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Sharon Hogarth

Singer Diamond - 1st April 2013

"After a very nervous night and apprehensive journey into the studios, I began with an 'easier' track to ease myself back into the 'singing thing' (The last time singing for me was 1994!). The sound engineer was a total star and put me at ease and my confidence grew - the songs got better and at the end I recorded an acapella track! Had an absolutely brilliant day and can't find a word big enough to describe how much I have enjoyed my day. Thank you to all involved - best christmas present ever!"

Eleanor Boswell

Singer Silver - 27th March 2013

"Eleanor's 12th birthday present says 'Amazing!' Mum and Dad thought it was fantastic (Mum was in tears)"

Monica Rogers

Singer Gold - 27th March 2013

"Very good experience, time went by very quickly. Lovely and very patient producer. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys singing."

Elana Waite

Singer Gold Plus - 27th March 2013

"This was my 3rd time visiting the studios and I enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys singing. The staff are friendly and helpful, I felt calm and I am very happy with this experience."


Singer Platinum - 26th March 2013

"I thought it was amazing and really loved it, songs I thought I couldn't sing, I could! The whole experience was lovely and I would recommend it to anyone. Dale was really lovely and made me feel relaxed and calm. Deffo coming back."


Singer Silver Plus - 25th March 2013

"Was really good fun, Dale was really patient with us. Would definitely recommend to friends, family and come back again myself. Thank you very much. Kiki x"

Jerry Mahon

Singer Silver - 22nd March 2013

"A very nice relaxed atmosphere and pleasing experience. I will definitely come back for a longer session."

Heather and Martin

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd March 2013

"Great experience - again! Really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you."

Matt Lockyer

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd March 2013

"Absolutely brilliant - will do it again, soon!"

Megan Wagstaff

Singer Silver Plus - 16th March 2013

"Meg had a great time."

Tilly Dyson

Singer Silver Plus - 15th March 2013

"Very nervous to start with, but loved it when I hit the notes right! I would definitely do it again if I get the chance. Thank you very much."

Lorraine Daniels

Singer Gold - 15th March 2013

"I arrived nervous and afraid, however within no time at all I felt I could give Adele a run for her money."

Chloe Fallows & laura Ford

Singer Silver Plus - 15th March 2013

"Such fun. Was a really great experience and fun to do with your friends. Rob was really encouraging. He was a good laugh. Definitely coming again!"

Ausra Marcinkeviciene

Singer Silver Plus - 14th March 2013

"Just an amazing experience. I will cherish these memories! Thank you so much for this opportunity to feel like a star - my dream came true! Thank you so much!"

Rob Fox

Singer Diamond - 26th February 2013

"This has been a brilliant experience and the professionalism is second to none. Dale produced my CD and the recording succeeded my wildest dreams. I would not hesitate in recommending Gift Daze experiences to anyone who would like to record a CD - believe me you will not be disappointed."

Nigel Wilkins

Singer Gold - 25th February 2013

"Brilliant. Made very comfortable and the engineer was amazing, very relaxed and encouraging. Fantastic experience, however I will be keeping my day job!"

Deborah and Christopher Walter

Player Platinum - 25th February 2013

"Wow! I thought I was listening to somebody else when Dale mixed it all - very friendly calm experience and we were able to upgrade before the session to allow my husband to accompany me on guitar. Highly recommended. Thank you so much I really needed to achieve this as it was recorded as a cancer research charity CD. Thanks again!"

Cameron, Alex and harry

Band Silver - 24th February 2013

"Had a very good time at the studio. Staff were really friendly and patient. Good quality equipment to use. Overall had a great time."


Singer Silver - 24th February 2013

"Brilliant, had a great time."

Sophie Marshall

Singer Gold - 23rd February 2013

"It was incredible! The staff were helpful and encouraging. I really enjoyed it and hope to come again soon."

Chloe Denne

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd February 2013

"It was really fun! The best singing experience I have ever done! Great present. Thank you!"

Rebecca Beale

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd February 2013

"It was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again. It was fun and definitely the best birthday present ever! Thanks Gift Daze!"

Jennifer Oxley

Singer Silver - 22nd February 2013

"Absolutely loved it!"

Olivia Bell

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd February 2013

"My experience was amazing, I would definitely come back again. I became less nervous throughout the time. Thanks to the staff and I can't wait to return. I loved it so much."

Lianne Reeves

Singer Platinum - 21st February 2013

"I was very nervous at first as my husband surprised me with it for my birthday but I was made to feel very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I am considering booking again."

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