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Alice Alderman

Singer Gold - 22nd March 2015

"It was an awesome experience, can't wait to do it again. Thanks to Gift Daze and Joe for an excellent time."

Jodie Foot

Singer Gold - 22nd March 2015

"My 2nd experience and it was amazing, Really felt welcomed and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who loves to sing and would definitely come again for my 3rd visit. Joe was fantastic, made me feel relaxed and at ease."

Terri Harrington

Singer Gold - 21st March 2015

"Rob was amazing! I usually get so nervous that I get into a state. But Rob settled my nerves and I felt at home as if I was in my bedroom. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience."

Lydia Alexander

Singer Silver - 20th March 2015

"Nervous to begin with but they made me feel relaxed and I had a lot of fun."

Freddie Janse Van Rensburg

Player Silver - 20th March 2015

"What an awesome experience!! Enjoyed every minute of it. Joe was very helpful and forgiving too. I will do this again and can highly recommend it to everyone."

Carol King, Amanda L, Sam L & Josie S

Singer Platinum - 20th March 2015

"What a fantastic day. We were made to feel really special. Nothing was too much trouble! They even managed to make us sound good & look good - no mean feat! We can't wait to come back again. We Love Rob, Thankyou!"

The Chosen Ones

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th March 2015

"I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you! I had a really good day thankyou!! This was probably the best party ever I got to do what I love all day!! This was an amazing experience and I loved every second. "

Matt & Maria

Player Diamond - 14th March 2015

"Really good session, great equipment quality, great audio engineer, great experience. Really happy with the end product. "

Sarah & Martin Weisinger

Singer Silver Plus - 11th March 2015

"Great fun, you feel like a star for a day! We loved it and would definitely recommend giving it a go!"

The Glamour Shakers

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th March 2015

"Great fun, brilliant idea for a 9 year old little girls birthday party. Very professionally run. We would definitely recommend Gift Daze"

The Daydreamers

Pop Star Party Platinum - 7th March 2015

"I really enjoyed it and it is probably the coolest day of my life. 'Lily' I think it was probably the best party I have been to. 'Isabel' I really liked it because we did silly songs and it was really cool. 'Mia' I really liked it because we did silly voices and it was really fun. 'Grace' I really liked it because it was funny and great fun. 'Maddie' I really liked it because the silly ones were really fun. I really enjoyed doing all those different voices. 'Reannah' I really enjoyed doing the silly voices. "

Thomas Stoker

Singer Silver - 6th March 2015

"I've had an amazing experience and it really gave me a taste of being a pop star which I one day hope to be."

Paul Spragg

Singer Gold - 2nd March 2015

"Easy, Fun and enjoyable. Wasn't particularly looking forward to it but it turned out to be a good laugh and a great way to spend an hour or two. "

Maddi Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 1st March 2015

"I came for my birthday and I loved it! I felt nervous at first but then I got into it and it was very enjoyable, thank you for this experience! Joe made me feel very welcome and comfortable."

The Taylorettes & The Tutti Frutti's From Mmm-Hmm

Pop Star Party Emerald - 1st March 2015

"Epic - A fantastic and different party. The best party I've ever been to. Fun, lively and gets you involved in different activities!"


Band Platinum - 28th February 2015

"Fantastic experience. Professional, friendly service. Worked hard to make sure we got the best out of the day and recorded 4 tracks. Definitely the best recording session we have had. Great up-to-date equipment. Thank god for Auto-Tune."

Georgia Pullen

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2015

"Friendly people, who know what they are doing. Would recommend to anyone. "


Singer Gold - 25th February 2015

"I had a wonderful time and I shall be returning. Rob was absolutely wonderful and made me feel right at ease. As a singer songwriter trying to make her way this is a boost of confidence and so much fun. Thankyou, Josie. "

Heather and Martin

Singer Gold Plus - 25th February 2015

"Back for our thirs 'tricky' album! Wonderful mixing makes us almost sound like we can sing. Great session. Thanks Rob"

Pink Ladies, The Godivas & Pink Fandango

Hen Party Diamond - 21st February 2015

"This experience has 100% made my daughters hen weekend, a professional recording but fun and laughter has absolutely been a key factor. Thank you, each and everyone who came, all 19 of us would not hesitate to recommend this as and enjoyable, fun must-do experience. Thank you so so much!"

Carmen Hartman

Singer Gold - 21st February 2015

"It was a great day and I really enjoyed it. The experience all together was very well put together as I was never once made to feel nervous in the slightest!"

Gay Sparks

Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2015

"Lovely and relaxed professional session. Sorry we were late!"

Harry Brett

Singer Silver - 20th February 2015

"The experience was excellent, Joe made me feel very confident and I couldn't wait to see how the CD turned out. The best birthday present ever!"

Maddy & Ben

Singer Silver - 20th February 2015

"It was the best experience ever! We had so much fun and felt like pop stars! We're definitely coming back. thank you for looking after us so well."

Tyler Sargent

Singer Platinum - 19th February 2015

"Brilliant, very Professional and relaxed. Credit to the host, Joe, who was very understanding and helpful and made my experience amazing! Would definitely do it again - I highly recommend!"

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