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Jake Dealtry

Singer Silver Plus - 26th February 2012

"After being nervous at first I settled in and the finished product was much better than I expected."

Simone Barton

Singer Gold - 25th February 2012

"Arrived quite nervous but Paul made me feel very at ease. A great experience and lots of fun - my husband + 2 daughters were made to feel so welcome. I'm sure my girls were very jealous! Thank You!"

Georgie Welford

Singer Gold Plus - 24th February 2012

"I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time here, for the fourth time! Thank you very much, next time (?) I will try and choose songs more in a key I can reach!"

Karen and Brendan

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd February 2012

"We both had a thoroughly enjoyable time from start to finish and would definitely like to repeat the experience. We would recommend this studio and the staff involved without hesitation."

Elana Kathryn Waite

Singer Gold Plus - 21st February 2012

"I enjoyed this experience because the staff were friendly and my confidence grew. This was my second time so I knew what to expect. Saving up to come again."

Claire Ayres-Maclean

Singer Diamond - 20th February 2012

"Dale was fantastic, made me feel really relaxed. Love the time spent in the studio. It's nice to feel welcome by a friendly face. I will be back. Thank you Gift Daze."

Gema Shaw

Singer Gold - 18th February 2012

"Was a really good and fun experience. Dale was really nice and made me feel comfortable. Thank you, I would definitely come back."

Dan Chapman

Singer Silver - 18th February 2012

"Had an amazing time, thank you. Hopefully do it again."

Corey Plant

Songwriter Platinum - 17th February 2012

"Very enjoyable, Dale was great. Amazing to see your work take shape, Dale very professional, helpful and provided enough detail to succeed at creating a good CD."

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Platinum - 16th February 2012

"I first cam to Gift Daze when I was 12. I'm now 18 and I still love it! It's such a fun way to spend the day if you love singing. I have no intention of stopping coming here any time soon :)"

Georgina Rose Brame

Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2012

"I had fun recording for the first time and enjoyed watching how they edit and mix my songs. I definitely want to do this experience again."

Annie & Hannah

Singer Gold Plus - 16th February 2012

"Amazing experience we had so much fun - we did not feel at all embarrassed. Paul and his staff were very helpful. Thanks from Hannah and Annie."

Alex and Chloe

Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2012

"Great experience."

Scarlett Dorman

Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2012

"I was very pleased with my recorded piece. I had fun and my producer was very friendly and said that I was doing well."

Shauna Sutton

Singer Silver Plus - 15th February 2012

"This was the second time I've been here, the person who took the session was very nice. It's a great experience and fun to have songs recorded onto a CD."

Gill Smallcombe

Singer Silver - 15th February 2012

"Once the nerves had gone I really enjoyed it, makes you realize how good the professionals are!"

Jess Rawle

Singer Gold - 15th February 2012

"Fantastic experience, Dale made me feel totally relaxed and made the songs sound as good as they could. Really enjoyable, totally enjoyed every minute and would recommend to anyone."

Harrison Evans

Player Silver - 14th February 2012

"Loads of fun, music turned out well in the end and the staff are welcoming. A very enjoyable experience."

Denise Bradbery

Singer Emerald - 14th February 2012

"Wonderful experience and great fun. Very professional set up and great expertise to help get a great sound."

Joe McDonagh

Player Gold - 13th February 2012

"A very enjoyable experience, I would advise others to take the trip to Gift daze for a true Rock and Roll session. This was a lovely 21st surprise from my big sis."

Zoe McGorry

Singer Silver - 13th February 2012

"Great experience and the producer put me at ease. Friendly and knew how to make me sound great."

Charlie Haffenden

Singer Silver - 12th February 2012

"It was very interesting for my first recording experience, I had lots of fun."

Paige Hackworth

Singer Gold - 12th February 2012

"Loved every minute of it. This is my second time here and I would gladly come back again. The staff are so welcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience."

Dinara, Natasha, nadya and Julie

Hen Party Platinum - 4th February 2012

"Thank you so much, awesome experience. We've had lots of fun."

Megan and Grace

Singer Gold Plus - 4th February 2012

"Grace - It was an amazing experience, it was great fun and I would definitely do it again. Megan - Had an amazing experience, had loads of fun, so glad I came."

Page 57
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