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Emma and Ayah

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2011

"It was amazing and we felt very comfortable when we sung! I will suggest this experience to other people!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 28th October 2011

"Really enjoyed the experience, would like to do it again, found it really fun and great experience to have."

Six Strings

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th October 2011

"Absolutely brilliant, our second visit. Will definitely recommend."


Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2011

"Brilliant experience, everyone is really friendly, had a lovely time! Thanks."

Harriet and Charlotte

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2011

"The experience was great fun, we both really enjoyed the session. Thank you."


Pop Star Party Silver - 27th October 2011

"Anna - Very good day! Beatrice - I think I should be at number one! Serena & Talia - Number 1 hit!"

William and Ellie

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2011

"Ellie - I really enjoyed singing and seeing it all being mixed was really great, thank you! William - It was a great day which I really enjoyed and definitely do again. Seeing it being mixed was really cool, thank you!"

Kate Simmons

Singer Silver Plus - 27th October 2011

"This is my second time at Gift Daze. Had a great time once again and Dale was brilliant! Recommend to anyone!"

Daniel Slade

Singer Gold Plus - 25th October 2011

"Exactly what I expected and more. Very friendly atmosphere, which meant I was able to relax and sing my best. I would definitely come again."

The Bennett Family

Band Silver - 25th October 2011

"Excellent, really good fun. Dale was extremely helpful. The children really enjoyed the experience. Made us feel really comfortable. Joelle (Aged 8) - I loved it, it was awesome! Josh (Aged 12) = It was really fun, Dale was really helpful and made us enjoy it more."

Megan and Jessie

Singer Silver - 24th October 2011

"This is about the fifth time we have been here and yet again it was amazing. We recorded our Christmas songs the company was amazing and everything was well organised. Yet again a great time would definitely come again!"

Megan and Angharad

Singer Gold - 24th October 2011

"Megan - I loved the singer gold experience becuase your voice sounds amazing, even if it isn't! I am definitely going to ask Father Christmas if I can have it for Christmas! Angharad - I felt like a pop star, I felt really good when I heard the CD."

Sally Clark

Singer Silver - 24th October 2011

"Nerve-racking to begin with but well worthwhile. A great gift and experience."

Mia and Lauren

Singer Silver Plus - 24th October 2011

"It was a great way to experience singing in a studio. We both really enjoyed the microphones and the way it was set out and the sound foam."

Tarnya West

Singer Silver - 24th October 2011

"I had a good time, great experience, I was looked after well. I had fun!"

Gemma Crow

Singer Gold - 23rd October 2011

"Had a great experience, would recommend to everyone! Want to come again!"

Steve Darby

Singer Platinum - 22nd October 2011

"My second time and again I enjoyed it very much."

Wendy and Gina

Singer Gold - 20th October 2011

"Wendy - It felt like I was a real popstar! Gina - I was nervous at first but I got into it. We will be recommending to all our friends."

Olivia Harris

Singer Gold - 20th October 2011

"I really enjoyed it and now I want to go in a recording studio more often. It was a great experience and I would definitely do it again."

Christos Christou

Player Silver - 19th October 2011

"The experience was very enjoyable and for an aspiring amateur guitarist this was perfect. Dale was very friendly and professional. I'll be recommending this to my musical friends."

Iain Marshall

Singer Gold - 19th October 2011

"Arrived fairly nervous. Put at ease by Dale. Thoroughly enjoyed singing would do it again at the drop of a hat but bring a supply of lager and record at 10pm!"

Abi J and The Gang

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th October 2011

"A great experience. Everyone had fun and loved it! Cool party!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 15th October 2011

"Epic! Loud! Immense! Hot! The 8 girls had a fantastic time. The producer was great and did some extra bits that we asked for."

The Diamond Girlz

Pop Star Party Gold - 15th October 2011

"We all had a great time and would love to do it again very soon. The Diamond Girlz had a great time and can not wait until we hear our CD and watch the DVD's."


Pop Star Party Platinum - 15th October 2011

"My daughter and her friends thoroughly enjoyed them selves. A fantastic experience. Thank you!"

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