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Charlie's Angels

Pop Star Party Silver - 3rd June 2011

"We all had a good laugh and the staff were really friendly. It is very relaxed and you can let yourself go. We would definitely do it again and recommend this to anyone."

Ellie Kingdon

Singer Gold - 1st June 2011

"It was the best birthday present. I enjoyed it a lot and wouldn't have missed it for anything."

Sophie Binder

Singer Gold Plus - 1st June 2011

"Had a lot of fun - brilliant, helpful an welcoming staff - Just wish I'd chosen my songs better!"

Sharee Watson

Singer Gold Plus - 1st June 2011

"I felt nervous to begin with but after a few warm up takes I got into it! I was made to feel welcome and my producer Paul was really nice and funny. I would love to come back!"

Nicola Jayne

Singer Emerald - 1st June 2011

"A fantastic experience, after a nervous first take I was settled and produced a great CD. Staff are really friendly, would definitely recommend."

Connor Jones Feat. Sarah and Paige

Singer Gold Plus - 31st May 2011

"Very enjoyable, I would love to come again. My friends really enjoyed it too!"

Emma Stubbs

Singer Gold - 31st May 2011

"Really enjoyed the experience."

Jonathan Brennen

Singer Gold Plus - 31st May 2011

"I had a really good time, very professional and made to feel at home. Would definitely recommend."

Kerrie Waite

Singer Gold Plus - 29th May 2011

"Loved every moment! Great support and good to work with - would definitely recommend. Thank you."

The James Apps Band

Band Platinum - 28th May 2011

"Paul was very helpful throughout. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day."

Zoe Maxwell

Singer Gold - 21st May 2011

"This was a great experience for me and my friends, we had a great time recording and it was great hearing our voices on a CD."


Singer Gold Plus - 21st May 2011

"All I can say is 'Excellent', enjoyed every minute of it!! Thank you for your time and still, very much appreciated."

Gary Mills

Singer Silver Plus - 21st May 2011

"When I got to the studio I was very nervous but I was made to feel relaxed and enjoy my session. I was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much."

Rhiannon Mankellow

Singer Silver - 16th May 2011

"It was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much - I would like to do it again!"

The Sparkling 7

Pop Star Party Platinum - 13th May 2011

"Jodie really enjoyed the recording experience, they loved the fact they could see themselves in the green room. Great party!"

Madeline Wilson and Ben Black (Nothing Yet)

Player Silver - 8th May 2011

"It was very good, lots of fun. Enjoyed this experience. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Staff were friendly and professional. IT WOZ GRATE! THANKS!"

Popping Candy

Pop Star Party Gold - 8th May 2011

"We all really enjoyed it and we'd love to do it again. It was one of our favourite experiences in the world. WE LOVED IT!!!"

Craig and Josh (WRK)

Singer Gold - 8th May 2011

"Craig - This was the best day ever of recording! It was SICK! Josh - I thought this was awesome!"

Dee Tormey

Singer Silver Plus - 8th May 2011

"Great experience. I know that I will always end up with a quality product."

Fruti Tuti

Pop Star Party Gold - 7th May 2011

"The had a fantastic time, they really enjoyed the whole experience. Georgina - It was really good Olivia - It was exhilarating Annabelle - The overall experience was excellent, I give the studio 20 out of 20! Megan - I can see why the green room is call the green room, comfy sofa! Anna - It was fantasticus! Rhiannon - I think it was supercallifragilisticexpiallidocious!"

Morgan Walby

Singer Silver Plus - 7th May 2011

"It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to have my own CD. I'm still smiling!"

The Sparkles

Pop Star Party Silver - 6th May 2011

"We thought it was amazing. We liked singing and listening to our songs. It was really cool and we loved it."

Nicola Hibbard

Singer Silver Plus - 6th May 2011

"Dale was brilliant, made me feel at ease as I was really nervous. Fantastic experience. Would recommend anyone who like enjoys being a diva in their own bedroom! Plus, if Dale can work a miracle with me, he can you too!"


Singer Silver Plus - 6th May 2011

"A fantastic experience! To be given the chance to record a CD was wonderful. Dale was incredibly helpful and put me at ease. Thank you so much!"

Alex and Chantal Findlay

Songwriter Emerald - 4th May 2011

"Wonderful experience. Excellent technical guideance and assistance. Very comfortable and most enjoyable session under expert tuition. Many thanks for a wonderful day."

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