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Ellie Kingdon

Singer Gold - 1st June 2011

"It was the best birthday present. I enjoyed it a lot and wouldn't have missed it for anything."

Sophie Binder

Singer Gold Plus - 1st June 2011

"Had a lot of fun - brilliant, helpful an welcoming staff - Just wish I'd chosen my songs better!"

Sharee Watson

Singer Gold Plus - 1st June 2011

"I felt nervous to begin with but after a few warm up takes I got into it! I was made to feel welcome and my producer Paul was really nice and funny. I would love to come back!"

Nicola Jayne

Singer Emerald - 1st June 2011

"A fantastic experience, after a nervous first take I was settled and produced a great CD. Staff are really friendly, would definitely recommend."

Connor Jones Feat. Sarah and Paige

Singer Gold Plus - 31st May 2011

"Very enjoyable, I would love to come again. My friends really enjoyed it too!"

Emma Stubbs

Singer Gold - 31st May 2011

"Really enjoyed the experience."

Jonathan Brennen

Singer Gold Plus - 31st May 2011

"I had a really good time, very professional and made to feel at home. Would definitely recommend."

Kerrie Waite

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2011

"Loved every moment! Great support and good to work with - would definitely recommend. Thank you."

The James Apps Band

Band Platinum - 28th May 2011

"Paul was very helpful throughout. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day."

Zoe Maxwell

Singer Gold - 21st May 2011

"This was a great experience for me and my friends, we had a great time recording and it was great hearing our voices on a CD."


Singer Gold Plus - 21st May 2011

"All I can say is 'Excellent', enjoyed every minute of it!! Thank you for your time and still, very much appreciated."

Gary Mills

Singer Silver Plus - 21st May 2011

"When I got to the studio I was very nervous but I was made to feel relaxed and enjoy my session. I was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much."

Rhiannon Mankellow

Singer Silver - 16th May 2011

"It was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much - I would like to do it again!"

Madeline Wilson and Ben Black (Nothing Yet)

Player Silver - 8th May 2011

"It was very good, lots of fun. Enjoyed this experience. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Staff were friendly and professional. IT WOZ GRATE! THANKS!"

Craig and Josh (WRK)

Singer Gold - 8th May 2011

"Craig - This was the best day ever of recording! It was SICK! Josh - I thought this was awesome!"

Dee Tormey

Singer Silver Plus - 8th May 2011

"Great experience. I know that I will always end up with a quality product."

Morgan Walby

Singer Silver Plus - 7th May 2011

"It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to have my own CD. I'm still smiling!"

Nicola Hibbard

Singer Silver Plus - 6th May 2011

"Dale was brilliant, made me feel at ease as I was really nervous. Fantastic experience. Would recommend anyone who like enjoys being a diva in their own bedroom! Plus, if Dale can work a miracle with me, he can you too!"


Singer Silver Plus - 6th May 2011

"A fantastic experience! To be given the chance to record a CD was wonderful. Dale was incredibly helpful and put me at ease. Thank you so much!"

Alex and Chantal Findlay

Songwriter Emerald - 4th May 2011

"Wonderful experience. Excellent technical guideance and assistance. Very comfortable and most enjoyable session under expert tuition. Many thanks for a wonderful day."

Linda and the Banchees

Hen Party Emerald - 30th April 2011

"OMG! We were bl**dy brilliant. Paul actually said we were the best he had ever heard!! I think he may have been telling porkies! Excellent fun. Would recommend to anyone. Lots of fun + Paul was absolutely brilliant. Do it everyone - do it! Thanks, The drunk and dis-orderly Banchees!! xxx"

Georgia Anderson

Singer Silver Plus - 30th April 2011

"It was a really fun and enjoyable experience that I would recommend for everyone."

Charlotte and Emily Allen

Singer Platinum - 30th April 2011

"I had an amazing time today and I definitely want to do it again. The people here were really nice and friendly."

Tony O'Keeffe

Singer Gold Plus - 28th April 2011

"'An absolute blast' wasn't really sure what to expect but was quickly made very comfortable by Dale and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I would definitely look to come back again."

Hollie Fulton

Player Gold - 28th April 2011

"It's been amazing! It's really enjoyable and I'd love to do it again. Thank you for such a great experience."

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