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Camilla Ferguson

Singer Diamond - 7th November 2009

"I had an absolutely amazing experience and was encouraged so much. I've really been given a lot more confidence with my singing, thank you so much!"

Millie Keutenius

Singer Platinum - 6th November 2009

"I thought it was an amazing experience. It has boosted my confidence alot and it's brilliant that I have something to show for my performing that I can show other people. I have really enjoyed my day and would definitely come again in the future."

Ryan Rabbett

Singer Silver - 1st November 2009

"It was amazing I enjoyed every minute of it I would advise anyone to do it who enjoys singing."

Gemma Delaney

Singer Platinum - 1st November 2009

"It was really fun and I would definitely do it again."

Jennifer Ridley

Songwriter Silver - 29th October 2009

"Friendly and professional staff who deliver very professional recordings. Well worth the money. A very enjoyable experience."

Rosi Farrow

Singer Gold - 29th October 2009

"Very enjoyable. But nervous to begin with but soon felt comfortable. Would like to do it again soon!"

Olivia Kay - Hill

Singer Silver Plus - 28th October 2009

"Great experience, was really cool. Staff were great! I'm getting mum to bring me back for my birthday next year!"

Rebecca Sumner

Singer Diamond - 28th October 2009

"I had a really exciting time it was really enjoyable. I was pretty nervous on my first song but after that it was fine. The songs also came out better than expected. I would definitely come back for another experience and would recommend to friends and family."

Megan and Jessie

Singer Silver - 27th October 2009

"Our experience at Gift Daze was really enjoyable (as always!). I have been three times and have enjoyed everyone of them. I recommend that if you enjoy singing to come and try it out."

Beth (featuring Joe)

Singer Gold Plus - 27th October 2009

"It was a great experience, I was really nervous at first but they make you feel really comfortable. It was brilliant."

Mark Stevens

Singer Platinum - 27th October 2009

"An amazing experience. Dale was a wizard trying to make me sound good! Thank you very much!"

Sarah Ford

Singer Gold - 26th October 2009

"It was brilliant! The best gift ever. I had so much fun."

Jade Sterry

Singer Gold - 26th October 2009

"I really enjoyed the time that I had in the studio as it was fun and challenging. Dale was really encouraging and brilliant at helping when things were'nt going well. Overall I loved every minute and would definitely recommend to my friends and will hopefully come back with friends to do a party session."

Katherine Speed

Singer Silver Plus - 25th October 2009

"I loved going in the studio and singing. It was cool."

Elena Munt

Singer Gold - 24th October 2009

"Brilliant experience. I'll definitely recommend it! However do practice before you go, the more you know the songs the less nervous you'll be."

Karen Lindley

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd October 2009

"Very accommodating and great fun! The experience is fab, but prepare as much as you can before hand! We had a great time and will come back!"

Maureen Pennington

Singer Platinum - 17th October 2009

"I felt more relaxed as the sesssion went on and I got more confident with each - I would recommend my day to anybody singer ir not."

Nettle Wine

Songwriter Gold - 17th October 2009

"Very relaxed, we had lots of fun. Paul our sound engineer was really good, hopefully we were alright too! Cheers guys!"

Lauren Carter

Singer Silver - 16th October 2009

"I enjoyed my time here and relaxed quite quickly and was able to sing better. I felt comfortable and would recommend it to anyone."

Sarah Sheldrick

Singer Silver - 15th October 2009

"Thanks for a lovely afternoon, I felt very welcome and relaxed. Would recommend to anyone!"

Daniela Haynes

Singer Silver Plus - 14th October 2009

"The experience was really good. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. After having been nervous I actually want to come back!"

Phil Pearman

Singer Gold Plus - 14th October 2009

"A great experience, a bit nervous but Dale makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend anyone who likes to sing to try this. Many thanks!"

Brad Allen

Singer Platinum - 12th October 2009

"Absolutely amazing day. Was very nervous on arrival but was made to feel very comfortable with a nice cup of tea and practice before we started and by the time I started the first song my berves were gone. Excellent experience! Many thanks."

Catherine Clark

Singer Silver Plus - 10th October 2009

"Fantastic. Frightening. but good fun! Thank's P's!"

Jason Lima

Singer Platinum - 10th October 2009

"I've had a great time. I've felt comfortable, relaxed and made to feel really welcome. Definitely worth the journey from wales!"

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