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Incorporating Swindon

Band Gold - 3rd May 2014

"Epic recording session with Dale, well looked after, great experience. If I had to name 3 geniuses... Worthington/Lucas/Argentier sessions - best day ever. Really strong day, thanks for everything. People ask us are we as good as texas, I'll let you be the judge of that when I tell you Hass's mum called him a hairy egg."

Chris Saunders

Singer Gold - 1st May 2014

"Extremely professional and good venue."

Elizabeth Hillier

Singer Silver - 26th April 2014

"It was a great experience and I am glad I did something like this. I thought the service was amazing, and I can't thank you enough."

Bethany Duan

Singer Silver - 26th April 2014

"I really enjoyed it, was no where near as nerve wracking as I first expected. Brilliant!"


Singer Gold - 25th April 2014

"Great fun, very relaxed atmosphere, great to experience something different! Very professional and would definitely recommend and consider purchasing future vouchers as a present for family/friends."

Graham Clack

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd April 2014

"My 2nd time here and an absolutely wonderful experience. I will certainly come back again."

Vicki and Danny Aiano

Singer Silver - 20th April 2014

"Vicki: Thank you for a great experience, an awesome birthday present. Very relaxed atmosphere - want to do it again! Danny: I have returned for visit number 18 and this time Mumsy came for a sing song too! An amazing time as always. Thank you Dale and see you very soon."

Chloe Solomons

Singer Emerald - 19th April 2014

"I had a really good time! Very professional and fun. I have been coming here since I was 10 and I am now 18! When can I come back again?"

Sarah Markey

Singer Silver - 19th April 2014

"Had a fantastic recording experience! "

Lauren Wier

Singer Gold - 18th April 2014

"It was an 'Amazeballs' experience, friendly atmosphere lots of fun. It was good to get an experience of a proper recording experience. I would come again."

Alice Stride

Singer Silver - 16th April 2014

"Brilliant, I loved it. Very funny experience, you don't have to be a good singer."

Benjamin Clayton

Singer Silver - 16th April 2014

"I enjoyed my session because during the time of singing it I got into the song and my voice was getting to know the lyrics. During the mixing and fixing the flat notes I enjoyed watching Dale sort all that out."

Patience Brown

Singer Platinum - 14th April 2014

"This was a very fun experience with lots of awesome technology. At some times it was a bit challenging and tiring but at the end of the day I really enjoyed myself!"

Gaby Peters

Singer Gold Plus - 14th April 2014

"Fabulous, amazing experience, really enjoyed the recording session. I would love to do it again."

Becky Histead

Singer Silver Plus - 14th April 2014

"The recording was for my Nanny's funeral and I felt like I did her justice. The songs have come out really well and I felt completely comfortable whilst singing. I could have done it all day! I will definitely do it again soon. Thank you again Gift Daze!"


Singer Gold - 12th April 2014

"It was really good, I like it. I was quite nervous at first but then I got into it. I really enjoyed it!"

Oliver Tourle

Singer Silver - 12th April 2014

"Really enjoyed my session. Quickly began to feel more confident after being very nervous before. Thank you for such a great experience. I will definitely come back."

Jan and Marisa

Singer Silver Plus - 11th April 2014

"Amazing - this is our second time - Dale loves us as much as Rob does - he's begging us to come back again - he going to write a song especially for us."

Charlotte and Daniella Bowden

Singer Gold Plus - 10th April 2014

"Had a fantastic & fun experience and was pleased with the results! Would definitely do it again! Really enjoyed the experience and had a great day!"

Jan Stannard

Singer Gold Plus - 10th April 2014

"Great fun! Made me sound like I could sing. I would do it agin. Will recommend this to friends, great fun!"


Player Silver Pro - 9th April 2014

"Brilliant session, very professional and knowledgeable. Created a great CD. Thanks for the experience. Will be back for another recording."

Millie Jane Franks

Player Gold - 9th April 2014

"I had such an amazing time! This is my second time back and it was just as amazing as it was the first time! I love how professional it is. I can't wait to come back next time. I really recommend it!"

Rebecca Beale

Singer Gold - 9th April 2014

"My second visit was every bit as fun as my first visit! First a birthday gift, then a christmas gift. Can't wait for my next giftdaze experience."

Charlotte and Ella

Singer Silver - 9th April 2014

"Ella - Very fun experience. We sang 'Read All About It' and it sounded very good. Charlotte - It was a really good experience and they made it sound really cool. I Loved it!"

Jodi Arnold

Singer Silver - 5th April 2014

"6th visit to this recording studio and the service has been second to none every time. Lovely staff, facilities for friends and family to enjoy and above all a friendly comfortable atmosphere to work in. Would recommend to anyone and everyone, suitable for all ages. I am yet to have grown out of the thrill I get from recording here, so no doubt I will be returning for many years to come."

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