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Emma Cotton

Singer Gold - 17th February 2010

"Loved it, felt really comfortable and went for it. Sung my heart out! I want to do it again!"

Natalie Thomas

Singer Gold - 17th February 2010

"It was really good fun, I had a brilliant time. I'd definitely come back again!"

Candy Bliss

Singer Silver Plus - 17th February 2010

"I loved the experience of a recording studio. I'm not a particularly good singer but I had a great time! I Loved the experience but I'm glad it's all over."

Katy and Rosie

Singer Gold - 17th February 2010

"It was fun! I would definitely do it again! I really enjoyed everything and everyone was really friendly. My friend enjoyed it too."

Hannah Webb

Singer Gold - 16th February 2010

"It was great fun with a lot of laughs. I was made to feel at ease and enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again."

Pip and Steve

Singer Silver Plus - 13th February 2010

"Great experience - just wish we'd practiced more."

Barbara Clarke

Singer Silver - 12th February 2010

"Great day out. Enjoyed very much but a bit nervous to start. A great idea for a gift!"


Singer Silver - 12th February 2010

"It was the best day of my life and I would love to go there again. Paul was very funny and made me comfortable and confident."

Willie Allan

Singer Platinum - 11th February 2010

"Absolutely fantastic, one of the greatest experiences of my life. I would recommend Gift Daze to anyone, was made to feel more than welcome - felt like a real star!"

Henry Vialls

Singer Platinum - 10th February 2010

"At first I felt like I was going for an exam. Soon had this out of my system. Great reception, put totally at ease. Excellent session, good laugh and would recommend to anyone. Ideal for that special gift or occasion!"

Christine Wincott

Singer Gold - 10th February 2010

"Had a fantastic experience and was made to feel extremely welcome which helped to calm my nerves. Great value for money and to feel like a real pop star was brilliant. Would recommend to anyone who loves to sing. Thanks Paul x"

Sam Searle

Singer Silver - 9th February 2010

"Felt at ease straight away by Paul and was explained everything before starting. Amazing technology which made me sound great. An excellent experience!"

Donna Jenkins

Singer Silver - 7th February 2010

"Fantastic experience, very professional."

Evangeline Ashby

Singer Silver Plus - 7th February 2010

"I thought it was a really enjoyable experience and I think that everything was professional. I really enjoyed my time here and I am glad I did it."

Eleanor Schaff

Singer Silver Plus - 7th February 2010

"I really enjoyed singing in the studio, a good experience! Mixing the songs and vocals together is very clever! It sounded so much better at the end!"

Lucy Cleeve

Singer Gold - 7th February 2010

"This is the fifth time I've been here and it's been fantastic everytime. It's so much fun and I would recommend it to everyone :)"

Angie Hamilton

Singer Silver - 6th February 2010

"Very good, But very nerve racking! Would recommend it to anybody."

Layren Pentland

Singer Silver Plus - 6th February 2010

"I enjoyed every minute of it and want to do it again. It was a fantastic brithday present."

Tom Eland

Player Gold - 6th February 2010

"Fantastic day - always wondered what it would be like. Paul makes you feel at ease. Really good experience - Exceeds expectations. "

Olivia Poulter

Singer Silver - 6th February 2010

"It was a good experience. I felt nervous beforehand but soon got into it. Paul was very helpful."

Courtney & Hollie

Singer Silver Plus - 6th February 2010

"Very enjoyable, both for the singers and us watching! Courtney and Hollie said 'Cool'!"

Richard Leach

Singer Diamond - 5th February 2010

"Had a great day stuff were brill when I get a better voice I will be back. "

Red Roulettes

Band Platinum - 5th February 2010

"We had a fantastic day and will definitely be returning soon!"

Paul Drake

Songwriter Silver - 3rd February 2010

"I cannot believe how much we achieved in so little time! What started out as me with my guitar has ended as me, drums, bass, strings and percussion! Thank you very much, highly recommended."

Rachel Laycock

Singer Platinum - 2nd February 2010

"Great time, so friendly and loved every minute. No one got annoyed when I messed up! Would definitely do it again!"

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