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Charlotte June Philpott

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd February 2011

"I really enjoyed myself, it is definitely something I would do again. The people are supportive and very helpful. My confidence is boosted. I had a lot of fun and I am definitely going to recommend it to everyone I know."

Caitland Yates

Singer Silver - 22nd February 2011

"The best time ever!"

Relatively Friendly

Band Silver - 22nd February 2011

"Very enjoyable experience, Dale was very helpful and put us all at ease. We all had a brilliant day and cannot wait to do it again. The outcome was great. Thank you."

Emma Hulston

Singer Gold - 21st February 2011

"Amazing experience, absolutely loved it, great fun. Very professional and friendly. Thank so much."

Pete Ballard

Singer Gold - 21st February 2011

"Once nerves settled and first song was out the way it became really enjoyable. Great staff and set up."

Stewart Prentice

Singer Silver Plus - 21st February 2011

"Great fun, would really love to come back again and have another go! Fab studio! Thank you very much. Hope to get a christmas present like this again!"

Kristina Giraud

Singer Silver - 21st February 2011

"The experience was the best thing I've ever done in life, I am so happy and I am definitely going t come back again, it was so worth it! It's the best!"

Roy Webber & Andy Payne

Player Platinum - 21st February 2011

"Really enjoyed the day and recommend the experience."

Jemma Collins

Singer Silver - 21st February 2011

"I think it was great as I got to have a good time whilst being serious but mostly having a laugh."

Rebecca Briggs

Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2011

"It was really exciting and a great experience. I would love to come again."

Bob Silver

Singer Silver - 19th February 2011

"Bit nervous to start with but soon felt very relaxed due to Dale's help. Thoroughly enjoyable time. Thank you!"

Leigh Kyle

Singer Gold Plus - 19th February 2011

"I was so nervous before the session that I was silent on the train journey down (which made a change for my boyfirend!) and I was shaking like a leaf! But I had an amazing time and the producer was really encouraging and supportive which immediately put me at ease! I thoroughly recommend, thank you so much!"

Francesca Relf

Singer Silver - 19th February 2011

"It was a unique experience! I loved it! I will remember being a pop star for an hour forever! Thank you!"

Lucy and Yanexi

Singer Gold - 18th February 2011

"Our experience was very different and enjoyable, we would love to come back and do a different recording or more songs."

Carlton Baker and Jenni Bell

Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2011

"We had a fantastic time, what a great experience. Dale made us feel really relaxed and made our day really special, Thank you so much! Great customer service too!"

Lisa Wood

Singer Diamond - 15th February 2011

"Had a fantasic day, will definitely do this again. I bought a friend and was very happy with how welcoming everyone was. The green room is like a home from home, I even felt comfortable with my shoes off! I am incredibly happy with the results and would like to thank my music producer Dale for all his work and comments."


Band Silver - 13th February 2011

"'Amazed that we managed to record 8 songs in four hours that have come out such high quality. The DVD is a nice memento too'. 'A Great experience. Cannot believe we sounded that good. Superbly produced'. 'Very friendly producer. Managed to get a great sound out of us. Fantastic day!'"

Ellie Bronks

Singer Gold Plus - 13th February 2011

"My time here was amazing, I have fully enjoyed myself. Dale made my confidence sky high and was extremely helpful."

Kate Wragg

Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2011

"Fantastic experience, really made me feel comfortable as I was a nervous wreck! What a great birthday present! Thank you Gift Daze."

Sami Sofi

Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2011

"Had a really great experience. Was my first time and would definitely come back."

Katie Dinsmore

Singer Emerald - 12th February 2011

"Great fun, really friendly producer, great to have my friends with me for support. Thanks for making this special."

Sarah and Helen

Singer Gold - 11th February 2011

"Great time, put as ease, Dale was fab, lovely memorable 40th birthday present. Thank you."

Simon Koekemoer

Player Platinum - 11th February 2011

"A great day out, friendly and professional. Highly recommended, so give it a go!!"

Hannah Allen

Singer Silver - 5th February 2011

"Lots of fun - over quickly! Dale was lovely and helped me get over any nerves quickly."

Holly Pockett

Singer Gold - 4th February 2011

"I have had the most amazing time, I've wanted to do this for ages! The people here are so friendly and helpful. I honestly recommend this great experience. I'm defo coming back!"

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