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Kimberley Brennan

Singer Silver - 26th January 2012

"I was dreading my singing experience but once I got here and all was explained and taken into the studio I started to relax. Once I started singing all my nerves disappeared and I was really enjoying it. I didn't want it to end as it was such fun. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Tracie Thomas

Singer Gold - 25th January 2012

"Enjoyed my experience! Second time I have been to the studio loved every minute!"

Pink Champagne

Pop Star Party Gold - 22nd January 2012

"The Experience of the recording made me feel like a real popstar!"

The Rebels

Pop Star Party Silver - 22nd January 2012

"It was really fun and amazing, cool and fantastic! Vox sound great. The CD looks amazing. It was magic!"

Pink With Attitude

Pop Star Party Gold - 21st January 2012

"Everyone said it was absolutely the best expereince ever! I was soooo proud when I heard my voice! I am so glad that I chose this party. We are going to be continuing Pink With Attitude because of Paul and this whole thing. If you want a reem party - come here!"

Alex James Adams

Singer Platinum - 16th January 2012

"A lot of fun. Made me feel very relaxed all the time. No pressure at all. Very happy with the results."

Sophie Lennon

Singer Silver Plus - 14th January 2012

"I loved my expereince here and I hope I can come back soon. I will never forget my experience here!"

Pink Pantherz

Pop Star Party Platinum - 7th January 2012

"It was a brilliant experience and made us feel like real pop stars. We loved going in a real recording studio! It was fascinating and extremely fun! Thank you soooooo much! We'll never forget it!"

Tasmin Wilson

Singer Silver Plus - 3rd January 2012

"This is my 3rd Gift Daze experience and I always love it! I felt really comfortable when singing even though I was nervous and from arrival I was totally relaxed and felt at ease as the session progressed. I was involved with the mixing of the songs to finalise the completed version. Thank you!"

Robert Briggs

Singer Gold - 3rd January 2012

"Loved all of it, found the whole experience well worthwhile, good ego boost for an old crooner. Dale was excellent in his help and advice, would definitely use Gift Daze again. Thanks, Rob."

Sara Lawson

Singer Emerald - 3rd January 2012

"This was my second visit and it was easily as brilliant as the first! The technical wizardry was amazing. I felt really proud of all my songs."

Keith Bradford

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd January 2012

"It was fantastic, would love to do it again. Dale was very patient."

Sadie West

Singer Silver Plus - 28th December 2011

"It was brilliant, I was nervous at first but when I got in there and sang my nervous dissappeared."

Johnathan Stackhouse

Singer Gold - 28th December 2011

"This was absolutely fantastic, I loved it from start to finish and I only wish I didn't have to go home! I would definitely recommend it to a friend."

Elysia Mehmet

Singer Silver Plus - 28th December 2011

"My 3rd time here, it's amazing. I want to come again."

Katrina Blundell

Singer Platinum - 22nd December 2011

"Enjoyed the whole experience very much. Dale made me feel at ease and encouraged me through a couple of tricky songs. His engineering skills were amazing to watch."

Ben and Jess

Singer Silver - 20th December 2011

"Kids had a great timne. Giftdaze can make anyone sound good!"

Grahame Danby

Singer Silver - 20th December 2011

"Friendly and efficient. Took time to get things 'right' I may be back!"

Lee Hammond

Singer Gold - 19th December 2011

"Thoroughly enjoyed, strange to hear myself but it weren't bad, my voice that is. Great place, easy to find, staff are friendly and offer good advice. Might come again with a friend for a duet."

Helen Roome

Singer Silver - 18th December 2011

"This is a great birthday present, although it's 6 months late for me! I felt like a popstar for a day! I'm getting the DVD. I think my dad is next!"

Daniel Latter

Singer Gold Plus - 17th December 2011

"Great day, fantastic staff and equipment."

Steve Bridger

Singer Gold - 16th December 2011

"Had a waicked time - thought I was on the X Factor! I was made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you."

Shelley Kelly

Singer Silver Plus - 16th December 2011

"I had a fantastic experience. A little nervous to begin with but that was gone very quickly!"

The Pretty Pixies

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th December 2011

"A great fun session - really unique experience. The girls loved it, Thank you!"

Olivia Williams

Singer Silver Plus - 12th December 2011

"I loved the experience that I had today, it was fun, enjoyable, great, cool and many more! I would definitely do it again."

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