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Nathaniel Jones Maurice

Singer Silver - 8th October 2011

"Nathaniel loved it. He loved listening to himself and is proud to see his photo on the CD."

Samuel Maurice Jones

Singer Silver - 8th October 2011

"It was fun while it lastes, although I hate my voice. But it was a brilliant experience and I would recommend it to a friend."

Keith and Diane Richardson

Singer Gold - 7th October 2011

"Great experience, great for the ego, pleasent surrounding, very friendly and welcoming. We'd highly recommend it for anybody."

Sophie Holden

Singer Gold - 7th October 2011

"Amazing! Lots of fun, felt really comfortable and at ease. Would recommend to anyone for a fun and exciting experience."

Keira Goulding

Singer Gold - 5th October 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed my singing experience. I thought Dale was amazing and is very good at what he does. I think he deserves praise! If I ever get anywhere with my singing or become famous I will be back here to record my album and I will recommend you to everyone."

Tiah Price

Singer Silver - 2nd October 2011

"At first it was really nerve racking but after the second take, I really enjoyed it and had loads of fun. I would recommend it to all my friends. I would love to come again!"

Gabriella Chlynina

Singer Silver Plus - 30th September 2011

"Very enjoyable first recording experience. Helpful staff and good facilites."

Paige Risby

Singer Platinum - 28th September 2011

"Something I have always wanted to do, really great experience in the recording studio. Got the best from my voice and had a really fun time. My boyfriend got the experience for me as a christmas present, it was the best present I could ever ask for."

Andrew Taylor

Singer Diamond - 27th September 2011

"Very enjoyable day, opened up my eyes to the whole recording experience. Hope to do it again someday."

Beth and Amber

Singer Silver Plus - 25th September 2011

"Very fun experience - sounded really good after being mixed. Outstanding equipment use in a talented way. Editing and mixing was cool, amazing!"

Amber and Ellie

Singer Silver - 25th September 2011

"I thought it was a brilliant and fantastic experience. I thought it was amazing, I felt like a popstar sensation."

Kayleigh Gardener

Singer Platinum - 25th September 2011

"A very enjoyable experience, I felt truly engaged and at ease throughout the session. The engineer was very helpful and professional. I now feel I have a better insight into the industry. Thank you."

Andy Pittman

Singer Silver - 22nd September 2011

"Welcoming and professional, for an hour I forgot I was a 36 year old finance manager and was really a recording artist. An amazing experience that I would definitely recommend."

Abigail King

Singer Gold - 22nd September 2011

"Very relaxed and welcoming, guiet and friendly atmosphere. Forth time here and it is still an amazing experience experience! Would recommend to any singers."

TK Watkins

Singer Emerald - 20th September 2011

"A fun, thorough, professional yet relaxed time which I would totally recommend to anyone who wants a singing/musical memory. Dale the producer helped to create a memorable experience that I will always remember and cherish. Can't wait to do it again!"

Sweet Dreams

Pop Star Party Platinum - 17th September 2011

"Totally fantasticlly excellent! It was really fun and easy to do and we sounded fab - much better than we thought we would!"

Mini Divas

Pop Star Party Platinum - 17th September 2011

"A fantastic experience for a group of 7 year old girls! If you are looking for a little gift, party with a difference, this is the best! The girls had a fantastic time and having their very own CD as a souvenir was a lovely momento. Dale was extremely patient with the girl - a great experience all round! (And relaxing for us in the green room!)"

Dane and Mike

Singer Gold - 16th September 2011

"A fantastic experience that my father and I enjoyed immensley. To see a song develop from start to finish was amazing and the technology involved shows how professional this experience is. One to remember and will definitely come again. Top day out."

Katrina Blundell

Singer Gold - 16th September 2011

"Was a really good experience, was fun. I was given alot of help and encouragement with every song. Left wishing I could have done more songs. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys music and singing. "

Susan Wiffen

Singer Silver - 16th September 2011

"I was very nervous to start with but I was made to feel really relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and was amazed at how the young man bought it all together to make a really lovely CD for me."

Georgia Feldhaus

Singer Platinum - 15th September 2011

"Very good fun, really enjoyed it! Definitely coming back!"

Daniella Lucy Foster

Singer Emerald - 14th September 2011

"I had a great day, Dale was very friendly and made me feel comfortable I had a lot of fun, would love to come again. The atmosphere is great and you feel very welcome."

The Violet Fringe

Pop Star Party Silver - 4th September 2011

"A good enjoyable afternoon all should have one in a lifetime. Had a great day and would come again."

Casey - Jay Cobby

Singer Silver - 4th September 2011

"Nervous at first but Dale helped us feel at ease, it was a great experience and I would love to come again. I'm also feeling more confident as they give you good tips/advice."


Pop Star Party Gold - 4th September 2011

"Amazing! Brilliant fun, best ever birthday treat!"

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