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Elle McManus

Singer Gold - 22nd September 2012

"Great fun had by everyone. Perfect for birthday or crimbo present."

Paksie Vernon

Player Gold - 21st September 2012

"I've been before and as usual was really pleased with the whole day. Dale is so friendly, he immediately puts you at ease so you can get on and enjoy the session. I'd highly recommend it to anyone."

Hazel and Julie

Singer Silver Plus - 19th September 2012

"We were both terrified to start with but really enjoyed it. Would do it again."

Becky Whyte

Singer Diamond - 15th September 2012

"Fabulous day. Put at my ease, as quite nervous. Felt no pressure, even when I caught the giggles! Very tired after 10 songs!"

Liam Wade

Singer Gold - 14th September 2012

"I fully enjoyed my time using the recording studio. I felt comfortable here and was able to show off my potential. The staff were re-assuring and gave me the time I needed. I would like to thank them for this experience as it has helped me become more self confident."

Megan Hilbery

Singer Platinum - 10th September 2012

"Thoroughly enjoyed it, would come back again and again!"

Lizzie Arkell

Songwriter Silver - 9th September 2012

"So much fun! Really creative producer and I'll definitely be back."

Joe, Marie and Julie

Player Gold - 8th September 2012

"Marie: We booked the recording for Dad's birthday. Dale was lovely and very patient! As two daughters who got roped into sing, we were very grateful for the laid back relaxed atmosphere, thank you! Most importantly Dad had a wonderful time and has a CD to send to his family in Mauritius. A great birthday present."

Imogen and Gabbi

Singer Gold Plus - 8th September 2012

"It was an experience I will never forget, I felt like a real pop-star and felt very comfortable when recording. I would definitely recommend it to someone else."

Jodi Arnold

Singer Silver - 7th September 2012

"This is now the 4th trip to the studio - and I love it more and more each time! It's certainly not something you grow old of. The staff are lovely, they make you feel very welcome and comfortable The atmosphere is always so relaxed and easy! Keep it up - I recommend this experience to everyone and anyone! "

Keith Smith

Singer Silver - 7th September 2012

"Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the hour. Must do it again!"

Sean and Max

Songwriter Silver - 5th September 2012

"Very good session, easy and laid back, no waiting around, which was brilliant. Would definitely come back."

Evie Young

Singer Emerald - 4th September 2012

"An amazing experience, very enjoyable felt very comfortable and at ease. Recording quality excellent. Would recommend the experience to anyone who enjoys singing."

Laura Taylor

Singer Gold - 4th September 2012

"It was good and fun. An excellent experience. Thanks!"

Jessie and Charlotte

Singer Gold - 31st August 2012

"Nerve racking at the start but made to feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout. Fun and enjoyable experience. Would definitely come again!!"

Victoria Bennis

Singer Platinum - 31st August 2012

"Really good experience, Dale was really patient and gave me a lot of confidence. Really happy with the CD!"

Emily Birch

Singer Silver Plus - 31st August 2012

"It was a fantastic experience, one of the best days of my life! Dale made me feel so comfortable, as I was very nervous to begin with! I would definitely recommend this experience to anybody who enjoys singing! You will feel like a pop star!"

Sabrina Thakore

Singer Gold - 29th August 2012

"I really enjoyed this experience. At first I was really nervous but once I started I was fine. The staff are friendly and I felt really relaxed. Can't wait to do it again!"

Stephie Bulley

Singer Silver Plus - 29th August 2012

"I had a great time! It was a really experience, the people were friendly and didn't make me feel silly. I'd love to do it again."

Jamie Goodwyn

Singer Gold - 29th August 2012

"I found my Gift Daze experience really cool. I did 3 songs and it was very interesting to see how they mix different takes of your song."

Malcolm Barton

Singer Silver - 29th August 2012

"Very good day, treated professionally. Warm and polite staff. Would come back in the future."

Abbie Barton

Singer Silver - 29th August 2012

"Excellent experience, thoroughly enjoyed the time in the studio and the end result (after touch-up) was great. Thank you! I will definitely recommend it to others and come back myself."

Indy (82) and Amy (12)

Singer Silver - 27th August 2012

"A great experience for all ages. An hour not to be forgotten. I was pleasantly surprised at how good we sounded."

The Camelettes

Rock Star Party Platinum - 21st August 2012

"It was amazing, every one of The Camelettes enjoyed it. We had lots of fun. Millie said her birthday was spent well and she enjoyed it. We'll all recommend it to other people and would come again."

Rhiannon Mankellow

Singer Taster - 21st August 2012

"I had a really good time and I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again."

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