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Simon Koekemoer

Player Platinum - 11th February 2011

"A great day out, friendly and professional. Highly recommended, so give it a go!!"

Hannah Allen

Singer Silver - 5th February 2011

"Lots of fun - over quickly! Dale was lovely and helped me get over any nerves quickly."

Holly Pockett

Singer Gold - 4th February 2011

"I have had the most amazing time, I've wanted to do this for ages! The people here are so friendly and helpful. I honestly recommend this great experience. I'm defo coming back!"

Kelly & Sara

Singer Silver - 4th February 2011

"We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We will definitely be back much to Paul's annoyance. Thanks for making us feel relaxed & wonderful;)"

Toby Suart Seal

Pop Star Party Platinum - 30th January 2011

"A very enjoyable experience for both 'The group' (Out Of Stock) and the adult's who attended. Well fun, comfortable surroundings, professional and reassuring for the participants, The adults are seriously considering a visit! The website was user friendly, well designed and informative. Telephone communication was also useful. Top marks!"

Malachi Jones and Co

Pop Star Party Emerald - 30th January 2011

"It was great we got to watch the other members of our group whilst they were recording, I've had a fantastic day. Thank you."

Ellery Wooff

Pop Star Party Diamond - 30th January 2011

"It was the best birthday party ever."

Ellery Wooff

Pop Star Party Diamond - 30th January 2011

" My friends and I had an amazing time!"

Hayley Okines and Sophie Godden

Singer Platinum - 30th January 2011

"We were both scared to start with but after a while we enjoyed singing. Thanks Dale."

Nicola Nash

Singer Silver - 30th January 2011

"Great result in quite a small amount of time. Wonderful, so happy with it!"

Baby GaGa's

Pop Star Party Platinum - 29th January 2011

"The experience was amazing the finished copy was fab! I loved the photo and my friends thought it was wicked! It has always been a dream of mine and I felt like a real superstar! It was amazing and really funny, I loved the last single, thank you! We recommend to everyone!"

The Sparkle Girls

Pop Star Party Gold - 29th January 2011

"The girls has a fantastic time and loved every minute of being popstars! We enjoyed watching them just as much, so funny!"

Take 2

Pop Star Party Gold - 29th January 2011

"Fantastic experience from start to finish, kids had a great time - next for the world tour!"


Singer Platinum - 23rd January 2011

"I had an amazing time, Dale was very helpful and made me feel relaxed and took away all my nerves. It was so much fun. I will definitely come back!"

Laura Harvey

Singer Silver - 23rd January 2011

"I came in with buckets full of nerves, but Dale was great at keeping my confidence up and about 20 minutes in I couldn't remember why I was nervous! The greatest experience ever!"

Beyond Happy

Pop Star Party Silver - 23rd January 2011

"We all thought it was exciting and fun, we would definitely come back again and enjoy this good experience. Thank you from 'Beyond Happy'."

Jade - Ella Tutthill

Singer Silver - 22nd January 2011

"Great experience, enjoyed it very much, was made to feel at ease, very happy with everything and would recommend. Thank you."


Singer Silver - 22nd January 2011

"It was a great experience, the producer was very helpful, put me at ease and guided me through everything, it made me sound great. I would recommend to any budding singers to have a great day!"

Malcolm Barton

Singer Silver - 22nd January 2011

"Really enjoyed the experience. Very well polished up CD and would like to come again."

Girls Unique

Pop Star Party Gold - 22nd January 2011

"Excellent, the girsl really enjoyed the 'popstar' experience. Very realistic and unique experience. 'Amazing a once in a liftime opportunity, making you feel famous!'"

Hannah and Alice

Singer Gold - 22nd January 2011

"Had lots of fun, was a good experience, nice and friendly staff to work with and a nice place. Comfy sofa in the green room."

Nick Brady

Player Gold - 20th January 2011

"Absolutely brilliant afternoon, drums were great. Dale was very helpful and friendly, he produced and mixed the drums with the songs perfectly. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back!"

Martin Sleight

Singer Gold - 20th January 2011

"Nervous as hell to start with, but was soon put at ease. Absolutely brilliant, would recommend it to anyone!"

Megan McCormack

Singer Silver - 16th January 2011

"My experience was very fun and I felt like I was a famous singer."

The Jelly babez

Pop Star Party Platinum - 15th January 2011

"It is really really fun, the sound guy is really nice and helpful. It is very hot in the recording room!"

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