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The Sundays

Pop Star Party Gold - 27th November 2010

"We really liked it. It was the best party in the WORLD! Thank you so much!"

Shauna Sutton

Singer Silver - 27th November 2010

"Very enjoyable. Magical moment."

Megan and Jackie

Singer Gold - 27th November 2010

"Very enjoyable once the nerves settled (but they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be!) Dale was very nice and helped us feel ok about things. Would do it again now we know what to expect - ost enjoyable experience! X-Factor here we come!"

Hollie Gregg

Singer Silver Plus - 27th November 2010

"The experience was amazing, singing had always been a part of me! I love singing, it made me feel like a proper singing star! I enjoyed all the equipment they use and like how he mixed it all together to make a final take. Thank you ever so much! Hollie x"

Jemma Chamberlain-Webber

Singer Silver Plus - 24th November 2010

"I enjoyed the recording, Paul was extremely helpful and included everything that was expected. The photo on the CD's is a lovely touch! Great confidence booster, to be highly recommended."

Charlotte McCarthy

Singer Silver Plus - 21st November 2010

"The experience was really good and is a long trip from gravesend but is definitely worth it! The set up is ideal and it's great having someone nice to talk to. Something I would definitely do again."

Five Dimension

Pop Star Party Gold - 20th November 2010

"Absolutely a great experience and my son thought it was his best birthday party!! Thoroughly recommend."


Band Gold - 20th November 2010

"Fantastic day! We all really enjoyed it. A great experience and lasting memories of good music and big laughs. Friendly and extremely skillful staff."

Esther Millard

Pop Star Party Platinum - 14th November 2010

"Amazing day! Had great fun. Popstar experience was really fun. Would most definitely recommend to friends and family. Better than a normal day! Had a great time! "

The Wellie Fairies

Pop Star Party Silver - 14th November 2010

"'Funny, Fabulous and lots of laughter' Really helpful and encouraging staff."

Lizzie Wastell

Singer Silver - 14th November 2010

"It was great fun and really well organised. Would definitely want to come back again."

Steff Dyer

Singer Gold Plus - 14th November 2010

"I have had an amazing experience today and loved every second, I was nervous at first but was made to feel very relaxed. I would like to thank Gift Daze for a great day."


Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th November 2010

"Great fun, superb for 16 nine year old pop stars. X-Factor - Watch out!"


Pop Star Party Diamond - 13th November 2010

"Great fun, superb for 16 nine year old pop stars. X-Factor - Watch out!"


Pop Star Party Silver - 13th November 2010

"I really like the Gift Daze studio, it's very fun."

Libby and Jodie

Singer Gold - 12th November 2010

"We were really nervous to start with, but then relaxed and had a brilliant time. Would recommend to everyone for a great day with friends."

Charlene Taylor

Singer Silver Plus - 11th November 2010

"Very friendly and comfortable setting. Felt very relaxed and really enjoyed my experience. Paul helps you do the best version of a song and puts you at ease. Good fun!"

Louise Brown

Songwriter Silver - 9th November 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed my singer-songwriter session, Paul was really helpful and I was happy with the tracks laid down."

Keith Blake (Blakes 7)

Band Platinum - 8th November 2010

"A very good job. Very professional service, efficient and friendly."

Keith Beylisr

Singer Silver Plus - 8th November 2010

"Very friendly and welcoming studio. Dale is an excellent producer and was very encouraging and professional. I had an excellent day and would recommend the experience. Thank You."

Rosie Moore

Player Platinum - 7th November 2010

"I loved it, it was really fun and the end result was brilliant. I hope to do it again some time."

Tillie Geggus

Singer Gold Plus - 6th November 2010

"I really enjoyed my time recording songs. Dale was good and kind I would come back again to have a good time."

Chris Wheeler

Singer Emerald - 3rd November 2010

"Thank you, excellent experience, confidence grew as the time passed. Next time can't come soon enough!"

California Gurls Feat. Snoop Lew

Pop Star Party Gold - 30th October 2010

"Brilliant, very good, great experience."


Pop Star Party Emerald - 30th October 2010

"'It was awesome!!' A memorable experience. Thank you for helping to make my 13th birthday special!"

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