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Ian Thomas

Singer Gold - 10th April 2012

"Absolutely brilliant, one of the best and most fun days of my life! Very scary to start with but Dale really made me feel comfortable and really impressed with his professionalism! "

Sasha - Louise Merkell

Singer Silver - 10th April 2012

"Best experience of my life, hope to come back soon. Would definitely recommend to other people."

Meghan and Mickey

Singer Silver - 10th April 2012

"Very good experience. Dale was very polite, patient and he obviously knew what he was doing - we were in good hands! It was really fun to do.Also made us sound a lot better than we are! Thank you, would definitely pay to do again."

Louise Hall

Singer Gold Plus - 9th April 2012

"I had a very good day and enjoyed my recording experience. The producer was very friendly, helpful and put me at ease. I am very please with how my songs turned out."

Georgia Anderson

Singer Silver - 8th April 2012

"I have previously been to Gift Daze for a recording experience. This time was just as fun as the first and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. A really enjoyable experience."

Emma Reeves

Singer Gold Plus - 7th April 2012

"I really enjoyed the experience, it was professional but relaxed and I had a great time! A fantastic birthday gift!"

Sophie Bowley

Singer Silver - 6th April 2012

"I was really nervous before I started and didn't really want to do it but everyone made me feel very at ease and relaxed and I actually quite enjoyed the experience - Thank you!"

Megan and Bronwyn

Singer Silver Plus - 5th April 2012

"We really enjoyed the experience and felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time. We will try to come again, thanks!"

Lucie Andrews

Singer Silver - 5th April 2012

"I love coming here, this is my 4th time - I think the experience is amazing and I would recommend it to all of my friends. From start to finish it was just great!"

Alice Eamey

Singer Silver Plus - 5th April 2012

"I was very nervous at the start but as I relaxed I began to really enjoy myself. It was a great experience!"

Eugenia Carter

Songwriter Silver - 5th April 2012

"Amazing experience. My song turned out much better than expected. Dale is very professional and knows what he is doing. Thank you very much."

Graihagh and Pippa

Singer Gold - 4th April 2012

"Was a brilliant and fun experience. Would definitely consider coming again."

Gabi Kat Lawton

Singer Silver - 3rd April 2012

"My experience at Gift Daze was great fun! I was nervous at the start but gradually I became more confident. At the end I was really happy with what I accomplished and I want to show it off to all my friends and family."

Jenifer Williams

Singer Emerald - 2nd April 2012

"Really enjoyed myself, brilliant experience. Tuition was great. Highly recommend."

Ioanna Montana

Singer Silver Plus - 1st April 2012

"Great experience - really enjoyed it, thanks!"

Nina Weatherley

Singer Platinum - 1st April 2012

"I was made to feel very at ease from the start, the whole experience was very enjoyable. Having never done anything like this before, I would strongly recommend if you have an opportunity to have your voice recorded, that you do - the studio was great. Thank you very much for a most memorable 40th birthday treat."

Steve Masters

Player Diamond - 31st March 2012

"What a fantastic day! Apart from being super professional, we all had loads of fun! We were in good hands with Dale. who made us feel at ease and made it an overall pleasurable experience. We will be back!"

Stacey Salter

Player Platinum - 29th March 2012

"I had a lovely day and Dale made me feel very comfortable! Like his input and creativity on my first song!"

Laura Malpass

Singer Platinum - 29th March 2012

"Extremely professional and friendly - highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to try the pop-star experience."

Padmanabhan Venkatraman

Singer Gold - 28th March 2012

"This was just a stunning experience. Dale was amazingly patient (still not had his lunch!) he is so skilful with his sound sharpening, made even my humble voice sound like a pro. 10 out of 10!! Doing this again soon!"

Milly McCarron

Player Gold - 25th March 2012

"This was a new experience for me and I found it really fun. It was to me to see what it's like being in a recording studio."

Barry Hollamby

Singer Silver Plus - 19th March 2012

"Great experience, will definitely do it again soon, very helpful staff help put me at ease and help me sing each song as best as possible. Thank you."

Stan and Laura Chishsand

Singer Silver Plus - 19th March 2012

"Very enjoyable and helpful sound engineer made our experience one to remember."

Ashley Kilgas

Singer Silver Plus - 17th March 2012

"Really enjoyed the experience. Dale was really welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a go at laying down a track or two!"

Nalan Naidoo

Player Platinum - 16th March 2012

"This was one of the most amazing and enjoyable experiences of my life and made my birthday extra special. Dale was absolutely friendly, yet truly professional, helped me build up my confidence and truly enjoy my recording session. Thank you Gift Daze for an unforgettable experience. You rock!!"

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