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CoolKatz and PeppaMintz

Pop Star Party Emerald - 1st July 2012

"It was really fun and I have always wanted to hear all my friends sing and I finally got the experiencee. It makes you feel like a singer and I loved it because I got to experience my favourite job - Thank you! "

Kirsty and Jodie

Singer Platinum - 1st July 2012

"We thought out experience was really fun and enjoyable. We had a great time here, thank you for being so helpful."

Sophie and Immie

Singer Silver - 30th June 2012

"It was awesome. I got to be with my BFF. Best birthday ever! - Sophie It was awesome! I would love to come back again! Immie"

Jodie Foot

Singer Gold Plus - 29th June 2012

"Very good experience, definitely recommend. Dale made me feel at ease and very comfortable, I would definitely come back again."

Fanny Carabias

Songwriter Silver - 29th June 2012

"I came because it was a prize of a competition (Europe's Got Talent). When I arrived with Debbie, Paul was very kind and we started straight away. I was a bit nervous but later on I got more self confident. I enjoyed it very much and I recommend it to everybody!"

Rahul Singhvi

Singer Gold - 29th June 2012

"Fantastic experience! Will be coming back in less than 3 months to do this again. The feeling of singing and being recorded is mind blowing. Must do experience in life because we only live once. Thank you very much."

Ellie, Vicky and Ben

Singer Platinum - 27th June 2012

"We have all had an absolutely fantastic experience!! From the moment we walked in we were all made to feel relaxed and welcome. The singing experience was very professional and the end result sounds amazing thanks to the very very talented Dale! A lot of fun and because of this, you will be seeing us in the future. Thank you very much!"

Hen Party

Hen Party Platinum - 23rd June 2012

"I Loved it!! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. I've had the best time. You were brill! :-) x"

Floria Ioannou

Singer Silver - 19th June 2012

"Felt comfortable singing knowing we didn't have to be perfect singers. Many thanks."

Maria Ioannou

Singer Silver - 19th June 2012

"Friendly place to visit, will come again."

Catherine Deans

Singer Silver Plus - 18th June 2012

"Oh my word! Just for today I was a professional singer! I was over the moon when I heard my CD and will now bore everyone stupid! I have a feeling I'll be back many, many times!"

Maisy Dunlop

Singer Silver Plus - 18th June 2012

"It was very good, I really enjoyed it. It was a great experience and a fun day. Dale was friendly and really easy to communicate with. Thank you all very much."

Lauren Page

Singer Gold - 14th June 2012

"Really good, thoroughly enjoyed it."

Josh Roots

Player Silver - 13th June 2012

"Really great experience, Dale was really helpful and knew exactly what he was doing. Thanks for a brilliant visit."

Harriet and Abbie

Singer Silver - 12th June 2012

"Harriet: I thought it was brilliant and Dale was very nice! Abbie: I have never done anything like it and absolutely loved it, I really want to come here again soon. Also Dale was really kind and helpful. We both loved the whole experience!"

Ella Gillett

Singer Silver - 9th June 2012

"I have never been to a recording studio before so it was an all new experience for me."

The Tutu's

Pop Star Party Gold - 8th June 2012

"What a fabulous party, in the girls' words 'Awesome!'"

The Glamour Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 8th June 2012

"Absolutely awesome! Best birthday party ever!"

Eryn Delaney

Singer Silver Plus - 6th June 2012

"I had a great time! It was much more fun than I thought and much easier too. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would love to come again."

Adam and Lauren

Player Gold - 6th June 2012

"We both enjoyed our experience at the studio. Dale was very friendly and efficient, he has a great ear for mixing and made the time relaxed and good fun. Definitely a great gift experience."

Paul Blundell

Songwriter Platinum - 1st June 2012

"This was the second time I have been to record a song. I thought that the first experience might have been difficult to surpass but my little extra knowledge and Dale's quite extraordinary musical and engineering skills created a truly memorable day. I simply look forward to my next visit. Thank you."

Dani and Callie

Singer Gold - 31st May 2012

"It was a brilliant experience, I would definitely do it again. I loved every bit of it. When it was mixed it sounded amazing."

Rosie - Ann Bleach

Singer Gold - 30th May 2012

"Today's experience has been excellent, Dale made me feel comfortable and confident. I've had a laugh and the main thing is that it was fun. I enjoyed myself. Thank you so much."

Aimee and Bhanya

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2012

"Aimee - Fun, enjoyed the time. Bhanya - Very good experience."

Kenneth Rokison

Singer Platinum - 29th May 2012

"A great 75th birthday present from my son and daughter in law. Quite a challenge for me but great fun. Much better than the dentist!"

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