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Lauren Cook

Singer Diamond - 6th July 2009

"I had a brilliant day with lots of support from Paul to make a CD I'm proud of - Thank you"

Magic School Bus

Band Platinum - 30th June 2009

"A very professional experience that gave us insight into our musicality and technique that we have not experienced anywhere else. At the end of the day we produced a high-quality demo that we are incredibly pleased with. All the best love Paul, Willy, Geraint and Jamie xoxox"

Brooke Lemmiman

Singer Platinum - 27th June 2009

"I had such an amazing day! It was a brillant experience, that I will never forget! The effects were great and Dale thst mixed it all made me feel comfortable and my nerves were gone straight away. I would love to do it again!"

Beth and Aster

Singer Silver - 27th June 2009

"It was 'awesome'. We had a fabulous time and it really made us feel like pop stars! Thank you."

Lloyd Greenaway

Songwriter Silver - 26th June 2009

"Excellent experience. Something never to forget. The staff are a credit to the organisation. I can not wait to come back and record the next lot of songs!"

Lewis Bennett

Singer Emerald - 26th June 2009

"Had a really good time. Dale has been wonderful. Thank you very much."

Jennifer Pike

Singer Silver Plus - 23rd June 2009

"Was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience and was a great way for me to hear myself sing. I had a very great time and I believe that everyone would enjoy it!"

Helen Mason

Singer Silver - 21st June 2009

"Awesome! What a fantastic present! The studio editing was really professional and I felt totally at ease to sing my heart out! Thanks to everyone involved - I'll remember today for years to come!"

Alice Sheffield (Feat. Tommy)

Singer Platinum - 21st June 2009

"I was very impressed and I thought it was good value for money. I really enjoyed the day!"

Elisabet and Marta

Singer Platinum - 20th June 2009

"After a few initial nerves and thoughts of 'what am I doing here' it's been a great and really fun experience. There's no need to be a great singer in order to enjoy your time here. Once the producer does his magic the results are pretty amazing so thanks Paul! :-)"

Lost Cords

Band Platinum - 19th June 2009

"An absolute joy, we had a great experience, Paul and Dale were great & encouraged us thoroughly throughout the day. Got the bug and will definitely be coming back. FANTASTIC JOB! We are all over the moon with the finished product."

David and Josie Caesar

Player Platinum - 18th June 2009

"We thoroughly enjoyed it and it was all handled very well. You made us sound professional."

Caroline Turner

Singer Gold - 16th June 2009

"It was a fun and professional service and I'm strongly thinking about coming back to sing some other songs. Helpful hints were given over where to improve after the first take."

Paul Marshall

Player Silver - 15th June 2009

"Very well looked after. Made to feel relaxed. Far more enjoyable than I was expecting!"

Clare and Matt

Singer Gold - 13th June 2009

"Nerve racking at first, but it helped to have a friend to share the experience with. Had a great time doing the duet."

Kevin Vessey

Singer Silver Plus - 13th June 2009

"I can't sing but here I was made to feel relaxed, welcome and comfortable and at 50 years of age, was one of the best experience of my life. Thank you."


Singer Gold - 9th June 2009

"I got my Gift Daze recording experience for my 21st birthday present and I have got to say it has been a day to remember. The people were really friendly and although I felt nervous at first they made me feel quite at home. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who loves to sing!"

Neil Standen

Singer Gold - 7th June 2009

"I had a brilliant time with no pressure. It turned out alot better than expected."

Hannah Edwards

Singer Gold Plus - 5th June 2009

"I thoroughly enjoyed my morning at the studios. Dale was very encouraging and professional he helped as much as he could. Definitely something I would recommend. Thanks."

Arran Leak

Singer Silver - 4th June 2009

"I have enjoyed the experience a lot and would do it all again. Thank you!"


Singer Gold Plus - 2nd June 2009

"When I first got to the studio I was really scared and nervous. I didn't think I would enjoy it much but as the time went on I begen to enjoy myself more and more. Dale was really nice and friendly, so it helped me be at ease."

Daniel Cameron

Singer Silver Plus - 2nd June 2009

"Fantastic, you've made me sound much better than I ever though I could sound. An unforgettable experience that i'll never forget. Thank you very much, brilliant!"

Victoria Morrison

Singer Diamond - 1st June 2009

"Fantastic experience, I was nervous on the first song but once I started on my second I felt much better and was even dancing by my sixth song. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to all!"

Debbie and Ben Sarfas

Singer Platinum - 31st May 2009

"We were made to feel really at ease which helped nerves. I liked the fact we got 3 attempts to get it right and could reflect on the 'good bits'. Dale went out of his way to help us with any problem areas in songs, looked up and played a bit of one of our tracks so we could master a particular section. The experience was extremely professional and offered a lot better packages then I could find anywhere else on the internet."

Phoebe and Abbie

Singer Silver - 30th May 2009

"It was really fun."

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