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Scott Godfrey

Singer Gold Plus - 19th March 2010

"Fantastic day, could not believe how fun it was after overcoming the first nerves. Great staff, friendly and supportive. Will be coming again."

Mark Lind

Singer Silver Plus - 16th March 2010

"I Would highly recommend this experience to anyone. It was fantastic and a great insight into the recording world. Thank you so much"

Phoebe Williams

Singer Platinum - 16th March 2010

"Paul really likes going to the cinema!! (it's an in-joke). Another great recording session with Paul. Made to feel very comfortable, and really happy with the final result. Can't wait to return again to record some more!"

Bethan Plumb

Singer Platinum - 13th March 2010

"Better than the first time! Very welcoming and I am pleased with the final product! Thank you!"

Jessica Webb

Singer Diamond - 11th March 2010

"Have had an absolute fabulous day! Thank you for making me feel so at ease, I hope I'll be back soon!"

Valerie Walkinshaw

Singer Silver - 11th March 2010

"Very friendly reception. Made to feel at ease very quickly. Really enjoyed singing... Paul did a brilliant job making me sound halfway decent"

Jade Homer

Singer Silver Plus - 6th March 2010

"I enjoyed my experience very much."

Annabelle Petitt

Singer Silver - 6th March 2010

"It was an experience I will never forget and will always cheris. It was definitely one of the best days I have had yet."

Jodi Shroff

Singer Platinum - 5th March 2010

"The best day ever! Dale was very helpful and made me feel at ease thoroughly the whole experience. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Can't wait to come back and have another go."

Hayley Hanna

Singer Gold - 5th March 2010

"Really enjoyed my experience. Would do it again."

Bec and Lou

Singer Silver Plus - 1st March 2010

"Although taken out of my comfort zone, Paul made me very comfortable and I really enjoyed it - not sure Paul did?!!?"

Chris Muzzall

Singer Gold - 28th February 2010

"Very interesting, very enjoyable. Will be back very soon."

Jeyda Omer

Singer Silver Plus - 28th February 2010

"I really enjoyed this experience it was brilliant."

Saskia Page - Bonici - Mompalao

Singer Silver - 28th February 2010

"The experience was really great, with a very chilled out relaxed feel. I highly recommend it!"

Phillip Purnell

Singer Silver Plus - 27th February 2010

"Once I had settle and got over the initial nerves I found it very enjoyable. The staff were very helpful and supportive. They made the whole experience very good. I would definitely recommend this to others."


Singer Silver - 27th February 2010

"This was the most fantastic experience ever! It really rocked! Dale was really helpful. Thank you so much, I will be back!"

Faye Jones

Singer Gold - 27th February 2010

"I had a very enjoyable session today, Dale was very encouraging and helped to ease my nerves. I would definitely return for another session."


Singer Silver - 26th February 2010

"Fantastic time - will be doing it again for the third time!!"

Mel Costelloe

Singer Silver - 26th February 2010

"Had a very enjoyable, unique day. Got great help and a confidence boost. Would love to come again and recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Katie Jones

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"Found it a great experience, very nervous at the start but you soon feel very comfortable. Loved every minute of it! Thank you!"

Martin Church

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"This has to be the best experience I have ever had and the patients of Paul was second to none. If you go for this I can ashore you the best time will be had. I would'nt have missed it for the world."


Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"I've had a ball and Dale has made me sound like I can really sing!! What a great time - wish I'd booked more songs! Many Thanks."


Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"I was quite nervous but was made to feel relaxed. I was impressed with how they make you sound 'ok'! Thank you."

Gareth Butler

Singer Gold - 26th February 2010

"Really good fun - Dale was very encouraging and managed to splice me together to make me sound half decent!"

Dayzee Potter

Singer Diamond - 25th February 2010

"I had a great time and feel I have achieved what I came for. I felt welcomed not rushed through anything, I'm extremly happy with the end result and would definitely recommend Gift Daze to my friends and family."

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