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Denize Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 7th January 2014

"Fantastic experience. Rob put me so much at ease! He was patient and gave me opportunities to make my song sound better."

Alison Walton

Singer Silver - 7th January 2014

"What a fabulous birthday present! Had great fun being in a professional studio, and was well looked after and reassured by Rob. If you have ever wondered if you could cut a CD - Just do it - it's really good fun."

Nathalie and Lianne

Singer Gold - 7th January 2014

"Loved the experience, this is my 3rd time and I can't wait to come back! Amazing experience. Makes us feel confident with singing and an incredible way of mixing all the versions. Will definitely be coming back!"

Emily Glaser

Singer Gold - 4th January 2014

"Absolutely incredible experience, had a fantastic time and learnt some amazing singing techniques. Thank you so much for such an amazing day."

Cath Deans

Singer Diamond - 3rd January 2014

"I just can't stay away! I always arrive slightly nervous but leave feeling like a superstar. A truly wonderful day - I am already planning my next visit with my friends. Thank you so much to Dale - you're brilliant."

Jasmine Penfold

Singer Silver - 2nd January 2014

"Enjoyed my second experience, felt a lot more relaxed and confident in myself, very helpful."

Holly and Katelyn

Singer Gold - 31st December 2013

"We had a great time, the experience of a session in a real studio was so exciting! We would come back in an instant - even though one of us came all the way from Barrie, Ontario, Canada."

Ryley Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 31st December 2013

"Ryley was really nervous to start with, but was soon made to feel at ease. Had a fantastic experience and Ryley thoroughly enjoyed it. Thinking about her birthday party now."

Joshua Thompson

Singer Silver - 23rd December 2013

"It was an amazing experience! I had a great time. Thank you. I feel like a professional artist now."

Madison - Mai Lapper

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd December 2013

"I had an amazing time, one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you."

Tom, John, Adam, Rowan and Tom

Band Gold - 22nd December 2013

"Really fun with professional mixing. Much better than all our other past recording experiences."

Jasmine Penfold

Singer Silver - 20th December 2013

"A great experience, Dale made me feel really comfortable. It was great fun!"

Anne Cullen

Singer Silver Plus - 12th December 2013

"Back for a second time to record some childrens songs for my grandson this christmas! Great fun (not so scary second time around). Rob made me feel very comfortable as well as being a whizz with the technology. Many thanks!"

Meg and Jess

Singer Silver Plus - 7th December 2013

"Sixth time at Gift Daze and we really enjoyed the experience yet again. Dale was fab, very helpful and transposed the song to make it higher for me. We loved out experience and will hopefully be back again next year, if we don't argue too much about song to do! Thank you for a fabulous experience!"

Harry Sorrell

Singer Silver - 7th December 2013

"Great, this was bought as a birthday gift and the whole experience was really enjoyable. The staff were very professional. Would definitely recommend to friend and family for a fun day."

Paige Hackworth

Singer Silver Plus - 7th December 2013

"6th time I have been here now and will be back for sure. Thoroughly enjoyed it and Dale always makes it enjoyable."

Elysia Mennet

Singer Silver Plus - 7th December 2013

"As always, had a great time. Rob was very patient!"

David McMeeking

Singer Gold Plus - 6th December 2013

"Relaxed, encouraging approach, making the whole experience fun!"

Paul Steer

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd November 2013

"Very professional staff and studio, a great opportunity to sing as the experts do. Very enjoyable and helpful experience."

Zara Barrow

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd November 2013

"Very fun experience, was a birthday present and I really enjoyed it."

Emer Coyle

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd November 2013

"It was a great experience. I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. The engineer was very friendly and helpful. Great experience overall. "

Anne Cullen

Singer Platinum - 20th November 2013

"What a wonderful experience! My very first time behind a microphone and in a studio, so thrilled with the result. Many thanks to Dale who gave me the confidence to perform at my best."

Evie Stephens

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2013

"Really enjoyed it, Rob was very helpful."

Barbie Clarke

Singer Silver - 17th November 2013

"Fantastic experience, I was made to feel very relaxed in a nice studio. I had a great time. "

daniel cameron

Singer Silver - 16th November 2013

"I was very happy with my overall experience. I like the fact I got three takes to deliver a result, which I was happy with. Thank you for your time and accuracy i really enjoyed the experience. "

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