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Rochelle Lynch

Singer Gold Plus - 24th August 2011

"I had an amazing afternoon in the studio, I felt nervous before I went in but the guys there made me feel so comfortable and I really enjoyed my time, it was a great experience and I would do it again!"

Kirsten McCormick

Singer Silver Plus - 24th August 2011

"The staff were all very lovely and book time to make you sound the absolute best, my mum and sister also felt welcome and thought the facilities were brilliant! Overall I had a lovely experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone that asked!"

Hannah Flynn

Singer Gold - 23rd August 2011

"It was my first time in the new studio and I had a great time. Dale was friendly and professional. I'm really pleased with my CD, I can't wait to do it again."

Stuart, Hannah, William and Joe Burden

Singer Gold - 23rd August 2011

"Great day and a brillent experience. Dale the producer made everyone very comfortable. Looking forward to coming again."

Eileen Rossiter

Singer Gold - 22nd August 2011

"I enjoyed it very much and I would love to do it again."

Coral Gordon

Singer Silver - 22nd August 2011

"I love singing and producing facinates me, so this experience was great! Although it was only a short slot, I got to sing in a studio and produce a CD so I'm chuffed!"

Tom Goldsmith

Singer Gold Plus - 22nd August 2011

"I really enjoyed myself! It was nerve-racking at first, but once the nerves were out the way it was very enjoyable! Would thoroughly recommend to friends, family and would happily come again."

Rob Nash

Singer Silver Plus - 22nd August 2011

"Enjoyable, professional experience. Great studio and facilites! Will defo do it again! Recommend!"


Singer Silver - 20th August 2011

"The experience was amazing, I will do this again one day."

Emily, Jess and Fran

Singer Platinum - 16th August 2011

"It was such an amazing experience say Jess. At first I was very nervous but after the first song it disappeared says Emily. We got so much out of it and felt like we achieved loads says Fran. So funny, life long memory! Yeah boi!"

Sharon Fishwick

Singer Gold Plus - 14th August 2011

"Good experience, good guidence made me feel at ease. Would like to come again and will recommend to others. God value for money."

Alex Schofield

Singer Silver Plus - 12th August 2011

"This experience has given me a taste and I want more! Such a fun day."

Emily Huson

Singer Gold - 11th August 2011

"Brilliant! It was a great experience, the producer was really good and helpful. I hope to be back another day."

Jordan Howell

Player Silver - 11th August 2011

"Really pleased with the outcome of the experience and will definitely be booking up again. Experience was everything I hoped it would be and I had a very enjoyable couple of hours!"

Becky Fryza

Singer Platinum - 10th August 2011

"We thoroughly enjoyed our session and are delighted with the CD's. We'll definitely be back."

Jade Beaney

Singer Gold - 6th August 2011

"I had a wonderful experience today! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! You made me feel so comfortable that I was able to enjoy it. My guests were more than happy and again were very comfortable! Thanks again, I would definitely come back!"

Hen Peckers

Hen Party Diamond - 6th August 2011

"Brilliant, friendly, professional, enjoyable and helpful. A fab experience."

Scott de Klerk

Singer Gold - 6th August 2011

"Had an awesome experience, never thought my voice could sound that good with Gift Daze help. I recommend it to anyone who loves to sing. AWESOME!! Very professionally done and helpful staff, you made me feel at ease, had a great time! Cheers to Gift Daze, will do this again!"

Kiera Marshall

Singer Gold - 5th August 2011

"I was very nervous at the start but as the time went on I got used to it and enjoyed it."

Emily Lagden

Singer Silver - 5th August 2011

"The experience was very thrilling, nerve-racking and breathtaking. Excellent experience, very friendly and welcoming staff. Recording studio was very big and spacious. I would definitely come back here. I will be leaving with a big smile on my face. Thank you Gift Daze."

Lucie Andrews

Singer Silver - 5th August 2011

"I love coming here it's relaxed, fun and they make you sound good!"

Kate Gilbert

Singer Gold - 4th August 2011

"It's been amazing. One of the best experiences of my life."

Richard Graham

Player Gold - 4th August 2011

"So much fun. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Three hours was not enough I could have sung my heart out for days! If you enjoy playing music and singing then this is for you. The best birthday present I've had in years. Thank you!"

Kimberly George

Singer Silver - 3rd August 2011

"The whole experience was a learning curve and fantastic for someone like myself who wants a carreer in music to experience a song recording done and profressionally. I'll definitely be back"

Lucy Webb

Singer Gold - 2nd August 2011

"It was absolutely fantastic, I had a great time. Wonderful experience, I recommend it to all!"

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