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Rosie Sommerville

Singer Gold - 15th July 2010

"Had an amazing time, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Definitely an experience i would recommend to any keen singer/musician."

Elizabeth Williams

Singer Gold Plus - 14th July 2010

"Felt very comfortable from the outset and was given support throughout the whole experience. Thank you."

Dean McCall

Singer Diamond - 7th July 2010

"This was one of the most enjoyable days of my life and would like to thank all who helped me in the recording of my CD. Also I would like to thank my wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters in law for making this experience happen for my 40th birthday. Now to get my record out in the shops would make all my dreams come true. This was truely a great experience and one that I will remember for the rest of my life."

Beth Plumb

Songwriter Platinum - 4th July 2010

"Amazing! I can't believe what it sounds like! Not just me and my piano but drums and guitars! Dale you are a genius! Thank you!"

Jordyn Oosthuizen

Singer Gold - 3rd July 2010

"Really fun and I enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me do it today."

Amy Curtis

Singer Platinum - 23rd June 2010

"Really welcoming, put me at ease straight away and was willing to let me do my own backing. Really great, would love to come back."

15 Watts

Band Platinum - 22nd June 2010

"Fantastic experience and Dale was a star playing bass with us and making us sound so much better! We will be back!!!"

Philip Lundy

Singer Silver - 19th June 2010

"Highly enjoyable experience. Great memories to take home. Staff were very friendly. Overall great day."


Player Platinum - 18th June 2010

"We all enjoyed our four hour session with GiftDaze experiences. We have all said that we will definitely come back again without a doubt. We also thought that Dale was amazing and very helpful to work with."

Jennie Sailsbury

Singer Platinum - 18th June 2010

"Absolutely loved it and can't believe how professional I sound. Dale was very helpful."

Helen Probert

Songwriter Emerald - 17th June 2010

"Fantastic time - my second time here and it was even better than the first, which is really going some! Dale is a VERY talented producer and will definitely go far! If anyone is not sure, just do it! it was the best afternoon of my life. Plus they even have auto tune if you really need it! Have fun!"


Singer Gold - 13th June 2010

"Girls had really good time and would recommend. Dale was really good."

Anna and Olivia

Singer Silver Plus - 13th June 2010

"I had a great time. I really liked the singing and the man is very helpful. I loved it and the ma made me sound fantastic. Thank you so much."

Danielle Atkins

Singer Gold - 4th June 2010

"I think it was an amazing experience. I was nervous at first but when I started to sing I had more confidence."


Singer Gold Plus - 4th June 2010

"Really enjoyable. A great experience!"

Louise and Hannah

Singer Silver Plus - 4th June 2010

"Really enjoyed it, we had a great time!"

Coral Cooper - Smith

Singer Gold - 4th June 2010

"I was really nervous but felt nat home after a few minutes. I really enjoyed my experience, I will be recommending to my friends and will definitely come back soon."

Della Larssen

Singer Gold - 2nd June 2010

"I have been here once before and I really enjoy coming here. It is a great experience."

Eleanor Martin

Singer Gold - 2nd June 2010

"I thought the experience was nerve racking at first, but you get used to it after a while. Loved the experience and I am very happy with my songs. Thank you."

Becky Fryza

Singer Platinum - 2nd June 2010

"Really super experience. Much enjoyed and we will definitely be back. Thank you very much! Great fun!"

Frank Smithland

Player Silver - 1st June 2010

"Dale made my PRS and Boogie sound even better than I could have imagined. Carlos Santana beware! A good afternoon. Next time will go for a longer session!"


Singer Platinum - 1st June 2010

"This is my second time at GiftDaze and I had an amazing time as I did before. Dale is a great person and made me feel comfortable through the whole thing. I will be back again soon!"

Daisy Matthews

Singer Platinum - 1st June 2010

"Even though I can't sing it was a really enjoyable time and Dale even made me sound good on the CD which was a great compliment for me. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you!"

Nikki Freeman

Singer Emerald - 30th May 2010

"Brilliant experience, good fun, calm atmosphere. Good service would do it again and recommend it to others. Done quickly and efficiently."

Rachel Dalboth

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2010

"5th Time here and still loving every minute! Paul always puts me at ease and there are always a few giggles along the way too! Will def be back x"

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