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Linda and the Banchees

Hen Party Emerald - 30th April 2011

"OMG! We were bl**dy brilliant. Paul actually said we were the best he had ever heard!! I think he may have been telling porkies! Excellent fun. Would recommend to anyone. Lots of fun + Paul was absolutely brilliant. Do it everyone - do it! Thanks, The drunk and dis-orderly Banchees!! xxx"

Georgia Anderson

Singer Silver Plus - 30th April 2011

"It was a really fun and enjoyable experience that I would recommend for everyone."

Charlotte and Emily Allen

Singer Platinum - 30th April 2011

"I had an amazing time today and I definitely want to do it again. The people here were really nice and friendly."

The Henna Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 30th April 2011

"It was amazing thanks for the experience from the birthday girl, Sian!! It was the best thing ever - I've never been to something like it - Masie!! It was soooo fun I have had a really good time, from the worst singer (Jobe), Chloe. It was fun and a good opportunity to be a pop star - Lorna. An amazing opportunity - Taylor xx Thank you I loved the opportunity from Holly."

Tony O'Keeffe

Singer Gold Plus - 28th April 2011

"'An absolute blast' wasn't really sure what to expect but was quickly made very comfortable by Dale and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I would definitely look to come back again."

Hollie Fulton

Player Gold - 28th April 2011

"It's been amazing! It's really enjoyable and I'd love to do it again. Thank you for such a great experience."

Paul Staples

Singer Gold Plus - 27th April 2011

"The professional approach shown by the company and in particular the engineer who ran my session are both exceptional. I will re-book for a full session and ensure your name is broadcast widely. Thank you all very much for making me sound better than I really am!"

Kim Burt

Singer Gold Plus - 27th April 2011

"A great experience, would come again, felt very relaxed. Highly recommended to all ages. Looking forward to hearing all the songs on the way home."

Kevin Blyde

Singer Platinum - 27th April 2011

"Throughly enjoyed relaxed atmosphere and friendly helpful young man - will recommend to our friends and definitely be back. Thank you Dale."

Daniel Potter

Singer Gold - 25th April 2011

"Great experience, at first I felt nervous but after a few minutes I was comfortable with recording. Would deifnitely come again! Recommend to anyone!"

Dale's Gals

Pop Star Party Emerald - 23rd April 2011

"An amazing, original and fantastic experience. Cannot praise the professionalism and fun atmosphere enough. We will be back!"

Sam Small & Melody Mitchell

Singer Platinum - 23rd April 2011

"It was very fun. Also enjoyed all the groupies that cheered me on!"

Jennifer Lewis

Pop Star Party Gold - 23rd April 2011

"Six ten year olds had an amazing time - they were stars for two hours, a great birthday idea. Staff lovely and relaxed. We had a great time, thank you!"

Connie Lodwick

Singer Silver - 23rd April 2011

"I enjoyed my experience and I will be back to record more songs because it was fun!"


Singer Emerald - 23rd April 2011

"It was really good, felt really confortable. Dale was fantastic, very good at what he does. Lots of fun."

Emma Long

Singer Platinum - 21st April 2011

"Had a great afternoon with Gift Daze experiences. A friendly and professional atmosphere complemented the day. I recorded some great tracks which I can take away. Very enjoyable experience."

Keith Hammond

Singer Silver - 21st April 2011

"This is my second time here and once again I was made to feel at ease and was looked after very well, just a shame about my singing."

Megan Rose Fry

Singer Diamond - 20th April 2011

"It was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it all. It is definitely something I would recommend to all people who like singing."

Jade Mason

Singer Silver Plus - 19th April 2011

"I thought this was an amazing experience again since this is my second time recording here, I think that you feel relaxed when you get going and I fine it absolutely amazing how the producer mades all the songs go together into one! I loved it here and I hope to come again soon and spend a whole day here!"

Emily Ball

Player Gold - 19th April 2011

"Amazing first time experience! Definitely worth the jounrney! Really friendly."


Singer Silver - 18th April 2011

"It was my second time at Gift Daze and yet still fantastic. I can't wait to come again!"

Nancy and Hayley

Singer Gold Plus - 18th April 2011

"We had a really good time, we were made to feel welcome and comfortable. It was a great experience and would love to do it again."

Lucy Cooke (Featuring Joe)

Songwriter Silver - 18th April 2011

"It was an awesome day, quite overwhelming. Dale was awesome too - being a producer must be very cool. Very helpful. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would!"

Liana and Sofia

Singer Gold - 17th April 2011

"We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of singing both solo and duet. From going from being really nervous to getting into the song. We thought it was really good, actually, fantastic! Thanks a lot!"

Lydia Martin

Singer Platinum - 17th April 2011

"I really enjoyed it, definitely worth the money."

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