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James Reynolds

Singer Silver Plus - 24th May 2013

"A very enjoyable experience. Dale was very encouraging and put me at ease as I was quite nervous to begin with."


Singer Diamond - 22nd May 2013

"Great fun. Really put at ease from the start, excellent. Would recommend this experience to anyone who's ever wanted to record."

Lizzie Arkell

Songwriter Silver - 18th May 2013

"Thank you so much yet again - the music you guys produce never fails to impress!"

Immie Elligate

Player Silver - 18th May 2013

"I really enjoyed my experience at the recording studio! It was amazing!"

Army Of 5

Pop Star Party Gold - 18th May 2013

"To quote our 12 year olds - 'it was a really great party. We felt like real pop stars - the best time we've had for ages' Thanks Dale for such an effortless but successful morning. The girls think you're very 'cool'."


Pop Star Party Gold - 17th May 2013

"Jodie really enjoyed the party. Thanks so much. Great idea and very easy."

Pat, Alan and Maurice

Band Silver - 14th May 2013

"Very good session, Dale did a really good job. Tea/Coffee service. Really enjoyable and very informative. Very nice."

Bethany Underdown

Singer Emerald - 10th May 2013

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I felt comfortable. The atmosphere was friendly and professional. I hope to come back soon!"


Singer Silver Plus - 5th May 2013

"I definitely think I need singing lessons. But I really enjoyed the experience, it was fun."

Neon Glory

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th May 2013

"Absolutely brilliant party, the best ever."

Jessie's Band

Pop Star Party Platinum - 4th May 2013

"One word from each of the girls: Wow. amazing, superb, epic, awesome, brilliant, cool and fantastic! The best party the girls have ever been too, very well organised, friendly atmosphere and a great experience."

The Groombridge Children's Choir. Rory's 11th!

Pop Star Party Platinum - 27th April 2013

"Dominic: EPIC! Emily: The man who recorded us is very nice. Rory: It was really fun. Mia: The recording studio was really cool! The most relaxed party I've ever had for my kids and they take a CD home, a great memento for them all especially as it's their last year of primary school. If I'm honest I cried!"

Pearl, Matt and Aaron

Band Silver - 27th April 2013

"We were treated like real record artists! A lot of flexibility around what we decided to record. Dale was really friendly! Awesome quality."


Singer Silver Plus - 15th April 2013

"I liked it and would want to do it again and maybe you will have some of my friends over!!"


Singer Gold - 12th April 2013

"At first I was nervous but once I recorded the 1st song twice my confidence went up. Rob was very friendly and helpful! Overall I had an amazing experience and I would do it again and again!"

Ella Whitehead

Singer Gold - 12th April 2013

"I have had a really great time and I will definitely think about coming back again and suggest it to other people. Thank you so much for making this experience so fun as well as making some great tracks!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 11th April 2013

"It was a great experience & a lot of fun. The dude was awesome and we liked the sofa in the Green Room. Thank you!"

Mia & Rachel

Singer Silver Plus - 11th April 2013

"Fun! Amazing! I enjoyed it because it was a great experience and I felt like a pop star!"

Lauren Harlin

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th April 2013

"We all enjoyed our experience it was fun! It made our voices sound so much better and I'd recommend it to friends & family"

Bethany Agnew

Songwriter Silver - 8th April 2013

"The day was more than I could wish for. Rob really helped develop the arrangement of my song and was really friendly and helpful. The final product is much better than I could have hoped for and the day was thoroughly enjoyable! I'm sure you'll be seeing me again soon!"

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 6th April 2013

"Take 11: My 11th visit has been just as enjoyable as the previous 10. I never fail to have an amazing time at Gift Daze & can't wait to come back .Thanks Dale!"

Claire, Deb and Dee

Singer Platinum - 6th April 2013

"My first visit to Gift Daze was over five years ago and I can't stop coming back! Claire, Dee and I came today as a girly treat. We were looked after extremely well by Dale who made us feel very comfortable and encouraged the best out of us. Thoroughly enjoyable, see you soon."

Brooke Godbold

Singer Silver Plus - 5th April 2013

"I Had a fantastic time and a lovely experience! Thank you!!"

Pia & Alisha

Singer Silver Plus - 4th April 2013

"It was fun, and even though we were bad at singing it was still a great experience - Pia. I Had a great time even though I'm an awful singer! - Alisha"

Jasmine & Jessica

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd April 2013

"It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed it. We would love to do it again."

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