultaneously! Fabulous experience and we would recommend to everyone. Thank you for all the smooth organising and for putting up with our screeching!"

Sammy Green

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd May 2014

"Really fun. Did 2 songs, friendly recording and a great piece. Good technology. I would recommend it definitely. Also good range of backing tracks."

Incorporating Swindon

Band Gold - 3rd May 2014

"Epic recording session with Dale, well looked after, great experience. If I had to name 3 geniuses... Worthington/Lucas/Argentier sessions - best day ever. Really strong day, thanks for everything. People ask us are we as good as texas, I'll let you be the judge of that when I tell you Hass's mum called him a hairy egg."

Chris Saunders

Singer Gold - 1st May 2014

"Extremely professional and good venue."

Elizabeth Hillier

Singer Silver - 26th April 2014

"It was a great experience and I am glad I did something like this. I thought the service was amazing, and I can't thank you enough."

Bethany Duan

Singer Silver - 26th April 2014

"I really enjoyed it, was no where near as nerve wracking as I first expected. Brilliant!"


Singer Gold - 25th April 2014

"Great fun, very relaxed atmosphere, great to experience something different! Very professional and would definitely recommend and consider purchasing future vouchers as a present for family/friends."

Graham Clack

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd April 2014

"My 2nd time here and an absolutely wonderful experience. I will certainly come back again."

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