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Singer Diamond - 22nd July 2011

"A really fun experience, staff friendly and professional, putting me at ease. Knowledgeable staff meant I was able to come away with a great sounding souvenir of my experience! Thanks Dale!"

Cameron Hosken

Singer Emerald - 21st July 2011

"Found the experience amazing, fun and really made my week. The producer was so nice and made the tracks sound how I wanted them to. Definitely coming back!"

Sarah Lousie Isom

Singer Silver Plus - 21st July 2011

"I thought the experience was very enjoyable, professional and Dale was really patient with me. I shall recommend the gift idea to others, as shall be perfect for singers just starting up. CD's/DVD's are brilliant to keep."

Marc Young

Singer Silver Plus - 17th July 2011

"Awesome day. Enjoyed the experience and the staff were very friendly and helpful. An excellent keep sake."

Georgie and Florence

Singer Emerald - 17th July 2011

"It's been an amazing experience and we have had a great time doing it. It's a great opportunity for anyone who loves singing."

The Hyper Donkeys

Pop Star Party Gold - 17th July 2011

"Hattie - Best party I ever had, thank you. Alex - Very entertaining and fun. Molly - I really liked this party, thanks! Aimee - I loved it, the end result was amazing. Maddy - It was very fun and a great laugh. Freya - Very good party, thank you."

Kristen Leedys

Singer Gold - 16th July 2011

"It can be very nerve racking but if you really go for it and belt it out, you will sound much better! Just try your best. Brilliant and fun."


Singer Gold - 15th July 2011

"Nervous start but Dale makes you feel very relaxed and is helpful all the way to receving your completed discs at the end of the session. A very enjoyable time at Gift Daze indeed and will certainly be returning again soon. Many thanks Dale 10/10!"

Paul and Naheeda

Singer Gold - 14th July 2011

"Really enjoyable session, producer put us at ease and was very encouraging. Worked his magic to make us sound good!"

Prince 'n' Ninja

Songwriter Silver - 13th July 2011

"It was fun, finishing the experience and listening to the music was amazing. I loved the whole process and will definitely be coming back! The entire process was amazing, it was great to record our own music and play instruments (Guitar and Triangle). It was a great birthday present and like Ben I will definitely be coming again."

Andy Andronicou

Singer Silver - 12th July 2011

"Fantastic experience, really enjoyed it, many thanks. Dale was very helpful and put me at ease, I was very nervous but he made it very enjoyable."

Susie Culmer

Singer Platinum - 9th July 2011

"Great Day, sdo much fun! Wonderful experience, enjoyed every minute of it! :)"

Ben Nunn

Player Silver - 6th July 2011

"Enjoyable and unique afternoon with a great end product to show for it!"

Razzle Dazzle

Pop Star Party Gold - 3rd July 2011

"Elizabeth - It was really fun, I would recommend it. Isobel - Very Good. Katie - I liked singing and Dale was very kind. Victoria - It was excellent and I really enjoyed myself. Grace - I had fun and they have good orange juice. Rhiannon - I enjoyed singing the song and Dale was awesome. Mum and Dad - Our ears hurt from all the excited giggling! The girls have really enjoyed themselves. Thanks you."

Paradise/The Sitlettos

Pop Star Party Emerald - 2nd July 2011

"Amazing, great fun, had such a good time, best ever, incredible for all my friends for all my friends best ever birthday."

Charlotte and Beckiee

Singer Gold Plus - 2nd July 2011

"Very friendly, welcoming and fun. Great experience, but really make sure you know the song you choose and make sure it suits your voice because you can waste your time. Everybody should have a go and enjoy it, it's great to have and listen to when you get older. Second time here."

Rebecca Carter

Singer Silver - 2nd July 2011

"I was nervous but I was comfortable when I got the hang of it. Really good enjoyed it!"

Codie Chapman

Singer Silver - 1st July 2011

"Was really fun, made me feel at ease, would recommend this experience to anyone."

Rich Powaza

Player Platinum - 1st July 2011

"Great experience, lots of assistance from a great technician, Dale, he even made me sound good! Would recommend it to budding musicians."

Sabrina Pyke

Singer Silver Plus - 28th June 2011

"Initially I was nervous, but the producer was really encouraging. I enjoyed watching how the final track was put together. Will definitely be telling other people about my experience."

Boorhan Dosani

Singer Platinum - 22nd June 2011

"My experience was a really amazing one. I really had a great time and would love to do it again sometime."

UFO - Eyes Wide Shut

Pop Star Party Emerald - 18th June 2011

"I had a great time. So much fun - thanks!"

Yehh Boii - Only Girl (in the world)

Pop Star Party Emerald - 18th June 2011

"Good idea for a party & fantastic value for money. The girls had a fab time - thank you."

Dan Bridger

Singer Gold - 17th June 2011

"Great experience, great fun. Dale was very helpful!"

Nikki McGhee

Singer Silver - 16th June 2011

"Fantastic - Dale put me at ease and helped me sound like a pro!"

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