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Paul Steer

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd November 2013

"Very professional staff and studio, a great opportunity to sing as the experts do. Very enjoyable and helpful experience."

Zara Barrow

Singer Gold Plus - 23rd November 2013

"Very fun experience, was a birthday present and I really enjoyed it."

Emer Coyle

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd November 2013

"It was a great experience. I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. The engineer was very friendly and helpful. Great experience overall. "

Anne Cullen

Singer Platinum - 20th November 2013

"What a wonderful experience! My very first time behind a microphone and in a studio, so thrilled with the result. Many thanks to Dale who gave me the confidence to perform at my best."

Evie Stephens

Singer Silver Plus - 17th November 2013

"Really enjoyed it, Rob was very helpful."

Barbie Clarke

Singer Silver - 17th November 2013

"Fantastic experience, I was made to feel very relaxed in a nice studio. I had a great time. "

daniel cameron

Singer Silver - 16th November 2013

"I was very happy with my overall experience. I like the fact I got three takes to deliver a result, which I was happy with. Thank you for your time and accuracy i really enjoyed the experience. "

Sue and Roger

Singer Platinum - 16th November 2013

"A great experience, really enjoyed the afternoon. Would recommend to others. Very helpful staff."

Foxy Ladies

Pop Star Party Gold - 9th November 2013

"Yet another enjoyable time for the foxy ladies being our 5th time."

All Stars

Pop Star Party Silver - 9th November 2013

"It was a good experience and was very fun. I will definitely come back again!"

Felicity Bennett and Robyn Westbrook

Singer Platinum - 9th November 2013

"I thought it was really good really liked the good experience. I thought it was fantastic and a good experience for people as a birthday treat."

Ellie and Graham

Player Gold - 9th November 2013

"Such a great experience - light hearted fun! Well equipped studio and very professionally produced."

Church Man

Singer Silver - 3rd November 2013

"Very happy! Rob was great, helpful, polite, friendly I'm well pleased!"

Karen Woodhams

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd November 2013

"My daughter described it as - fun, enjoyable and she found she was helped a lot through the process. The end result was great and some great cd's and memories to take home."

Tony Keith James

Singer Gold - 2nd November 2013

"I had a great time. Hope to bring my dad here soon."

Nicola Dealtry

Singer Gold - 1st November 2013

"Thank goodness for the tuning program! Thanks for being patient. "

Millie Grace Smith

Singer Silver Plus - 29th October 2013

"I enjoyed my experience. I will enjoy my CD with my family and I want to come back for another extremely fun day! It's really cool that you can mix the songs together and create an awesome song!"

Alex Sharkey

Singer Gold Plus - 29th October 2013

"Fantastic! Lovely, friendly staff - made you feel comfortable! Production quality is fab and I would highly recommend to anyone! Hope to be back soon!"

Louise Durman

Singer Silver - 29th October 2013

"Had an amazing time at Gift Daze. Started out feeling very nervous but came out of the experience confident and buzzing! The staff were very friendly and put me at ease. The recording studio is very professional and made me feel like an actual proper singer! Would recommend to anyone!"

Daniel and Hannah Shortt

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2013

"Really fun experience, friendly service, professional, would definitely recommend!"

Sally + Lucy

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2013

"Had a great time lots of fun would recommend."

Martha's Melodies and the Believers

Pop Star Party Emerald - 27th October 2013

"I really enjoyed it so much and I will definitely come again. It was so much fun and it was the best part EVER!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 25th October 2013

"It was really fun, different, great, enjoyable, exciting and we all loved it! Thank you so much!"

Glitter Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 19th October 2013

"The 'Glitter Girls' had a fab time and can't wait to come back. Us parents loved the fact we could see what they were up to from the green room. We all had a fantastic day and we will be back!! "

Evie Smith

Singer Gold Plus - 19th October 2013

"I had a great time and it was a great experience. It was a day I will never forget."

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