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Charlotte June Philpott

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd February 2011

"I really enjoyed myself, it is definitely something I would do again. The people are supportive and very helpful. My confidence is boosted. I had a lot of fun and I am definitely going to recommend it to everyone I know."

Caitland Yates

Singer Silver - 22nd February 2011

"The best time ever!"

Relatively Friendly

Band Silver - 22nd February 2011

"Very enjoyable experience, Dale was very helpful and put us all at ease. We all had a brilliant day and cannot wait to do it again. The outcome was great. Thank you."

Emma Hulston

Singer Gold - 21st February 2011

"Amazing experience, absolutely loved it, great fun. Very professional and friendly. Thank so much."

Pete Ballard

Singer Gold - 21st February 2011

"Once nerves settled and first song was out the way it became really enjoyable. Great staff and set up."

Stewart Prentice

Singer Silver Plus - 21st February 2011

"Great fun, would really love to come back again and have another go! Fab studio! Thank you very much. Hope to get a christmas present like this again!"

Kristina Giraud

Singer Silver - 21st February 2011

"The experience was the best thing I've ever done in life, I am so happy and I am definitely going t come back again, it was so worth it! It's the best!"

Roy Webber & Andy Payne

Player Platinum - 21st February 2011

"Really enjoyed the day and recommend the experience."

Jemma Collins

Singer Silver - 21st February 2011

"I think it was great as I got to have a good time whilst being serious but mostly having a laugh."

Rebecca Briggs

Singer Silver Plus - 20th February 2011

"It was really exciting and a great experience. I would love to come again."

Bob Silver

Singer Silver - 19th February 2011

"Bit nervous to start with but soon felt very relaxed due to Dale's help. Thoroughly enjoyable time. Thank you!"

Leigh Kyle

Singer Gold Plus - 19th February 2011

"I was so nervous before the session that I was silent on the train journey down (which made a change for my boyfirend!) and I was shaking like a leaf! But I had an amazing time and the producer was really encouraging and supportive which immediately put me at ease! I thoroughly recommend, thank you so much!"

Francesca Relf

Singer Silver - 19th February 2011

"It was a unique experience! I loved it! I will remember being a pop star for an hour forever! Thank you!"

The Pink Panthers

Pop Star Party Platinum - 18th February 2011

"The girls all really enjoyed the experience, it was very well done and professional. You may see the The Pink Panthers again! Thank you."

Lucy and Yanexi

Singer Gold - 18th February 2011

"Our experience was very different and enjoyable, we would love to come back and do a different recording or more songs."

Carlton Baker and Jenni Bell

Singer Silver Plus - 16th February 2011

"We had a fantastic time, what a great experience. Dale made us feel really relaxed and made our day really special, Thank you so much! Great customer service too!"

Lisa Wood

Singer Diamond - 15th February 2011

"Had a fantasic day, will definitely do this again. I bought a friend and was very happy with how welcoming everyone was. The green room is like a home from home, I even felt comfortable with my shoes off! I am incredibly happy with the results and would like to thank my music producer Dale for all his work and comments."

The Chicklets

Pop Star Party Gold - 13th February 2011

"It was the best party ever and we loved hearing our finished CD. The DVD is a great memory of a fantastic day!"


Band Silver - 13th February 2011

"'Amazed that we managed to record 8 songs in four hours that have come out such high quality. The DVD is a nice memento too'. 'A Great experience. Cannot believe we sounded that good. Superbly produced'. 'Very friendly producer. Managed to get a great sound out of us. Fantastic day!'"

Ellie Bronks

Singer Gold Plus - 13th February 2011

"My time here was amazing, I have fully enjoyed myself. Dale made my confidence sky high and was extremely helpful."

Kate Wragg

Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2011

"Fantastic experience, really made me feel comfortable as I was a nervous wreck! What a great birthday present! Thank you Gift Daze."

Sami Sofi

Singer Silver Plus - 12th February 2011

"Had a really great experience. Was my first time and would definitely come back."

Madeleine Edwards

Pop Star Party Silver - 12th February 2011

"Funny brilliant, great birthday treat. Mrs Flawn our music teacher would be proud of us!!"

Katie Dinsmore

Singer Emerald - 12th February 2011

"Great fun, really friendly producer, great to have my friends with me for support. Thanks for making this special."

Sarah and Helen

Singer Gold - 11th February 2011

"Great time, put as ease, Dale was fab, lovely memorable 40th birthday present. Thank you."

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