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Ella Gillett

Singer Silver - 9th June 2012

"I have never been to a recording studio before so it was an all new experience for me."

Eryn Delaney

Singer Silver Plus - 6th June 2012

"I had a great time! It was much more fun than I thought and much easier too. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would love to come again."

Adam and Lauren

Player Gold - 6th June 2012

"We both enjoyed our experience at the studio. Dale was very friendly and efficient, he has a great ear for mixing and made the time relaxed and good fun. Definitely a great gift experience."

Paul Blundell

Songwriter Platinum - 1st June 2012

"This was the second time I have been to record a song. I thought that the first experience might have been difficult to surpass but my little extra knowledge and Dale's quite extraordinary musical and engineering skills created a truly memorable day. I simply look forward to my next visit. Thank you."

Dani and Callie

Singer Gold - 31st May 2012

"It was a brilliant experience, I would definitely do it again. I loved every bit of it. When it was mixed it sounded amazing."

Rosie - Ann Bleach

Singer Gold - 30th May 2012

"Today's experience has been excellent, Dale made me feel comfortable and confident. I've had a laugh and the main thing is that it was fun. I enjoyed myself. Thank you so much."

Aimee and Bhanya

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2012

"Aimee - Fun, enjoyed the time. Bhanya - Very good experience."

Kenneth Rokison

Singer Platinum - 29th May 2012

"A great 75th birthday present from my son and daughter in law. Quite a challenge for me but great fun. Much better than the dentist!"

Erin Wright

Singer Silver Plus - 28th May 2012

"What a fantastic experience, loved every minute of it."

Kingsley Fox

Singer Silver Plus - 28th May 2012

"Just a fantastic experience."

A & E

Singer Silver Plus - 26th May 2012

"Every little girls dream experience!"

Sue Reed

Songwriter Gold - 25th May 2012

"Terrific experience! I never imagined my songs could sound so professional. Dale was really helpful and supportive and also gave me lots of space to add my own ideas. A really fun day!"

Holly Joice

Singer Gold - 24th May 2012

"Was a great way to experience real music making. A very professional environment with top equipment. Dale was very friendly and amazingly helpful, it was great working with him. Definitely recommend Gift Daze for any young budding artist, it won't disappoint!"

Lisa Johnson

Singer Platinum - 21st May 2012

"Excellent experience, would recommend to others. Very pleased with the outcome of the CD."


Singer Silver - 19th May 2012

"This was an amazing experience and I would want to repeat this over and over again. "

Gemma Hannon and Donna Hardcastle

Singer Platinum - 19th May 2012

"We were a little nervous to begin with but Dale put us at ease and helped us to relax. The studio was well equipped and very comfortable. We had a great time. When shall we sign the record label contract?!"

Stephenie Burgess

Singer Platinum - 16th May 2012

"I had such fun today! I was quite nervous to begin with but I was made to feel comfortable and really got into it! Could have carried on all day!"

Rheanna Barber

Singer Gold - 14th May 2012

"I found my time here fantastic I would love to come again. My producer was very nice and helpful."

Vernon DeCruz

Singer Silver Plus - 14th May 2012

"I found the experience very relaxing, welcoming, very friendly and warm. Dale was most helpful and professional encouraging me when encouragement was needed."

Sixth Fret - Isla and Vicky

Songwriter Platinum - 12th May 2012

"We had an awesome day - got really good sounding music out of it and are really impressed by all the equipment. Amazing sounding recording for any ability level! Would definitely recommend."

Chris Byrne

Singer Diamond - 11th May 2012

"Had a great time, customer care was second to none. Overall fantastic."

Olga Ojeveliev

Singer Silver Plus - 8th May 2012

"Friday staff, nice atmosphere. Something interesting to try if you have not before or do again if you've already tried."

Caroline Kiell

Singer Gold - 7th May 2012

"It was great fun! Useful as I study music technology and it was a fun experience."

Jon and Rob

Player Gold - 7th May 2012

"Great fun, thanks to our engineer Dale, he did an amazing job! Will definitely come back again. Highly recommend."

Rosie Miles

Singer Silver Plus - 5th May 2012

"Brilliant. So much fun and friendly. No pressure, surprised myself how good you managed to make me sound. Would definitely come back."

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