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Pop Star Party Silver - 17th April 2011

"We really enjoyed this experience and we are now thinking we would like to be in the pop industry. When we were taking part in recording 'Chasing Pavements' by Adele we felt as if we were real popstars recording our first album! It was a great experience, we would like to come again."

Sammi and the Abbarettes

Hen Party Emerald - 16th April 2011

"What great fun - thank you! We've all had a great time - we loved the champagne on arrival - and thanks for making Sammi and the Abbarettes sound so great!"

8 Chances

Pop Star Party Gold - 16th April 2011

"My friends and I were really nervous about singing but after the first take we were ready and happy to GO! Our producer Paul helped us along the way too. It was the best party, by Hannah aged 10"

Kelly and the Dirty Divas

Hen Party Emerald - 15th April 2011

"Thank you soooo much for such a fun experience! Recommend to everyone :)"

Glenn Bolton

Singer Gold Plus - 15th April 2011

"Brilliant from start to finish. Extremely efficient booking process. Very interesting to watch. Very professional and helpful session for the singer. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable experience (our friends included). Marion Medhurst (The person who booked it)"


Singer Gold - 15th April 2011

"Amazing experience, most recordings of my voice are not that great but using the proper equipment was very fun."

Lucy Walters

Singer Silver Plus - 15th April 2011

"It was very fun and exciting. I liked the mixing and it was better than I expected."

Mad Hatters

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th April 2011

"Excellent experience which catered for the disabled and managed to make 4 non singers into a pop group!!"

Alison, Carol and Laura

Singer Emerald - 10th April 2011

"We were very nervous and new to this but we were made to feel very comfortable and welcome. Everything was explained to us clearly and we were filled with encouragement. We had a fantastic experience. Thank you very much!"


Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th April 2011

"It was a brilliant experience that we will never forget! Thank you Paul! From Priceless xxx"

7 Diamonds

Pop Star Party Platinum - 9th April 2011

"Megan: So good, best day of my life. Sarah: Really good, the best time ever, brilliant! Darcey: Amazing, best time ever! Ellie: Really fun, great time. Alex: Absolutely fantastic! Mia: It was fab! Mum: The girls had a great time, thank you!"


Hen Party Platinum - 9th April 2011

"The most amazing time ever. Very fun time, thank you for the best hen day."

Step 4 It

Pop Star Party Silver - 8th April 2011

"It was my best party ever and I would love to do it all again. My three friends and I had a fabulous time and will remember it forever."

Paksie Vernon

Singer Platinum - 8th April 2011

"Had a great time, it was my third time coming and it just gets better and better each time. Thanks!"

Monae Foster

Pop Star Party Emerald - 3rd April 2011

"Well organised, very enjoyable. Children had lots of fun, love the DVD's and CD's. Thank you, I absolutely love the singing experience we've had, we all enjoyed ourselves and had a great time."

The Fridays

Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd April 2011

"A fun and enjoyable experience. A truly unique birthday gift. Provided so much laughter for the girls. The final result was brilliant. Made a great job of what limited talent he had to work with. Dale friendly, encouraging, professional and very efficent. Will certainly recommend to others."

The Cheeky Monkeys

Pop Star Party Silver - 2nd April 2011

"Really fun and cool. I would love to do it again. It was so so so so so so so so so amazing!"

Louise Bailey

Pop Star Party Gold - 2nd April 2011

"It was really really fun because we all love singing! It was fun, nerve racking and AMAZING!!"

Sexy Monsters

Pop Star Party Gold - 1st April 2011

"I liked it very much! It was great! I loved it, Dale was so fantastic! I highly recommend it! I will definitely come back to cut a single in the future! Special thanks to Dale. From Imogen, Georgia, Georgia, Suzie and Alexandra."


Singer Platinum - 1st April 2011

"This is my forth time here at Gift Daze and each time gets better. Thanks to Dale for all his support and help again making my special 50th birthday CD so memorable."


Singer Emerald - 31st March 2011

"Nerve racking to begin with but very very enjoyablem I never thought I could sing as well as that! A lovely experience! Thank you."

Sally Blair

Singer Silver - 31st March 2011

"Grat fun and would love to have another go, so we'll be back - duet next time."

Cheryl Stephens

Singer Silver - 30th March 2011

"Really enjoyed the whole experience. Was made to feel very comfotable and at ease, enjoyed recording my faveourite track in my unique style!"

Daniel and Lynsey Weston

Singer Platinum - 30th March 2011

"We had a great time! We laughed lots at the sound of our voices and enjoyed the whole 3 hours. Quality time spent together, we have gone away with some fun moments, thank you!"

Robert Sturman

Singer Silver - 28th March 2011

"Amazed that my voice could sound like that! Everyone should have a go!"

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