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Rhythm Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 27th July 2018

"It was a well run session and Joe was very good with the girls."


Singer Gold Plus - 27th July 2018

"Joe was fabulous, he made me feel relaxed and did a great job! Will definitely come again."


Singer Gold - 27th July 2018

"Brilliant experience, really relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, plenty of drink available. Staff are friendly and helpful, would definitely do again."


Singer Silver Plus - 22nd July 2018

"I loved the experience but I was very nervous when I first arrived. Joe made me feel so comfortable and calmed my nerves, he is a very nice guy, I would definitely come here again! Lots of fun!"

The Party Poppers

Pop Star Party Gold - 21st July 2018

"All the girls had a lovely experience, they enjoyed singing with their friends + really enjoyed all of the funny song time."

Kylie & Claire

Singer Silver - 20th July 2018

"Such fun! a fabulous, relaxed experience recording our debut single."


Singer Diamond - 17th July 2018

"Great experience. Joe was very helpful, would definitely recommend the experience. I will be coming back again."


Singer Silver Plus - 16th July 2018

"It was very laid-back and it was easy to relax but the end result was awesome!"

Hollie A

Singer Silver Plus - 15th July 2018

"Thoroughly enjoyed my second time here. Felt very welcomed and comfortable."


Producer Platinum - 11th July 2018

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Joe was brilliant and really enjoyed producing the tracks"

Seven M&Ms

Pop Star Party Platinum - 8th July 2018

"Fantastic party, my 8 year old had the most brilliant time turning into a pop group for the afternoon! Can't wait to watch the DVD!"

Seven 18

Pop Star Party Gold - 4th July 2018

"What a fabulous unique experience for my daughter's 11th birthday party. Her & her friends had the best time. Joe was brilliant, really good with the kids, so professional. A big thank you!"

Georgia & Lindsey

Singer Gold - 1st July 2018

"Really fun - So enjoyable. Joe makes you feel relaxed and helps you to really get the most out of the experience!"


Singer Gold Plus - 1st July 2018

"Great experience, thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe was very welcoming and patient. Family catered for drinks on tap"

The Besties

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th June 2018

"We did the Pop Star Party for my daughter's 9th birthday. The girls all had a great time and the session was well organised and run in a relaxed and fun way. Being able to watch them all from the next room was great for us adults too! Can highly recommend!"


Singer Silver Plus - 30th June 2018

"I had a great time and the gentleman was really nice and supportive. "


Singer Silver Plus - 30th June 2018

"I loved this experience. I found it really fun and it was awesome!!"

Francesca & Grandad

Singer Silver - 30th June 2018

"A great experience, very organised and went above and beyond to make sure we got everything right eq printing lyrics. Had a great time."


Singer Diamond - 25th June 2018

"Today is my 2nd visit with Joe and I have found both visits a most enjoyable experience and Joe is a lovely guy, very helpful and encouraging - My kids gave me both as a present and I hope to be back next year!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd June 2018

"Fantastic experience, highly recommend"

Louise A

Singer Silver - 22nd June 2018

"Very good experience with great staff that make you feel at ease."


Singer Platinum - 19th June 2018

"This has brought a dream to life, thanks to a fantastic sound engineer."

4 Amigos

Pop Star Party Silver - 16th June 2018

"Very good experience + fun day. Rob was very helpful + patient. "


Singer Emerald - 11th June 2018

"Fab experience and Joe made me feel very comfortable."

EJ & Breanna

Player Gold - 10th June 2018

"Great experience, enjoyed ourselves very much. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music."

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