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Pick 'n' Mix

Pop Star Party Platinum - 10th November 2012

"Great fun, all girls had a fantastic time. Amazing improvement from 1st attempt to final take! Girls didn't know they were being record on a Video DVD too - made for interesting watching afterwards!!"

Little Muffins

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th November 2012

"I love the party, I really want to do it again, best party ever! It was soooooo(x10,000) fun! I would definitely recommend this party 10/10. I really, really enjoyed it, I would love to do it again! They all had a fantastic time! Thank you Dale!"

Under The Hat

Band Platinum - 9th November 2012

"Very professional all round and Dale was good company as well as a great producer. Would definitely recommend to other bands looking for a quality demo!"

Kay Luker

Singer Silver - 3rd November 2012

"Very quiet area, very welcoming. Exciting experience and a lot of fun to see what my voice was like autotuned too! Great experience!"

Rachel Dalboth

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2012

"I come here every year to record a CD and always enjoy it immensely. It's a real confidence booster and a safe environment in which to sing my heart out!"

Chloe Powell

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd November 2012

"I was so nervous at the beginning but my nerves soon went and I felt like a star. It was AMAZING!"

Luca and Issey

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd November 2012

"It was fun and awesome. If we could come again we would. Even though we got thirsty it was amazing!"

Laura and Ella

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd November 2012

"The girls had a fantastic time, we hope to repeat the experience soon. Thank you."

Loveday, Jasmine and Sarah

Pop Star Party Silver - 1st November 2012

"We all really enjoyed it. James was a superstar! Epic - thank you - fantastic expereince - would recommend it to anyone!"

Steph Tamkin

Singer Platinum - 1st November 2012

"This experience was amazing. It was very fun and I enjoyed every bit of it! The only bad thing was now my mum wants to do a duet... It was really fun and a memorable time. Paul and Dale were friendly and professional!"

Alistair Hall

Player Silver - 30th October 2012

"Enjoyed it, learned a lot. Should have done better - Nerves!"

Tori Wheatley

Singer Silver - 30th October 2012

"Loved it! So much fun and would happily do it again!"

Jessica Lauren

Songwriter Platinum - 30th October 2012

"It was a really good experience. I had a fantastic day and my song turned out better than I could have ever imagined! "

Ellie Leeks

Singer Gold - 29th October 2012

"It was really good, 5 stars! I felt like a popstar for the day!"

Phoebe Kelleher

Singer Silver Plus - 29th October 2012

"I got this experience for my birthday, I was very nervous but after my first run through Dale made me feel at ease and a lot confident! It was an amazing experience and such good fun! I would definitely come again!"

George Bailey

Singer Platinum - 27th October 2012

"Excellent facilities and equipment. Supportive staff."

Georgina Robey

Singer Silver Plus - 25th October 2012

"A great experience, great fun and nice people."

Hannah and Emily Mason

Singer Gold - 25th October 2012

"Thank you very much, we had a good day and our songs sound really great."

Mike Well

Singer Silver - 25th October 2012

"Excellent experience, they fitted me in at very short notice in time for a wedding and sorted me out brilliantly! Plus they made me sound ok ever though I'm not great!"

Harriot Hommers

Singer Gold - 24th October 2012

"I had a wonderful time, it took a while for me to get into it, but I had a lot of fun. I felt at ease."

Jim and Diana Murray

Player Gold - 23rd October 2012

"Great fun and nerve wracking. Dale was great."

Dolly Mixture

Pop Star Party Silver - 20th October 2012

"Fantastic experience!! It was so much fun (best party ever) amazing and brilliant! (Great spotlight :) It was a very good experience I really enjoyed it here! xxx! Think it was the best party ever and I felt like a real pop star (Marnie)."

Ola' Oni

Singer Silver Plus - 20th October 2012

"Great Experience! Loved every minute of it. I got my groove on LOL!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 13th October 2012

"Exceptional time, very professional. It was fun! They would recommend to their friends and would love to come again. Thought the producer was really good!"

One Wanted

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th October 2012

"Absolutely brilliant! The kids were in their element and so were we just watching it. Great experience all round, can't wait to watch the DVD."

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