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Megs and Jess Pitts

Singer Silver - 29th October 2010

"This is the forth time we have been to Gift Daze and thoroughly enjoyed it yet again! We came to record a christmas song! We had such an excellent time and will be back next year!"

Tallulah Parsons

Pop Star Party Silver - 29th October 2010

"It was an amazing experience, exciting, brilliant day and we loved it. We would love to come again!"

Samantha Robinson

Singer Silver - 29th October 2010

"Great fun! Must do it again some time!"

Holly Weller

Singer Gold - 29th October 2010

"Fun, good experience and definitely come back. Really nice experience, I would like this to be my home!"

Hannah and Ellie

Singer Emerald - 28th October 2010

"We both had an absolutely amazing time and want to do it again! Dale did an amazing job! We appreciate the access to the kitchen and other facilites."

Ben Brinkman

Singer Gold - 24th October 2010

"Fabulous experience, friendly staff and made to feel welcome from the outset. Given great advice on song choice. Good facilities for participents and guests. Experience wasn't rushed which helped with the flow of the session."

Cheeky Monkeys

Pop Star Party Silver - 24th October 2010

"Really really amazing! This was a great experience' They make you sound really cool. We will tell all our friends amazing!"

Shona Dick

Singer Gold - 23rd October 2010

"Had a great time. Really enjoyed the experience of singing in a real studio. Would definitely recommend to anyone."

The Dreamers

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd October 2010

"Excellent time was had. Kids really enjoyed themselves. Brilliant idea for the childrens party."

Eddie McNulty

Singer Gold - 21st October 2010

"Brilliant experience, really enjoyed it (it's amazing what them machines can do, even I sounded half decent!) Dale was very friendly and encouraging. If you like to sing I would definitely recommend a session."

Isabella Harding

Singer Silver Plus - 21st October 2010

"I had a great time, I was made very welcome and would definitely do it again."

Sadie and Mark Elliot

Singer Platinum - 20th October 2010

"Great experience, Very professional. A lot of fun."

Joshua and Craig

Singer Silver Plus - 17th October 2010

"This was really fun, I really enojoyed it and can't wait to listen and watch the DVD. Next year I am going record myself and Josh singing again. It was a great birthday present!"

Blame it on Amit!

Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"Beats the ironing! Made a truely embarrasing experience into something thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and memorable. Thank you"


Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"A great time was had by all. Would recommend to anyone."

Shooting Stars

Pop Star Party Emerald - 16th October 2010

"A great time was had by all. Would recommend to anyone."

All Starz

Pop Star Party Platinum - 16th October 2010

"It was one of the best parties I have ever had it was excellent! Me and my friends loved it so did I. Thank you Gift Daze and Paul."

Megan Rose Fry

Singer Platinum - 15th October 2010

"It was really fun and enjoyed every minute of it."

Billie Main

Singer Silver - 15th October 2010

"Billie enjoyed her experience very much she described it as excellent!! And a wonderful birthday present. Billie's family enjoyed watching in the green room and glad we could share the experience with Billie. Everyone has had a lovely time. Thank you! The Main Family."

10th Wish

Pop Star Party Silver - 10th October 2010

"Overall, a great fun experience, easy to use equipment and great facilities. Would definitely come again. Best fun I have had in years and the best 14th birthday ever! P.S. Loved all the mirrors and the guy who helped us, Dale, Very nice."

Sparkling Spotlights

Pop Star Party Gold - 10th October 2010

"'Sparkling Spotlights' had a brilliant experience and when we are older we will be back to record more songs!"

Len and Cathy

Player Silver - 10th October 2010

"A great experience! A little nervous on arrival but after several takes we relaxed a little! And the wine helped too. Great time. Dale was very encouraging!"

Zoe Andrews

Singer Platinum - 10th October 2010

"It was a great experience. Very nervous to begin with, but soon got into it. Would love to do it again!"


Pop Star Party Gold - 9th October 2010

"Thoroughly fantastic! Dale was very patient, enthusiastic and understanding. Helped make the whole experience so much fun with a great result."

Mia and Harriet

Singer Gold Plus - 9th October 2010

"It was extremly fab! We are going to come again because it was so amazing. Thank you for a wonderful day, we hope to see you soon!"

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