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Naomi Carndorf

Singer Platinum - 10th March 2012

"Really exciting and great fun loved it, and would like to do it again."

Phil O'Connor

Player Platinum - 7th March 2012

"A great day. The guys did a great job at making me feel comfortable and adjusting the session to my ability."

Charly Haskell - Roche

Singer Gold Plus - 5th March 2012

"Good fun, freedom to do whatever songs you like compared to regular studio sessions. Will definitely come again!"

Anthony Jarvis

Singer Gold - 5th March 2012

"The best experience I've had with my clothes on!! Many thanks, You made a dream come true!"

E-Lectrik 2

Singer Gold - 3rd March 2012

"Erin - I really enjoyed it and even though we did it last year it was still fun and exciting. Gabby - It was really fun. Hope we do it again next year. Tara - I really enjoyed the experience and I liked working with Dale."

Sian Killick

Singer Gold - 3rd March 2012

"I had a great time! Although it was a bit scary I soon relaxed and just had fun!"

Tanis Hamilton - Everest

Singer Diamond - 2nd March 2012

"Such a great experience, both me and my family thoroughly enjoyed every moment. On top of that Dale was fantastic and so helpful. Thank you so, so much."

Beth Tamplin

Singer Gold Plus - 1st March 2012

"Not enjoyed anything like this is in a long time! Worthwhile experience."

Chloe and Rachael

Singer Silver Plus - 1st March 2012

"It was amazing. We had so much fun, it was a great experience. We would love to do it again. It was awesome."

Vanessa Hardcastle

Singer Platinum - 1st March 2012

"Puts you at ease, had a great time, would recommend to anyone. Lots of fun and pleased with the result."

Kerrie Flavell

Singer Silver Plus - 29th February 2012

"Second time here and loved it just as much. Had the same producer as last time and really helped my nerves! Thank you very much!"

Pauline and Laura

Singer Gold - 29th February 2012

"Fabulous experience and worth every penny. Technician was a magician and made us feel really at ease, he was so professional and certainly knew his 'stuff'. We both loved the day and will be coming back."

Larry Wilkens

Singer Diamond - 28th February 2012

"Very different experience to singing in front an audience. Great experience. It maybe persuaded me to do more. Very professional."

Richard Clark

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2012

"It was a very enjoyable experience. Somewhat nervous but put at ease by Dale. Well worth doing again."

Laura Clacke and Sabrina Aziz

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2012

"Really fun. Dale made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely come back again."

Crazy Monkeyz

Pop Star Party Diamond - 26th February 2012

"Brilliant fun for all the girls and a great experience."

Jake Dealtry

Singer Silver Plus - 26th February 2012

"After being nervous at first I settled in and the finished product was much better than I expected."

Maia Hyland

Pop Star Party Gold - 26th February 2012

"Girls said 'best party ever!'. Maia loved her solo. They all had a great time and loved seeing the video back whilst they were eating."

Simone Barton

Singer Gold - 25th February 2012

"Arrived quite nervous but Paul made me feel very at ease. A great experience and lots of fun - my husband + 2 daughters were made to feel so welcome. I'm sure my girls were very jealous! Thank You!"

Mice Cream Saturdays

Pop Star Party Platinum - 25th February 2012

"It' so great making a CD. You get to come to a real recording studio and use headphones. It's so much fun - I want to come for my next birthday party!"

Georgie Welford

Singer Gold Plus - 24th February 2012

"I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time here, for the fourth time! Thank you very much, next time (?) I will try and choose songs more in a key I can reach!"

Karen and Brendan

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd February 2012

"We both had a thoroughly enjoyable time from start to finish and would definitely like to repeat the experience. We would recommend this studio and the staff involved without hesitation."

Elana Kathryn Waite

Singer Gold Plus - 21st February 2012

"I enjoyed this experience because the staff were friendly and my confidence grew. This was my second time so I knew what to expect. Saving up to come again."

Claire Ayres-Maclean

Singer Diamond - 20th February 2012

"Dale was fantastic, made me feel really relaxed. Love the time spent in the studio. It's nice to feel welcome by a friendly face. I will be back. Thank you Gift Daze."

Isobel Kelly

Pop Star Party Silver - 19th February 2012

"It was good and it made my nan, uncle and his girlfriend laugh throughout! (In a good way!)"

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