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Delphine Delacrix

Singer Gold Plus - 15th December 2012

"We had a great time, thank you so much for making us feel so at ease and sound so good. We will definitely be back!"

Rebecca Briggs

Singer Silver Plus - 14th December 2012

"A fun and exciting experience which I would love to do again! The end result sounds really good and I just had a great time!"

Zee Webb

Singer Silver - 12th December 2012

"Great fun. I found it strange to listen to the songs beings played back, brilliant experience. Will definitely do it again if my voice will allot it!"

Paul Blundell

Songwriter Gold - 10th December 2012

"Thank you for another inspiring session. Although a bit of reworking a previous recording, Dale's skills have helped take things to a different level."

Notes and Laces

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th December 2012

"Great fun for our party of girls from the start! Very helpful and friendly. Great set - up. It was a great experience and it was great fun! I had so much fun! Really enjoyed it! Best parttttttyyyyy ever!! Great fun and good experience. Amazing, loved it so much, made us feel like proper stars! Thank you so much for making this possible!"

Rikki Flora

Singer Gold Plus - 8th December 2012

"An amazing experience. Loved every minute."

Rachel Mazza

Singer Platinum - 7th December 2012

"I had a wonderful time. Would come back again and again. This was my second time and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. Thank you so much."

Lorraine and Gus

Singer Gold Plus - 7th December 2012

"This was the first time we had sung and recorded together, as always we were made to feel so at home and at ease! Dale was brilliant and made our 'Christmas Album' sound great. Lets just hope our families like their xmas present as much as we enjoyed making it for them! We'll be back!"

Alison Jelley

Singer Silver - 7th December 2012

"In a nutshell - I had so much fun! I arrived very nervous but was soon put at ease and while the nerves were heard you're wonderful tweaking sorted that out! Thanks for the experience!"

Lin and Clare

Singer Silver Plus - 4th December 2012

"This was bought as a present for us and we delayed booking as we were very apprehensive. Neither of us are 'singers' so were quite nervous but Dale was a star and made our experience very enjoyable and did a great job finding the best bits of a tone deaf performance! Glad we did it now!"

Lily Aldrich

Player Silver - 3rd December 2012

"A totally enjoyable experience from which I have gained a lot from. Would happily return in the near future."

The Collins Family

Singer Silver Plus - 1st December 2012

"A great experience, would recommend this to all levels of ability. Really welcoming and helpful staff who assist you when needed. So glad I did this, thank you."

Jolene Kiddle

Pop Star Party Gold - 30th November 2012

"Girls had a fantastic time. Thank you, comment from the girls 'Best Party Ever!'"

Demi-Jo Smith

Singer Gold - 30th November 2012

"Had a brilliant time in the studio. Nice people and calm. Enjoyed having multiple songs to sing and the final disc is amazing! I would definitely recommend to others and return in the near future!"

Anya Victoria Sinclair

Singer Silver - 29th November 2012

"It was a very good experience, they made me feel very comfortable."

Moshe Forte

Player Diamond - 26th November 2012

"Had a fantastic experience, big thank you to Dale for his efforts. Will no doubt visit again soon."

Glitter Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 25th November 2012

"Olivia “Great fun it was probably the best party” Alysia “Amazing! Cool for a party and great fun” Jessica “It was awesome singing! - great fun!” Amy “Best party we have ever been to!!!”"

Sisi & the Sisettes

Pop Star Party Gold - 24th November 2012

"My friends and I had the time of our lives - an experience of a lifetime! The final piece sounds AMAZING! Paul was really friendly and welcoming."

Laura Witham

Pop Star Party Emerald - 24th November 2012

"Great fun! Did not know what to expect and was really nervous but this experience made me very confident! Everyone should try!"

The Dragonfly Divas

Pop Star Party Platinum - 24th November 2012

"I really enjoyed the party. It was amazing! We're going to play it at school."


Singer Silver Plus - 24th November 2012

"Very good! Going to listen to it straight away in the car home!"

The Sugar Pukes

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd November 2012

"I had a lovely time with all my friends, and we had loads of fun :)"

David Pope

Player Platinum - 22nd November 2012

"Really enjoyable afternoon. I recorded 5 songs which exceeded my expectations. Very friendly and supportive help - made me feel very comfortable and relaxed so I could perform. The end result is fantastic. I highly recommend the experience."


Singer Diamond - 15th November 2012

"I don't sing for fun and I was very scared but Dale was very easy to sing in front of and helped me through my nerves. Watching the production of the CD was also amazing, interesting for those who are just watching and not singing. High recommendations."

Lauren Cook

Singer Diamond - 13th November 2012

"I had a fantastic day with lots of encouragement and I enjoyed every second!"

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