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Megan and Lauren

Singer Silver - 25th August 2010

"We had a wonderful time and would recommend this to anyone."

Meg Adams

Singer Silver - 25th August 2010

"I was so nervous when I first started but I just started to ease into it and I really enjoyed myself and I would love to come back."

Michael Agar

Singer Gold - 25th August 2010

"It was good fun and really enjoyable."

Milly and Lucie

Singer Emerald - 24th August 2010

"It was fun and we really enjoyed our afternoon! Fantastic experience and we hope to come again soon."

Hannah Thomas

Player Platinum - 23rd August 2010

"This was the first time I've ever recorded my music in a studio and Dale helped me feel relaxed and took me through the process stage at a time. It's amazing to hear my songs finally as full tracks! It was really fun and exciting. I will definitely be back to record more songs. Thank you."

Alexandra Stewart

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd August 2010

"I found the singing experience great, even though my throat was not 100%, I still enjoyed it. Thanks for making me feel comfortable with singing and I managed to change one of the songs as I did not feel right singing another I tried. Best birthday present ever!"

Lara & Sasha

Singer Gold Plus - 21st August 2010

"It was an incredible experience because we got a chance to hear ourselves sing. It felt very professional to be in a studio and made us want to do it again."

Raymond Dutton

Singer Gold Plus - 21st August 2010

"Such an amazing experience. So professional, Paul made us feel very comfortable. We will be back. Thank you so much."

Holly Aldridge

Player Platinum - 20th August 2010

"It was brilliant and I enjoyed every second of it. It's made me want to continue with my music in the future. P.S. Paul is very talented :)"

The Thursdays

Singer Gold - 19th August 2010

"Amazing day, fun, groovy the best Birthday I have ever had - Fern. Great fun, good experience, lots of fun - Alex. Good fun, great time I will never forget! - Jae. Good experience, and a great time - Rachel. Had a brilliant day, great experience :) - Georgia. Thanks!"

Ian Lowe

Singer Gold Plus - 19th August 2010

"What a laugh! Great fun. It's amazing what silk purses can be made out of sow's ears!! Thanks for a great day."

Megan Lowe

Singer Gold Plus - 19th August 2010

"Really fun. This wasn't my first time here although I enjoyed it just as much! Duets with my dad were fun, as well as my solos. I would definitely recommend it to people who enjoy music. Brilliant experience! :)"

Sophie Ella

Singer Silver - 19th August 2010

"Very fun experience with welcoming and friendly people. Would do it again tomorrow! I enjoyed it very much. Was professional and I loved the outcome."

Steffan Ball

Singer Gold - 18th August 2010

"This was a present from my lovely wife as I take singstar and rockband for to seriously! I had an amazing time and am planning my next 3 tracks for a return visit. An absolutely superb day that was really professionally run to calm the nerves. Thank you!"

Genevieve Bishop

Singer Gold - 16th August 2010

"I really enjoyed myself. One of the best birthdays I've had. The staff were so welcoming and so supportive. An amazing experience."

Karen, Oliver, Emma

Singer Silver - 16th August 2010

"It was brillait fun and lovely to have something we can all keep. We would recommend to all families."

Emily Jehu

Singer Platinum - 14th August 2010

"I enjoyed the performance and I found that when I had three tries I had a chance to warm my voice several times before we did the mix."

Sandie and The Soul Sisters

Singer Gold - 14th August 2010

"Fantastic experience, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Great hospitality. Will recommend it to all of our friends. Dale was fabulous! Thank you very much."

Craig Palmer

Singer Diamond - 13th August 2010

"This was my second time at the studio and I had the same wonderful day. Many thanks to Dale and Paul. See you again soon!"

Jessie Hodgson

Singer Gold - 10th August 2010

"Great experience! Loved it, would love to do it again!"

Lauren Maire Gray

Singer Silver Plus - 9th August 2010

"Had a good time, very professional. Dale was very nice and helpful, give him a huge pay rise! Wahooo! Thank you!"

Ashleigh Bayton

Singer Silver Plus - 8th August 2010

"Really good fun, thought I would be nervous but I felt really comfortable."

Jon Eeles

Singer Silver - 7th August 2010

"Not knowing what to expect I really enjoyed my experience. The whole 'outfit' was very impressive and I would definitely consider coming again and trying to better my first attempt!"

Joe Hebben

Singer Silver Plus - 7th August 2010

"Absolutely fantastic experience the studios are incredible and the equipment used is mind blowing. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys singing and wants to have fun."

Neil Gold

Singer Gold Plus - 7th August 2010

"Apart from the traffic it was brilliant! Had a great time. See you at the o2 from the opening night!!"

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