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Zac Tye

Singer Silver Plus - 16th August 2012

"I had never done anything of the sort before but I am definitely looking forward to the next time I'm here."


Singer Silver Plus - 14th August 2012

"It was a really fun experience and the producer was very welcoming so I didn't feel nervous at all!"


Singer Gold Plus - 14th August 2012

"Awesome! This is my third experience and I'm still loving every minute! Thanks Dale!"


Singer Gold Plus - 14th August 2012

"Absolutely amazing! This is my first time and I am really wanting to come again sometime. Thanks Dale!"


Singer Gold Plus - 13th August 2012

"Excellent, present from my better half. Really felt at ease, really well looked after. Great experience would definitely recommend to friends and family."

Natalie and Louise

Singer Silver - 11th August 2012

"Great fun, we didn't sound half as bad as we thought we would. Can't wait to see the video and relive it all over again. Thanks for a fun time!"

Sarah and Emma

Singer Gold - 11th August 2012

"Sarah - Really enjoyed the session, really pleased with the results. Great gift idea and will definitely be telling people! Emma - It was enjoyable because you get to hear yourself and learn more about singing!"

Kate Gilbert

Singer Platinum - 10th August 2012

"Amazing. The staff make you feel relaxed and gave you choices on what you preferred. Fantastic experience."

Louise Garner

Singer Gold Plus - 9th August 2012

"Really nice staff - make you feel at ease. Good range of music."

Caitlin Harris

Singer Gold - 9th August 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found Dale really encouraging, I was able to relax and sing properly. It's an experience I won't forget. Thank you."

Theresa and Kieran

Band Platinum - 8th August 2012

"We have had a really great time, Dale was brilliant - with the set up, the production, the inspiration and input into our music. It was so brilliant to have rehearsed all our songs 'Raw' and then to hear everything growing and coming together to the final product with are sooooo happy with! Thank you."

Samantha Linnell

Singer Gold - 7th August 2012

"I loved every minute of it, it was a very exciting experience and I would definitely do it again. Also the sound engineer was extremely helpful and positive throughout the experience."

Claudia and Charlotte

Singer Gold Plus - 6th August 2012

"Very good, had good fun!"

Connie Lodwick

Singer Silver - 6th August 2012

"I really enjoyed my experience, this is my second time here and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be coming back."

Zoe and Sam

Singer Silver Plus - 4th August 2012

"Loved it! Would definitely do it again. We were put at ease and forgot our nerves. Thank you."

Hollie Gregg

Singer Gold - 4th August 2012

"I really enjoyed the recording. I particularly enjoyed watching the mixing and how you can make the track sound better."

Elizabeth Lloyd - Hitt

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2012

"I was so nervous (as well as excited!) about my experience, but I was put at ease straight away and had a brilliant time. I'm so pleased I got the opportunity (courtesy of a very generous present from my sis and bro - law) as it's not something I would've thought of otherwise. Loads of fun!"

Harvey Nicholson

Singer Silver - 3rd August 2012

"It was amazing."

Avtar Singh

Songwriter Silver - 3rd August 2012

"Absolutely brilliant experience. Dale was professional, patient and encouraging. His musical talents stunned us and his positivity was both refreshing and comforting. Thanks for a great experience!"

Olivia Williams

Singer Gold - 1st August 2012

"My experience was phenomenal, I loved every second of it. I felt confident as this is the second time I have been here. It was great and amazing. I'll definitely be back for this brilliant experience again."

Emma Grounsell

Singer Silver - 28th July 2012

"Really great experience, fun and couldn't stop smiling. very enjoyable to act like a star for a day and great results, very flashy equipment!"

Bethany Davies

Singer Silver Plus - 28th July 2012

"I had so much fun. I felt like a famous singer. The staff were really polite and friendly."

Charlie Thomas

Player Platinum - 28th July 2012

"I had a really good time, it was a great experience and I highly recommend coming here. The staff are very kind and always willing to help."

Lauren Payne

Singer Silver Plus - 26th July 2012

"Great fun and laid back atmosphere! Would love to have sung all day!"

Millie Powell and Maria Doney

Singer Silver Plus - 26th July 2012

"Millie - I really enjoyed the singing experience, Dale was really friendly and helpful. Although I was nervous at first I enjoyed listening to the result! Maria - It was really great. I'm really happy about the experience and the songs."

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