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Anna Monti

Singer Gold - 5th April 2014

"Was really nervous but Dale made me relax and I really enjoyed my experience."

Belle Hobbs

Singer Silver - 5th April 2014

"Very good and very enjoyable :)"

Carol Ross

Singer Gold Plus - 4th April 2014

"Best gift ever! Fantastic experience!"


Singer Platinum - 31st March 2014

"This was my second time here and again had a fab time!"

Celeste Primrose

Singer Silver Plus - 29th March 2014

"I loved it but Rob was a bit silly making moster noises when I was listening to the take. I LOVED IT!!!! From the crazy bunny ears person (Rob knows what I mean)."

Evie Soames

Singer Silver Plus - 29th March 2014

"Really fun, not all scary!"

Michelle Evans

Singer Gold - 29th March 2014

"Fantastic experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was made to feel at ease. The Staff are so lovely which made the experience even better. I would recommend it to anyone such fun for all!"

Tony Quilter

Singer Platinum - 29th March 2014

"Arrived very nervous and Dale was there giving me reassurance. Although I murdered parts of the songs I chose to sing, Dale was very complimentary and edited the recording so I sounded better than I actually do. A fantastic few hours. I enjoyed the whole experience, it's great to act like a pop star even at 50 years of age. Thanks for the experience and thanks to Dale for his patients and attention. I will be back and recommend to others."

Emily Clear

Singer Silver - 29th March 2014

"It was awesome, I really enjoyed myself!"

Rosina Smith

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd March 2014

"A fantastic experience, my daughter will never forget. Rob made the day. Very enjoyable, I would recommend 'giftdaze' to all. Well done and thankyou. Neil Smith. I loved every minute of it thank you so much or the best day. Enjoyed myself so much =) Rosina # Smith"

Ollie, Alex, Sam and Max

Band Silver - 22nd March 2014

"A great experience at the recording studio and would definitely recommend it. We'll be back very soon! Thanks for you help and a great time. Very helpful, worthwhile visit!"

Naomi Price

Singer Silver - 22nd March 2014

"I enjoyed the recording session because I recorded one of my favourite songs and the staff were really helpful."

Tiffany Davis

Singer Gold Plus - 21st March 2014

"A really good and fun experience - I really enjoyed it and would definitely come again."

The two J's

Player Gold - 21st March 2014

"Very helpful staff full of encouragement. Pleased with the sound we achieved and the mixing of the tracks. We have been excited thinking about coming to do the recoding and the experience has been great. Thanks Rob!"

Marian Brooker

Singer Silver - 15th March 2014

"Making a CD of a song my mum loves as a mothers day present. Enjoyed the experience immensely never having been in a recording studio before. It was very clever, Rob made me feel very relaxed and he was helpful. "

Andy Buss

Band Platinum - 15th March 2014

"Great experience, good fun. Welcoming and efficient staff. Thank you Dale."

Tristan Walter

Singer Silver Plus - 9th March 2014

"Very fun and exciting - a great experience and great fun."

Jessica Archer

Songwriter Silver - 9th March 2014

"Dale was very friendly and professional. He made our daughter feel encouraged and helped develop ideas without being over directional. The end result sounds fantastic and we will definitely be back. Thank you for a great session."

Gary and Carly Spicer

Singer Gold - 8th March 2014

"Fantastic experience for me and my daughter really enjoyed it, was made to feel really welcome and put at ease straight away. In the end we sound like Frank Sinatra and Adele! Perfect!"

Leah and Missy

Singer Gold - 8th March 2014

"My daughter and her friend enjoyed the singing experience. I will be bringing her back and will definitely recommend to people. Well done!"

Lanna Oulds

Singer Silver - 8th March 2014

"Brilliant experience, Dale was great, chatty and made me feel at ease. I would defo come and do another session. 'A-STAR' 'BRILLIANT' 'EXCELLENT'"

G Huntly

Songwriter Platinum - 8th March 2014

"Excellent and very professional treatment of some very amateur 'talent' !! Hugely enjoyed. Rob was brilliant. We are coming back for more!"

Katie Cope

Singer Silver Plus - 7th March 2014

"Thank you for making a difficult experience one which was enjoyable. You work miracles with voices and I was very happy with my songs. Thank you so much."

Meg Hooper

Singer Diamond - 1st March 2014

"Welcoming and friendly from the outset Rob immediately put me at ease. He was really patient when I murdered Taylor Swift and Beyonce! Well worth the five hour drive!"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Platinum - 28th February 2014

"Had lots of fun as always, so pleased with the songs :) thank you."

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