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Kelly Hibbett

Singer Gold Plus - 4th February 2013

"Fantastic! I can't believe you made me sound that good! I'll definitely be back for another session - Thank you so much!"

Ryan Fernandez

Singer Silver Plus - 4th February 2013

"The session was much more professional than various other studios I've had sessions at. It was good fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who sings to a high standard and those who do it for a hobby. A great experience, recommend it!!"

Jessica orrigan

Singer Gold - 3rd February 2013

"I really enjoyed my time recording the songs and then editing them. it was so cool! Best birthday present EVER!"

Jessica Flack (Girls United)

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd February 2013

"This is without doubt the perfect party for young girls. Dale was brilliant with the girls and really made them at ease, not an easy task for a group of over-excited 8+9 year olds! This experience has brought the girls closer together and I would recommend it to everyone. We were thrilled with the finish version of the CD too. Thank you so much for a really memorable party. "

Maureen Pennington

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd February 2013

"This was my second visit to Gift Daze and was as enjoyable as the first. Dale is a lovely friendly person who makes you feel at ease. So if you're thinking of doing it, stop thinking and do it, you will enjoy it."

Valerie Fincham

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd February 2013

"Very good time, I was made to feel relaxed. Very emotional but great results!"

Peter Quirk

Player Diamond - 1st February 2013

"This was my second time recording at the Giftdaze studio and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The facilities are excellent and Dale who produced he recording with me was very helpful, experienced and knowledgeable. I would truly recommend the experience to all budding singers and artist. Thank you. "

Sophie Foster

Singer Gold - 26th January 2013

"The help was great, I felt comfortable and really supported. The technician was experienced and made me feel relaxed. Overall a fun experience - surpassed my expectations. Really enjoyed myself. Thank you!"

Charlie Storer

Singer Silver - 26th January 2013

"Was very nervous, never tried anything like this before but was instilled with confidence by Dale. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you for a great experience. Dale was very confidence giving and relaxed which helped me relax. Thank you."

Sian Neville

Singer Silver Plus - 25th January 2013

"This was a great gift to receive."

Rebecca Turner

Singer Silver - 25th January 2013

"Was a brilliant experience, truly enjoyable. Would love to do it again!"

Katie and Victoria

Singer Gold - 25th January 2013

"We had a great day recording, we were made to feel very comfortable and at ease. We are thrilled at the end result! Thank you!"

Sally Osborne

Singer Silver Plus - 25th January 2013

"I have had a fab time! I was very nervous but Dale put me at complete ease and I loved every minute! I could have sung all day!"

Lucy Camsell

Singer Gold Plus - 24th January 2013

"I had a fantastic time. Everything was very professional and friendly. Thank you so much!"

Paige Hackworth

Singer Silver - 24th January 2013

"Firth time here and once again throughly enjoyed it. Always made to feel so welcome and the CD's are always such a high standard. Will be back for sure!"

Gummy Bears

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"Great fun and a lovely experience for the girls who really enjoyed playing 'pop stars' for the day!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"Had lots of fun, so fun and funny. It was the greatest experience ever!"

Louisa Grinyer

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"It was so much fun! I love singing and enjoyed this very much! It is really worth it, plus it is good to hear yourself singing! "

Brooke Hair

Singer Gold - 15th January 2013

"As it was my first time in a recording studio it was quite nerve racking! But soon I got into it and I enjoyed every minute."

Nathalie Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 14th January 2013

"Absolutely loved it, I love singing so when I got this for a christmas present I was very happy! Can't wait to come back!"

Isabella James

Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th January 2013

"Isabella (7th birthday party) said her party was 'awesome'. The twenty children absolutely loved performing their song and listening to each other. James was fantastic. A great party experience. Thank you."


Singer Emerald - 13th January 2013

"Very fun, I wish there was more time so I can be in the studio more! Very fun!"

Francesca Michael

Singer Gold Plus - 12th January 2013

"Very relaxed and was made to feel comfortable. Enjoyed the whole experience. Hope to visit again."

Tom Baker

Singer Silver Plus - 12th January 2013

"My expereince was very good. I would recommend this to all interested. The staff were polite and crazy at times - I had great fun and so would everyone else. If you're a singing fan then give it a go - good or not, confident or shy - you're welcome!"

Sasha Luboff

Pop Star Party Diamond - 12th January 2013

"Really fun - A brilliant experience, clear instructions and welcoming team."

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