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Pop Star Party Gold - 19th March 2011

"Our nerves soon dissapeared as soon as we sang the first attempt! Great fun, no matter how old you are - we all had a great time!"

Rachel Roper

Hen Party Platinum - 19th March 2011

"Really enjoyable time. Very entertaining - had a wonderful time. Lovely chap who was very encouraging. Thank You!"

Chad and Zoe

Singer Platinum - 18th March 2011

"This experience was fantastic, felt very at ease - it was our first time - we are sure to be back. See you soon!"

Nick Myers and Peter Brown

Singer Silver - 18th March 2011

"Good fun, we came with unfinished material and come out with finished songs. Great time, very good recording for our complete lack practice!"

Eric Yourell

Singer Diamond - 17th March 2011

"Both me and my brother had a really great time, the sound technician was really helpful. We didn't want the day to end (voice permitting!)"

Shannon Ambler

Singer Gold - 16th March 2011

"I found it really good,so much fun. I was really scared but then afterwards I really enjoyed it, I found my experience out of this world. I would definitely do it again!"

Hannah Douglas

Singer Emerald - 16th March 2011

"Really enjoyable, was really nervous at first but was reassured and looked after! I would definitely recommend and would do it again myself! Thank you!"

Jodi Arnold

Singer Gold Plus - 15th March 2011

"This is my third experience here over the last few years and I would still come again. The company and service has been exceptional everytime! I have enjoyed everything each time. The studio is beautiful it's the first time I have been to the updated one! I would recommend this everyone."

Lisa Smith

Singer Silver - 15th March 2011

"My nerves as I was driving to studios was quickly put as ease by Dale. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Gift Daze and would recommend it to anyone. It was brilliant and I felt like a popstar. Can't wait to show my family the results. Thank you so much."

Louise Baulch

Singer Diamond - 14th March 2011

"Fantastic way to spend your day! Six hours of singing is very tiring though! Produced an excellent CD with 10 songs and most sounded better than I thought they would - even my 'Steps' song! I would definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys singing, even if you're not perfect!"

Spirit Timers

Pop Star Party Silver - 13th March 2011

"I think it's the most amazing company in the world. I'd recommend to everyone!"

Hollie Green

Singer Silver - 12th March 2011

"Great experience! Booked 1 song for my little girls 10th birthday and she loved it! You will see us again! Hollie: I had a great time."

Steve Roodt and Simon Chappell

Singer Diamond - 12th March 2011

"An amazing experience - so this is what it's like to be a recording artist! recommend it to everyone!"

Street Dance Girls

Pop Star Party Platinum - 12th March 2011

"A fantastic day, the girls really enjoyed themselves, a great birthday. Hopefully 7 divas in the making, what an experience!!"

Orla Whelan

Singer Silver - 12th March 2011

"The guy helped my nervous daughter get the confidence to make a great CD"

Laura Minihan

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, I would use the studios again and I recommend it to friends. Dale was very helpful and made the experience all the more fun. In total a very rewarding and fu experience."

Lucy Betteridge

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"A really fun experience, Dale put me at ease and was very encouraging, even when I 'went wrong!'. Great day would recommend to anyone!"

Natalie Narsden

Singer Gold - 11th March 2011

"So much fun, you learn a lot about your own voice and the 'touching up' of the vocals is very well suited to your preferences. Definitely coming back again!"

Adam Dean

Singer Platinum - 10th March 2011

"An excellent day. Seeing everything going on, how your takes are mixed and best bits taken, it's great to watch."

Nathalie Riches

Singer Emerald - 9th March 2011

"Was very nervous when I turned up but was made to feel at complete ease throughout. Made an amazing CD which I can now show off! Thank you!"

Jane and Ron

Singer Silver Plus - 7th March 2011

"We found it a very enjoyable experience. It is my (Ron) second visit as I enjoyed the first visit so much. We were looked after extremely well. Thanks to all at Audio Sorcery. Ron and Jane."

Nejla Carter - Wallace

Singer Silver - 6th March 2011

"I had 3 little boys with me but I was relaxed. I enjoyed doing this for the second time at the studio, I am thinking for my third in the future."

Neve and Maisie

Singer Silver Plus - 6th March 2011

"It was great, we had a great experience and we would definitely come here again. There were no problems at all and the man was nice too!"

Becci McBurney

Singer Silver Plus - 5th March 2011

"A brilliant experience from start to finish. An enjoyable time, fantastic and friendly. I loved every minute and it went beyond my expectations. Thanks very much for a wonderful experience. Would definitely come again."


Pop Star Party Gold - 5th March 2011

"I found it a really good experience. Paul was very nice, funny, enthusiastic and helpful. It was a good way to pass an afternoon away. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we want to come back soon. It was fab, we all liked it sooooo much!"

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