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Nick Myers and Peter Brown

Singer Silver - 18th March 2011

"Good fun, we came with unfinished material and come out with finished songs. Great time, very good recording for our complete lack practice!"

Eric Yourell

Singer Diamond - 17th March 2011

"Both me and my brother had a really great time, the sound technician was really helpful. We didn't want the day to end (voice permitting!)"

Shannon Ambler

Singer Gold - 16th March 2011

"I found it really good,so much fun. I was really scared but then afterwards I really enjoyed it, I found my experience out of this world. I would definitely do it again!"

Hannah Douglas

Singer Emerald - 16th March 2011

"Really enjoyable, was really nervous at first but was reassured and looked after! I would definitely recommend and would do it again myself! Thank you!"

Jodi Arnold

Singer Gold Plus - 15th March 2011

"This is my third experience here over the last few years and I would still come again. The company and service has been exceptional everytime! I have enjoyed everything each time. The studio is beautiful it's the first time I have been to the updated one! I would recommend this everyone."

Lisa Smith

Singer Silver - 15th March 2011

"My nerves as I was driving to studios was quickly put as ease by Dale. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Gift Daze and would recommend it to anyone. It was brilliant and I felt like a popstar. Can't wait to show my family the results. Thank you so much."

Louise Baulch

Singer Diamond - 14th March 2011

"Fantastic way to spend your day! Six hours of singing is very tiring though! Produced an excellent CD with 10 songs and most sounded better than I thought they would - even my 'Steps' song! I would definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys singing, even if you're not perfect!"

Spirit Timers

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th March 2011

"I think it's the most amazing company in the world. I'd recommend to everyone!"

Hollie Green

Singer Silver - 12th March 2011

"Great experience! Booked 1 song for my little girls 10th birthday and she loved it! You will see us again! Hollie: I had a great time."

Steve Roodt and Simon Chappell

Singer Diamond - 12th March 2011

"An amazing experience - so this is what it's like to be a recording artist! recommend it to everyone!"

Street Dance Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th March 2011

"A fantastic day, the girls really enjoyed themselves, a great birthday. Hopefully 7 divas in the making, what an experience!!"

Orla Whelan

Singer Silver - 12th March 2011

"The guy helped my nervous daughter get the confidence to make a great CD"

Laura Minihan

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, I would use the studios again and I recommend it to friends. Dale was very helpful and made the experience all the more fun. In total a very rewarding and fu experience."

Lucy Betteridge

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"A really fun experience, Dale put me at ease and was very encouraging, even when I 'went wrong!'. Great day would recommend to anyone!"

Natalie Narsden

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"So much fun, you learn a lot about your own voice and the 'touching up' of the vocals is very well suited to your preferences. Definitely coming back again!"

Adam Dean

Singer Platinum - 10th March 2011

"An excellent day. Seeing everything going on, how your takes are mixed and best bits taken, it's great to watch."

Nathalie Riches

Singer Emerald - 9th March 2011

"Was very nervous when I turned up but was made to feel at complete ease throughout. Made an amazing CD which I can now show off! Thank you!"

Jane and Ron

Singer Silver Plus - 7th March 2011

"We found it a very enjoyable experience. It is my (Ron) second visit as I enjoyed the first visit so much. We were looked after extremely well. Thanks to all at Audio Sorcery. Ron and Jane."

Nejla Carter - Wallace

Singer Silver - 6th March 2011

"I had 3 little boys with me but I was relaxed. I enjoyed doing this for the second time at the studio, I am thinking for my third in the future."

Neve and Maisie

Singer Silver Plus - 6th March 2011

"It was great, we had a great experience and we would definitely come here again. There were no problems at all and the man was nice too!"

Becci McBurney

Singer Silver Plus - 5th March 2011

"A brilliant experience from start to finish. An enjoyable time, fantastic and friendly. I loved every minute and it went beyond my expectations. Thanks very much for a wonderful experience. Would definitely come again."


Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2011

"I found it a really good experience. Paul was very nice, funny, enthusiastic and helpful. It was a good way to pass an afternoon away. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we want to come back soon. It was fab, we all liked it sooooo much!"

Jodie and the Dudettes

Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2011

"We had such a great time, it was a good experience for our new job. Laughing non stop it was the best party i've ever had. Want to do it all again. Me and my friends were so nervous but when you get in there it will rock your world!"

Maddie and Miki

Singer Emerald - 5th March 2011

"When we were on our way, we were really scared but after we did a few takes Dale made us feel really welcome and made our voices really good! Really recommend it!"

Haylie Anne Rivera

Singer Gold - 5th March 2011

"It was a great experience, one of the best gifts I've ever had and I definitely will come back again. I would recommend this to everyone."

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