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Sophie Marshall

Singer Gold - 23rd February 2013

"It was incredible! The staff were helpful and encouraging. I really enjoyed it and hope to come again soon."

Chloe Denne

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd February 2013

"It was really fun! The best singing experience I have ever done! Great present. Thank you!"

Rebecca Beale

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd February 2013

"It was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again. It was fun and definitely the best birthday present ever! Thanks Gift Daze!"

Jennifer Oxley

Singer Silver - 22nd February 2013

"Absolutely loved it!"

Olivia Bell

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd February 2013

"My experience was amazing, I would definitely come back again. I became less nervous throughout the time. Thanks to the staff and I can't wait to return. I loved it so much."

Lianne Reeves

Singer Platinum - 21st February 2013

"I was very nervous at first as my husband surprised me with it for my birthday but I was made to feel very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I am considering booking again."


Singer Silver - 21st February 2013

"I've been here before and every time I come here it makes me feel amazing. Your confidence goes through the roof and gives you a chance to fulfil your dream."


Singer Silver - 21st February 2013

"I really enjoyed it and the person who recorded me didn't mind if I messed up my lyrics. I was nervous to start with."

Ellie and Beth

Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2013

"Fun, cool, so totally wicked!! "

Katherine Del Rio Smith

Songwriter Silver - 20th February 2013

"It was my first recording session and it was AMAZING. It was really good and I will definitely tell my friends to come here. I will definitely come again."


Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2013

"I really enjoyed my first recording studio experience. I hope to come back soon to cut my first album! LOL! Thank you so much for a great time!"


Band Platinum - 19th February 2013

"Brilliant day, I really enjoyed it. Dale was really professional, made us feel really welcome. Great mixdown was exactly what we were looking for. Epic day, really enjoyed it, perfect sound. Would come back again."

Elysia Ratcliffe

Singer Gold - 18th February 2013

"It was a great experience, thank you so much. It was really interesting to see the production side as well. I had lots of fun."

Lindsey Simpson

Singer Silver - 18th February 2013

"A brilliant experience, I absolutely loved it! Definitely worth every penny! Dale was helpful and guided me through the whole process, no need for nerves - just have fun and enjoy it! Ready to book my next experience! Thank you."

Elizabeth's Hen Party

Hen Party Emerald - 16th February 2013

"We all had an amazing time, it was so much fun and Dale was really welcoming. Great positive feedback was given for our LaLa's! Thanks very much for an unforgettable experience."

Chloe Brading

Singer Platinum - 15th February 2013

"Really loved it! The guys were brilliant at calming my nerve and made the whole day so fun. Would love to do it again!"

Andrew Green

Player Silver - 15th February 2013

"Excellent, sound engineers are very nice, supportive and professional. Great fun."

Neomi, Jenny, Debbie and Sarah

Singer Gold Plus - 12th February 2013

"We were all slightly nervous but Dale made us feel at ease which allowed us to relaxed and enjoy our experience plus show off our talents. Beyond our expectations. Great day, thank you so much, we'll be back!"

Jordan Clark

Singer Silver - 11th February 2013

"I loved my day at Gift Daze. they made me feel comfortable and welcome. I am very pleased with my CD. Thank you!"

Taylor and Rena

Singer Gold Plus - 10th February 2013

"Great experience experiencing different types of techniques. Good time with your friends/family. I had lots of fun and would recommend it to everyone, any ages."

Joanne Huckell

Singer Gold - 9th February 2013

"My mum bought this experience for my son and his Grandad. They sang a song each and then a duet. It was a fabulous experience of which they both thoroughly enjoyed. Dale was brilliant and nothing was too much trouble for him."

Lance Tasked

Singer Silver Plus - 8th February 2013


Kelly Hibbett

Singer Gold Plus - 4th February 2013

"Fantastic! I can't believe you made me sound that good! I'll definitely be back for another session - Thank you so much!"

Ryan Fernandez

Singer Silver Plus - 4th February 2013

"The session was much more professional than various other studios I've had sessions at. It was good fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who sings to a high standard and those who do it for a hobby. A great experience, recommend it!!"

Jessica orrigan

Singer Gold - 3rd February 2013

"I really enjoyed my time recording the songs and then editing them. it was so cool! Best birthday present EVER!"

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