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Elizabeth Lloyd - Hitt

Singer Gold - 3rd August 2012

"I was so nervous (as well as excited!) about my experience, but I was put at ease straight away and had a brilliant time. I'm so pleased I got the opportunity (courtesy of a very generous present from my sis and bro - law) as it's not something I would've thought of otherwise. Loads of fun!"

Harvey Nicholson

Singer Silver - 3rd August 2012

"It was amazing."

Avtar Singh

Songwriter Silver - 3rd August 2012

"Absolutely brilliant experience. Dale was professional, patient and encouraging. His musical talents stunned us and his positivity was both refreshing and comforting. Thanks for a great experience!"

Olivia Williams

Singer Gold - 1st August 2012

"My experience was phenomenal, I loved every second of it. I felt confident as this is the second time I have been here. It was great and amazing. I'll definitely be back for this brilliant experience again."

Emma Grounsell

Singer Silver - 28th July 2012

"Really great experience, fun and couldn't stop smiling. very enjoyable to act like a star for a day and great results, very flashy equipment!"

Bethany Davies

Singer Silver Plus - 28th July 2012

"I had so much fun. I felt like a famous singer. The staff were really polite and friendly."

Charlie Thomas

Player Platinum - 28th July 2012

"I had a really good time, it was a great experience and I highly recommend coming here. The staff are very kind and always willing to help."

Lauren Payne

Singer Silver Plus - 26th July 2012

"Great fun and laid back atmosphere! Would love to have sung all day!"

Millie Powell and Maria Doney

Singer Silver Plus - 26th July 2012

"Millie - I really enjoyed the singing experience, Dale was really friendly and helpful. Although I was nervous at first I enjoyed listening to the result! Maria - It was really great. I'm really happy about the experience and the songs."

Kathleen, Shannon and Ryan

Singer Silver Plus - 25th July 2012

"Brilliant fun, hilarious antics, you really get into it. You'll be addicted by the time you've finished, stardom beckons! "

Keely Barnes

Singer Silver Plus - 24th July 2012

"It was a great experience, very fun and in a relaxed environment. Staff were friendly and helpful, they ensured the end result was one we were happy with."

Amber Enoch

Singer Gold - 23rd July 2012

"Such an amazing day! Will remember forever! Staff were kind and helpful. Equipment was great!"

Chris Walsh and Lynda Andrews

Player Platinum - 23rd July 2012

"Absolutely awesome experience, felt like stars for a day. Dale was excellent and helped us to make our 5 songs perfect. Will definitely be recommending to all of our friends. Great day, thanks Dale!"

Rachel Hogarth

Singer Gold - 23rd July 2012

"I thought the experience was really fun because I got to have my voice on a CD. It was a very welcoming place and I will hopefully come again for the third time. Thank you."

Nikita Newman

Singer Silver Plus - 14th July 2012

"Very pleased and happy with the results. Coming back soon! "

Pick n Mix

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th July 2012

"It was fun, really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again. I would recommend it. Fab Fab Fab!"

Gerogia & HASEEGKA

Singer Taster - 7th July 2012

"Came for my 13th Birthday, we all really enjoyed it and we found it quite funny hearing and watching us singing. Being in a studio was better than we thought! "

Greg and The Good Heavens

Stag Party Platinum - 7th July 2012

"Great fun."

Sussannah Culmer

Singer Diamond - 7th July 2012

"My third time here at the studio, same great experience with the same lovely cheeky faces. I am sure we will be back, can't seem to stay away!"

TGIF Girls

Pop Star Party Silver - 6th July 2012

"Great experience for 9 year old girls to 'let go' and have fun! Very well organised package."

Becca Sandler

Singer Gold - 6th July 2012

"It's been great fun, everyone was really helpful and I had an amazing afternoon. It was awesome, really would recommend it to anyone for a brill afternoon! Thank you."

The Lindors

Pop Star Party Platinum - 6th July 2012

"Excellent. Girls love it. All very easy and well organised."

Zoe Hill

Singer Gold - 1st July 2012

"I found my experience extremely enjoyable. At first I was nervous but then after my first song I relaxed. I would definitely come back!"

CoolKatz and PeppaMintz

Pop Star Party Emerald - 1st July 2012

"It was really fun and I have always wanted to hear all my friends sing and I finally got the experiencee. It makes you feel like a singer and I loved it because I got to experience my favourite job - Thank you! "

Kirsty and Jodie

Singer Platinum - 1st July 2012

"We thought out experience was really fun and enjoyable. We had a great time here, thank you for being so helpful."

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