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Paige Hackworth

Singer Silver - 24th January 2013

"Firth time here and once again throughly enjoyed it. Always made to feel so welcome and the CD's are always such a high standard. Will be back for sure!"

Gummy Bears

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"Great fun and a lovely experience for the girls who really enjoyed playing 'pop stars' for the day!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"Had lots of fun, so fun and funny. It was the greatest experience ever!"

Louisa Grinyer

Pop Star Party Platinum - 19th January 2013

"It was so much fun! I love singing and enjoyed this very much! It is really worth it, plus it is good to hear yourself singing! "

Brooke Hair

Singer Gold - 15th January 2013

"As it was my first time in a recording studio it was quite nerve racking! But soon I got into it and I enjoyed every minute."

Nathalie Halfpenny

Singer Silver - 14th January 2013

"Absolutely loved it, I love singing so when I got this for a christmas present I was very happy! Can't wait to come back!"

Isabella James

Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th January 2013

"Isabella (7th birthday party) said her party was 'awesome'. The twenty children absolutely loved performing their song and listening to each other. James was fantastic. A great party experience. Thank you."


Singer Emerald - 13th January 2013

"Very fun, I wish there was more time so I can be in the studio more! Very fun!"

Francesca Michael

Singer Gold Plus - 12th January 2013

"Very relaxed and was made to feel comfortable. Enjoyed the whole experience. Hope to visit again."

Tom Baker

Singer Silver Plus - 12th January 2013

"My expereince was very good. I would recommend this to all interested. The staff were polite and crazy at times - I had great fun and so would everyone else. If you're a singing fan then give it a go - good or not, confident or shy - you're welcome!"

Sasha Luboff

Pop Star Party Diamond - 12th January 2013

"Really fun - A brilliant experience, clear instructions and welcoming team."

Kristy Smith

Singer Gold - 12th January 2013

"Brilliant experience, loved every second. Will be coming again."

Gary and Joanne

Singer Platinum - 11th January 2013

"2nd visit here and great to work with Dale again and also the new addition James. Sung with my daughter and we both had a great afternoon. The guys are very helpful and make you feel relaxed. Would return for another session. Many thanks again, 10/10."

Kevin Blyde

Singer Platinum - 11th January 2013

"Very enjoyable - will be back."

Frank Sharvill

Player Gold - 8th January 2013

"Perfect. Made to feel at ease from the start. Really patient and sympathetic engineer (Dale). Wonderful experience. Thank you. P.S. First time public performance!"

Laura and Helen

Singer Gold - 7th January 2013

"A worthwhile experience - terrifying and amazing at the same time!"

Danny Aiano

Singer Gold Plus - 6th January 2013

"2013 has started well for Paul as I have returned to continue my love affair with Gift Daze. Another amazing experience made even better by the big man himself. Thank you kindly & hope to be back next month to destroy a few more songs. God bless!"

Girl Factor

Pop Star Party Platinum - 6th January 2013

"It's a good opportunity to sing. It's awesome, fun and so cool!"

The Scary Six

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th January 2013

"Very fun and enjoyable afternoon - Thank You! Also special thanks for coming to our rescue with the song sheets. Forget a children's party, bring on the adult one!"

Lily Pads

Pop Star Party Silver - 5th January 2013

"What a fantastic party. My little girl and her friends lived the dream!"

The Crazy Cookies

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th January 2013

"It was really good fun and helped people have more confidence in their singing. It was a great birthday party, so much fun!"

Emma Evans

Pop Star Party Diamond - 4th January 2013

"Very well organised and detailed information pack ahead of actual party date. The actual experience has been brilliant. Dale was excellent and explained what was happening and put the girls at ease. All the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the CD's & DVD are brilliant for party bags. Definitely strongly recommend."

Katie Hounsham

Singer Silver Plus - 4th January 2013

"I had a really great time, so much more relaxed than I thought it would be, it was like singing on my own in my bedroom. A brilliant experience, could do it all day long!"

Evie and Nicola

Singer Silver - 29th December 2012

"We had a fabulous time - thank you!"

Jennifer Martin and Sophia Cook

Singer Silver - 29th December 2012

"Absolutely brilliant - unforgettable, thank you. All the way from Sydney and it was worth it. A highlight of our trip and a fabulous 10th birthday experience."

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