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Abigail King

Singer Diamond - 26th February 2014

"Rob was really friendly and made me feel comfortable. He was patient and helped mix the tracks to really show off my ability! I have been coming to Giftdaze for a number of years and I have had a wonderful experience every time and this was no different. Thank you Rob and to Giftdaze for everything!"

Phil Stone

Player Silver - 23rd February 2014

"A great afternoon - Rob was easy going but professional I tried not to feel under pressure - but it was difficult! However this is the place to come for a great recording experience. Will be back!! "

Lesley Barker, Debs

Singer Diamond - 23rd February 2014

"Amazing experience, Rob was a complete legend, made us feel at ease & special. Will definitely book a return. Thankyou."


Singer Platinum - 22nd February 2014

"'I wanna be like you'. Professional fun and a really good experience. Thanks, Dex."

Emma Mott

Singer Platinum - 22nd February 2014

"Had a grat day, and Rob was really good. We will come again and I'll tell all my mates about it. Also will be going on the facebook page!"

Courtney Jelley

Singer Silver Plus - 21st February 2014

"An amazing day, great fun for everyone and can cheer you up."

Nicole Mills

Singer Silver Plus - 21st February 2014

"I really enjoyed my experience today. I was a bit nervous to start with but I was calmed down quite quickly into the session. When I made mistakes I was reassured which made me feel more at ease. All in all I loved my experience and would definitely do it again!"

Ellie Walkinshaw

Singer Silver - 21st February 2014

"I really enjoyed it. I felt comfortable and had lots of fun. Thankyou for your time."

Courtney Souper

Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2014

"It was really cool it was like living the rockstar dream."

Sophie & Danesh

Singer Gold - 19th February 2014

"Very good recording experience and great service."

Daisy Port

Player Platinum - 19th February 2014

"An excellent experience in a friendly + professional environment."

Sacha Relf

Singer Gold - 18th February 2014

"Amazing experience lovely people. I would most definitely do it again!"


Singer Silver - 15th February 2014

"It was absolutely the best day ever and I definitely want to come again!"

Andy McGee

Player Silver - 15th February 2014

"The session was excellent, I enjoyed every minute. I was a bit nervous to start, but the staff were fantastic and put me at ease. I was very impressed with the whole session. Thanks very much for a great time."

Erin, Cameran & Harrison

Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2014

"Children aged 6-8 and they had a blast!"

Brian Timmins

Player Gold - 14th February 2014

"Very friendly and accommodating staff. Extremely pleased with the quality of songs. Would recommend to anyone wishing to play covers or own material."

Emily Shropshire

Singer Gold - 14th February 2014

"I thought it was very fun! I would recommend Gift Daze for anyone or any age! Gift Daze is a real studio!"

Aimee Houghton

Singer Silver Plus - 9th February 2014

"Aimee thought the experience was amazing + says she wished she could come every Sunday!"

Dan Elvy

Singer Gold Plus - 8th February 2014

"Absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish. Dale was excellent in banishing any nerves in an approachable easy going manner. Will definitely be returning in the future."

Jacky Cook

Singer Diamond - 6th February 2014

"What a great day! I was put at ease straight away by Dale, he was encouraging and supportive throughout the 6 hour session. I would thoroughly recommend Gift Daze."

Mia Davis

Singer Gold - 2nd February 2014

"I was really good because you get to do songs. I just want to say what a fantastic time you gave me Rob, thankyou. I might come back one day. Love Mia"

Tony Blake

Singer Platinum - 2nd February 2014

"Fantastic afternoon, made to feel at ease. Very professional, really enjoyed the whole thing. My 11 year old son got to sing one of my songs so it was great he got to share in the fun! Thanks very much, we'll be back!"

Molly Perry

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd February 2014

"Booked as a surprise for molly's 8th birthday. She was looked after really well from the moment we walked through the doors. Rob was great and really made Molly feel at ease. She had a great time singing and we as parents had a great time watching her!!! She now wants to go to school on monday to tell her friends!!!! Thanks."

Lotte Wood

Singer Silver Plus - 1st February 2014

"I really enjoyed my experience, Rob was very helpful and I would love to come again."

Amy and Geoffrey

Singer Silver Plus - 1st February 2014

"A good day out. We will be back."

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