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Malcolm Blair

Player Silver - 19th September 2009

"A very enjoyable experience. I was dreading it but was made to feel very relaxed!"

Lynn Selby

Singer Silver Plus - 19th September 2009

"Had a brilliant time - first time doing this and I was a bit nervous but really enjoyed myself and very impressed at the way everything is done. Thank you."

Dan Bitmead

Songwriter Diamond - 17th September 2009

"The days were wicked, Dale is THE man!"

Danny Scott - Davies

Singer Gold - 15th September 2009

"Very good, I enjoyed it."

Elizabeth Hershkom

Singer Gold - 15th September 2009

"It has been a dream come true, Dale was absolutely brilliant and I felt so at ease, I have really enjoyed this experience and can't wait to do it again. I can't recommend it enough!"

Antonia Suckling

Singer Silver - 12th September 2009

"It was really good, would come back and do it again!"

Paige Williams

Singer Gold - 11th September 2009

"At first I was really scared but after the first try of the first song it was really fun! I really enjoyed it and the producer was really helpful! I'll come again one day!"

David Maslen

Player Platinum - 11th September 2009

"Very nervous to start - but soon made to feel at ease. Very enjoyable."

Jade Risby

Singer Gold - 8th September 2009

"Great experience, enjoyable and nice knowing how well or not you sing!"

Benn Moore

Singer Gold - 5th September 2009

"Really enjoyable experience, friendly atmosphere and a really interesting insight into studio recording."

Kieran McCartney

Singer Diamond - 5th September 2009

"Fantastic day! Paul is amazing and tweeked very little in the end. We must have been better than Same Difference! Thanks again! Sorry but we will be back!!!"

Natalie Furnell

Singer Gold - 4th September 2009

"Really fun experience, was a little nervous but enjoyed it very much. Much harder than karaoke but more fun!"

Danica Hunter

Singer Platinum - 4th September 2009

"I had a fab time and will definitely be coming back to record many more songs ;) Paul was brilliant!"

Gary Palmer

Singer Platinum - 4th September 2009

"What a briliant day, best birthday present I've ever had!"

Gus Fryatt

Singer Gold - 4th September 2009

"I was apprehensive to begin with but then I began to feel more confident and in the end I had a great experience!"

The Dave Letley Band

Player Platinum - 3rd September 2009

"As someone with little musical confidence, I approached a recording session with some trepidation. I needn't have worried. My nerves and imperfections were overcome with Paul Midcalf's incredible patience and editing skills. We all left feeling very positive about our music and looking forward to recording something else - preferably another 'Dire Straits'"

Billy Arnold

Singer Gold - 2nd September 2009

"It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Gift Daze!"

Daniel, Ruby and Poppy Bridle

Singer Platinum - 2nd September 2009

"Excellent!! We all thought it would be great but it was even better than expected!"

Shirley Meakins

Singer Platinum - 1st September 2009

"Paul is excellent! Very professional and made me feel instantly at ease. I would recommend this studio to anyone, professional or otherwise ;)"

Charlie Williams

Player Silver - 22nd August 2009

"Absolutely amazing experience, songs came out better than I'd ever imagined! Cheers!"


Singer Platinum - 21st August 2009

"Absolutely great experience would recommend to anyone that enjoys singing. Very nerve racking to start with but soon started to relax. Fabulous experience and good helpful people. Thank you."


Singer Gold - 21st August 2009

"I really enjoyed the session. Dale made me feel calm and welcome. I've done a singing experience before with Gift Daze so I was much more prepared this time and knew what to expect. I really like the new studios! Overall it was a great experience and I'm very happy with the finished product. I'm sure I'll be back again at some point! Thank you very much!"


Singer Silver - 20th August 2009

"Brilliant! Friendly and a memorable time!"

Michael Agar

Singer Silver - 20th August 2009

"It was exciting and not nearly as nerve racking as I thought it would be."

Megan Lowe

Singer Gold - 19th August 2009

"I was really nervous at first but after the first take I was fine. I glad about the song choices and the fact I was able to listen to it back. It was a great and enjoyable experience. I will definitely come back!"

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