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Jessica Flack (Girls United)

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd February 2013

"This is without doubt the perfect party for young girls. Dale was brilliant with the girls and really made them at ease, not an easy task for a group of over-excited 8+9 year olds! This experience has brought the girls closer together and I would recommend it to everyone. We were thrilled with the finish version of the CD too. Thank you so much for a really memorable party. "

Maureen Pennington

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd February 2013

"This was my second visit to Gift Daze and was as enjoyable as the first. Dale is a lovely friendly person who makes you feel at ease. So if you're thinking of doing it, stop thinking and do it, you will enjoy it."

Valerie Fincham

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd February 2013

"Very good time, I was made to feel relaxed. Very emotional but great results!"

Peter Quirk

Player Diamond - 1st February 2013

"This was my second time recording at the Giftdaze studio and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The facilities are excellent and Dale who produced he recording with me was very helpful, experienced and knowledgeable. I would truly recommend the experience to all budding singers and artist. Thank you. "

Sophie Foster

Singer Gold - 26th January 2013

"The help was great, I felt comfortable and really supported. The technician was experienced and made me feel relaxed. Overall a fun experience - surpassed my expectations. Really enjoyed myself. Thank you!"

Charlie Storer

Singer Silver - 26th January 2013

"Was very nervous, never tried anything like this before but was instilled with confidence by Dale. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you for a great experience. Dale was very confidence giving and relaxed which helped me relax. Thank you."

Sian Neville

Singer Silver Plus - 25th January 2013

"This was a great gift to receive."

Rebecca Turner

Singer Silver - 25th January 2013

"Was a brilliant experience, truly enjoyable. Would love to do it again!"

Katie and Victoria

Singer Gold - 25th January 2013

"We had a great day recording, we were made to feel very comfortable and at ease. We are thrilled at the end result! Thank you!"

Sally Osborne

Singer Silver Plus - 25th January 2013

"I have had a fab time! I was very nervous but Dale put me at complete ease and I loved every minute! I could have sung all day!"

Lucy Camsell

Singer Gold Plus - 24th January 2013

"I had a fantastic time. Everything was very professional and friendly. Thank you so much!"

Paige Hackworth

Singer Silver - 24th January 2013

"Firth time here and once again throughly enjoyed it. Always made to feel so welcome and the CD's are always such a high standard. Will be back for sure!"

Brooke Hair

Singer Gold - 15th January 2013

"As it was my first time in a recording studio it was quite nerve racking! But soon I got into it and I enjoyed every minute."

Nathalie Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 14th January 2013

"Absolutely loved it, I love singing so when I got this for a christmas present I was very happy! Can't wait to come back!"


Singer Emerald - 13th January 2013

"Very fun, I wish there was more time so I can be in the studio more! Very fun!"

Francesca Michael

Singer Gold Plus - 12th January 2013

"Very relaxed and was made to feel comfortable. Enjoyed the whole experience. Hope to visit again."

Tom Baker

Singer Silver Plus - 12th January 2013

"My expereince was very good. I would recommend this to all interested. The staff were polite and crazy at times - I had great fun and so would everyone else. If you're a singing fan then give it a go - good or not, confident or shy - you're welcome!"

Kristy Smith

Singer Gold - 12th January 2013

"Brilliant experience, loved every second. Will be coming again."

Gary and Joanne

Singer Platinum - 11th January 2013

"2nd visit here and great to work with Dale again and also the new addition James. Sung with my daughter and we both had a great afternoon. The guys are very helpful and make you feel relaxed. Would return for another session. Many thanks again, 10/10."

Kevin Blyde

Singer Platinum - 11th January 2013

"Very enjoyable - will be back."

Frank Sharvill

Player Gold - 8th January 2013

"Perfect. Made to feel at ease from the start. Really patient and sympathetic engineer (Dale). Wonderful experience. Thank you. P.S. First time public performance!"

Laura and Helen

Singer Gold - 7th January 2013

"A worthwhile experience - terrifying and amazing at the same time!"

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 6th January 2013

"2013 has started well for Paul as I have returned to continue my love affair with Gift Daze. Another amazing experience made even better by the big man himself. Thank you kindly & hope to be back next month to destroy a few more songs. God bless!"

Katie Hounsham

Singer Silver Plus - 4th January 2013

"I had a really great time, so much more relaxed than I thought it would be, it was like singing on my own in my bedroom. A brilliant experience, could do it all day long!"

Evie and Nicola

Singer Silver - 29th December 2012

"We had a fabulous time - thank you!"

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