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Brooke Wells

Singer Gold - 21st August 2015

"I loved this experience! Was made to feel comfortable & relaxed. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!"

Dylan, Thomas, Rosie, William and Ian Lowe

Band Platinum - 19th August 2015

"Amazing! We've been looking forward to this ever since we booked it and it definitely lived up to our expectations. Several of us have been before and loved it just as much then too! Extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere - not to mention the wizard man himself, Rob. Thanks a million mate and well done for keeping your cool with us! The whole day has been ace. "

Holly Sykes

Singer Gold - 18th August 2015

"It was a great experience to sing in a studio like this. It was great fun and I would do it again. The person who helped me was great and he was very fun to have. He was very funny and made me laugh. Thank you!"

Claudia, Charlotte, Izzy

Singer Gold Plus - 17th August 2015

"Good fun, nice relaxed friendly atmosphere. Had a great time."

Girl Power

Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th August 2015

"The girls have had an amazing time being pop-stars. They have all said that today was EPIC! Thank you so much for an unforgettable birthday party. You were patient and accommodating."

Paige Potterton

Singer Platinum - 8th August 2015

"I had the most amazing experience today. I loved it! I really enjoyed recording my 5 favourite songs."

Broken Chords

Player Platinum - 2nd August 2015

"After a slightly nervous start, we had a fantastic time recording. Joe was brilliant and accommodated our musical foibles. He also managed to disguise all the 'illegal breathing' and take auto-tuning to its upper limits. an amazing experience and great memoirs to treasure forever, Thank You!!"

The Purple Bananna Elephant Pizzas

Pop Star Party Silver - 25th July 2015

"The girls had a fab time, really enjoyed it! Thankyou. "

Florence Williams

Singer Platinum - 23rd July 2015

"I got a great insight into music tech and how songs are created and was also able to learn the different techniques to make my voice better for recording. Great experience and I'd do it again!"

Bryony Fletcher

Player Silver - 21st July 2015

"After a fantastic singing exprience I decided to come back to record my own composition. Joe was very patient with my dodgy guitar solo attempts amd ensured I had something to take away with me that I was proud of. He was very skilled and professional in producing my track and I will no doubt return again! 6 million stars!!!"

Team Fire Crystal

Pop Star Party Emerald - 19th July 2015

"'Brilliant time', kids loved the experience of being a pop-star for a day!!!!!"

Crazy Hair Popstars

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th July 2015

"Thank you so much for making out girls feel like pop stars. An amazing time was had by all of the girls. An experience they will never forget!"


Singer Platinum - 17th July 2015

"Rob made me feel relaxed from the minute I arrived, he is very good at what he does. I loved the end result. Will be back for more. Thankyou!"

Pick 'n' Mix

Pop Star Party Gold - 11th July 2015

"1. Super amazing = best time ever. 2. Best party ever. Definitely coming again :) 3. Definitely do it again and I can't wait to have my birthday part here as well. Best fun ever! 4. I love it as much as minions which is my favourite thing. 5. It was so fun I enjoyed it so much."

Electric Lightning

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th July 2015

"Very good fun & well organised with some very lively 7 year old!"

Steel Harmony

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th July 2015

"'really fun!' / 'They make you feel welcome and relaxed' / 'Awesome singing experience' / 'Joe is a cool guy'"

Animal Rocks

Pop Star Party Platinum - 28th June 2015

"Brilliant party! The kids loved it! Would defo recommend."

Bryony Fletcher

Singer Gold Plus - 27th June 2015

"I had the best time recording 4 songs with Rob. He made me feel relaxed and ensured. I sounded my best on every track. It was professional whilst maintaining the fun element. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone wanting to make their own cover versions. 5 million stars!"


Singer Platinum - 23rd June 2015

"Great experience, totally relaxed atmosphere would recommend! "

The Babez

Pop Star Party Platinum - 22nd June 2015

"Loved it! It was amazing!"


Singer Silver - 22nd June 2015

"As always I had a fantastic time in Studio 1, I always enjoy my experience every time I come and I will be sure to return again in a few months. Thank you Giftdaze for making another one of my experiences truly memorable. "

Fizzy's Harmony / Fizzy Mix

Pop Star Party Emerald - 21st June 2015

"Good job handling very excitable 8 year olds who had a fantastic time and lots and lots of fun making their CD. Isabelle (Birthday Girl) - 'I loved it here, it is great fun and fab!'"

Kim Airey

Singer Silver - 20th June 2015

"Second time around now quite so nervous great being here again. "

Faith Whitmore and Toni Wilkes

Singer Gold - 20th June 2015

"It was an awesome experience that I would undoubtedly want to do again! I would recommend this to all of my friends. "

Stu Hughes

Singer Platinum - 19th June 2015

"Joe was very easy to work with, a very pro guy and was a pleasure working with him - He did what was on the tin."

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