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Annabelle Petitt

Singer Silver - 9th December 2011

"I loved it, it felt professional and really gave you the true experience. I'd love to come again because it's a lot of fun and the results are amazing."

Ian Martin

Singer Diamond - 9th December 2011

"Started on time and made to feel very comfortable. Nothing was too much trouble and extra takes were welcomed. Dale showed me and my guest how the equipment worked. A good time was had by all."


Singer Gold - 8th December 2011

"Dale did the best he could with a singing style deficient of talent. Thanks very much for an interesting afternoon."

Jessica Webb

Singer Platinum - 7th December 2011

"Thank you once again. 3rd time back and I'm sure it won't be the last."

Martin Menehan

Singer Silver - 7th December 2011

"A very enjoyable experience. A lot better than I envisaged, very professional and unique if you don't know what to expect. Would recommend."

Hope Maynard

Singer Silver Plus - 4th December 2011

"Really fun, interesting and a great experience for a birthday gift."

Gail and Bonnie

Singer Diamond - 1st December 2011

"We had such a great day. Dale was great and very encouraging. I now have something to cherish and a great present for my friends and family. Most of all a great memory. Thank you Dale"

Hannah and Laura

Singer Silver - 30th November 2011

"It was a great experience, not sure about our singing though! Very enjoyable and fun to pretend you're real popstars! It's cool to see how the whole system works with the cutting and how the microphones sound. Hope to come back soon!"

Charlotte McCarthy

Singer Silver Plus - 30th November 2011

"Absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable, I shall be back for a third time!"

Hannah and Adrian

Singer Gold Plus - 30th November 2011

"Great facility! We had a fun time together - thank you Dale."

Peter Quirk

Player Gold - 29th November 2011

"My first time in a recording studio, brilliant experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and would highly recommend it to any other budding musicians. Very professional, I was in expert hands thanks to Dale. I'll be back!"

Colleen Rawlings

Singer Silver Plus - 27th November 2011

"Really fun experience. The engineer Dale, was brilliant and professional. Thank you and I will be back. Best, Colleen."

Hayley and Lily Winter

Singer Gold Plus - 27th November 2011

"I thought it was excellent and I really enjoyed it. Thank you! Lily Very enjoyable, loved every minute of it! Hayley"

Jake Cuncerr

Singer Gold Plus - 26th November 2011

"This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I will definitely be back. It was loads of fun and I feel that I made some really good music and improved as a singer. Also Dale was extremely helpful and made entire experience easy and care-free."

Graham and Mollie

Singer Gold - 23rd November 2011

"We had a wonderful time and a fantastic experience, with friendly service. We will certainly be coming back again! Thank you very much!"

Rhys Wood

Singer Gold - 22nd November 2011

"I have been here three times and out of three time being here I've really enjoyed it and it is a good experience."


Singer Silver Plus - 22nd November 2011

"Crackin' experience, highly recommended for anyone that wants to experience a top recording studio."

Steven O'Regan

Singer Silver Plus - 21st November 2011

"I thought this was a really great experience. I would recommend this to everyone that likes to sing and they are friendly, helpful and professional."

Samuel Johnson

Singer Gold - 21st November 2011

"It was fabulous, Dale was very patient with my criticisms of my own voice. Highly recommended."

Beth Slatter

Singer Silver - 20th November 2011

"Great experience, sounded amazing after being mixed! I would do it again!"

Vicky Lowe

Singer Gold - 17th November 2011

"Had a really great time, I was pretty nervous before I went but it wasn't half as scary as I thought it would be. Would definitely do it again."

Pip Johnson

Singer Silver - 14th November 2011

"I felt very relaxed and comfortable. It was great to hear myself played back, singing my favourite songs! If only I could tweak little flat notes when I'm singing live! Thank you very much! :)"

Rhys Wood

Singer Gold - 14th November 2011

"I really enjoyed doing it and it's a good experience to see how good your voice is. I will come back to do some more songs."

Neal Davis

Singer Silver - 14th November 2011

"Awesome fun. Understanding helpful staff and a good cuppa tea!"

Rachel Chatfield

Singer Platinum - 11th November 2011

"It was an amazing experience and good to hear my own voice back. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to sing."

Page 59
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