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Stephen Anthony Stevens

Player Silver - 1st July 2014

"Can not thank Rob enough for a most enjoyable morning. The Experience I have waited for so long will be remembered. A LIFE TIME TO REMEMBER! Cheers pal, Shaky."

Katelyn Cuthbert

Singer Platinum - 28th June 2014

"I had a really good time and the experience made me understand how recording a CD works. I would recommend it to anyone who would want to be a singer as hey'll enjoy it. They'll also good a good understanding of what goes into creating a CD. If you're going soon or thinking about coming, I'm sure you'd have a brilliant time. "


Singer Silver - 28th June 2014


Dan & Gary Nicholson

Player Gold - 27th June 2014

"We bother were made to feel at ease by Rob especially me (gary) as wanted to sing and I can't! We both were relaxed and Rob got the best out of what we could do, Dan really enjoyed it the whole 'studio' experience and we came away with a fantastic momento of a great few hours. Rob even found a curry house to use that night. Thanks! "

James - Frozen Hearts

Pop Star Party Silver - 23rd June 2014

"Five I loved it's - Brilliant experience - Very amusing to watch 5 eight year olds trying to work out who sings what! Very entertaining and worth it. I will definitely bring James again!! Thank you very much."

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd June 2014

"Upon my 18th visit to the studio, I have a new Gitdaze BFF! (Sorry Dale). Thanks a lot Rob. Had a great time as always and am already planning my next visit!"

Sharon Rimell

Singer Cut Diamond - 22nd June 2014

"Wonderful experience and a great day. Paul & Joe quoshed any nerves, supported and encouraged all day. Was great fun! So pleased with he end result. Paul now won't be able to get rid of me!!"

Ellie, Paige, Madison and Jodie.

Pop Star Party Silver - 21st June 2014

"Thank you Robby you have been a great friend and the singing was very fun. Remember this song 'Hi I'm Rob, I'm a goldfish and a Goldfish has a memory of a (cont sim)'. Madison; Thanks! Jodie: It's been fun! Paige: Thanks it was fun! Ellie: Thanks Mate!"

Steve Roodt - Jason Matthews

Singer Diamond - 21st June 2014

"Wow! Amazing! Really enjoyed the experience - Rob Harvey guided us expertly through all 10 tracks. Very professional - was fantastic to experience what true recording artists go through! Thankyou so so much. "

William Lowe

Singer Gold - 20th June 2014

"I loved this experience because the staff here are really friendly and they will take your feelings into account. The headphones were extremely comfy and my voice came through perfectly. I want to come here every birthday. ; )"


Singer Gold - 8th June 2014

"We really enjoyed it, it was brilliant. I'm so glad I did it. I would definitely go again. I really enjoyed singing and recording it too. It has been a great experience. Me and my best friend have enjoyed it very much and we thank you. Next time if there will a next time we will try and stop GIGGLING. "

Sarah and Charlotte

Singer Gold - 8th June 2014

"We enjoyed it and the experience was mind blowing. The people were nice and we had loads of encouragement and it was a good time. "

Mollie Parker

Singer Gold Plus - 30th May 2014

"It was really fun, good advice. I felt relaxed, could try my best and if I went wrong it wouldn't matted. I would come again. I loved it. Thank you for all your help."

Charlie Berry

Singer Silver - 30th May 2014

"WOW! I've never done anything like this and nothing will ever come close!"


Singer Silver - 30th May 2014

"Great experience as always, great fun and great people. Look forward to my next visit!"

Ruby O'Sullivan

Singer Silver - 29th May 2014

"Really enjoyed the recording and the experience of being in a recording studio."

Ella and Laura Donoghue

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2014

"It was really fun and we can't wait to come again. We had to sing our songs lots of times to them perfect. It was great fun and we can't wait to hear our CD. (Laura 9)"

Helena Widdowson

Singer Silver Plus - 28th May 2014

"Amazing experience! Loved every minute of it. Thank you! Dale was very patient and helpful."

Summer Robinson

Singer Silver - 28th May 2014

"Great experience! Thank you."

Gaz 'n' Dave

Player Gold - 27th May 2014

"An informal, relaxing and professional experience. Dale made it fun."

Elliot Rose

Songwriter Platinum - 24th May 2014

"My experience at Gift Daze was awesome! I really enjoyed myself and everything was professional and well thought out. I would definitely come back."

Maggie O'Connor

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd May 2014

"I was totally overwhelmed and it was a fantastic and a dream come true experience. Dale as brilliant and made me feel at ease. I enjoyed it so much that I will want to do this agin. Got a bit emotional at the end as I didn't want it to end. Thank you for something I have wanted to do since I was a child."

Joanne Atrill

Singer Gold Plus - 17th May 2014

"Excellent opportunity, great to see how the sound engineering works. Great experience."

Tony Barnes

Singer Gold Plus - 17th May 2014

"Enjoyable experience, very helpful and welcoming staff. Thank you."

Chris Saunders

Singer Gold - 15th May 2014

"Excellent, a really professional experience."

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